A couple of small points about Edward Snowden’s flight from Hong Kong:

1) US politicians are making all sorts of threats against China, Russia and anybody else who would help Snowden.  This is the pinnacle of hypocrisy.  Even if the US considers Snowden is a common spy – does anybody remember the long list of spies, including Russian ones, who found refuge in the USA (think Poteev here)?

2) It is most unlikely that Snowden is on the Aeroflot SU 150 flying to Cuba.  The flight’s captain did not choose an eastern course over the Atlantic and away from US airspace, but a rather western course, well within not only US airspace, but even over US territory.  See for yourself.  This is the position of SU 150 at 1300 EDT:

3) Both Cuba or Ecuador are, in my opinion, bad locations for Snowden to chose as his new residence as both are heavily infiltrated by US intelligence services.  In my opinion he would be far better off in China or Russia both of which could easily remove him from the general public’s “radar” forever.

We will see what happens.

The Saker

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