Dear friends,

Today I have a few questions for you:

First, a long time ago I did Q&A with readers: you post questions in the comment section and I reply to them by recording an audio.  Question 1: would that be of interest to you?  Would you us want to do that again? (please don’t post questions quite yet, I will make a special post of that occasion if a majority wants us to do this).

Second, if we do that, Question 2: could you recommend a good audio file hosting website with either no ads or minimal ads (I also encourage you all to use some kind of ad blocker anyway).  I don’t want to use YouTube anymore and, besides, YT wants a video of some kind, I just want to find a place to upload an audio file and keep it there.

Next, I have tried to record phone calls with my Huawei P30 cellphone (currently running EMUI 10) but nothing works, at least not properly.  There are hardware solutions, like this one, but they are not cheap and they seem to be very old (the PR200 is at least 5 year old). All I want to record is the audio (on both sides, questions and replies) of a person I would be interviewing, not the video.  And I have given up on Android software solutions (the HUAWEI CallRecording_EMUI_10 apk from does not work on my phone). Question 3: could you recommend some kind of modern and better priced hardware (probably Bluetooth based) solution?

Finally, as some of you might know, once I year a pretend that the blog is as “serious” as Time Magazine and I chose a person of the year.  Question 4: this time, I want to ask you, whom would you recommend I nominate (and, please, this is tongue-in-cheek silliness, so let’s not be too serious about this!)?

That’s it from me for today.

Thanks for your replies.


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