Dear friends,

First, thanks A LOT for all your comments, suggestions and warnings.  On their basis I have made a few early decisions (which we can revisit as many times as needed):

  1. I will not write an essay discussing the issue of “Sergianism”.
  2. The short (1-4 para max) vignettes thing will happen.
  3. Shortcuts”  SANDBOX will be the place where I will host them.
  4. If technically possible (I need to ask my webmaster) I will probably restrict comments only to those who did ask for it and signed up with me.  If not possible, I will moderate the comments under these vignettes myself, rather strictly I think (I expect these vignettes to be simple enough, but I do expect the comments to be well-informed, fact-based and logically presented.  If not – bye bye!

Also, I like the idea of readers using the comments space under these vignettes to ask for further clarifications, facts, details, etc. or to ask new questions or suggest new topics.

One more thing: I am always always always struggling for time.  So I will squeeze in these vignettes when inspired and when I can find the time to do so.  I cannot promise any regular periodicity.   Besides, this blog was never intended as a religious blog, so while religion is crucial to understand our times, it should not obfuscate other very important topics.

So, how does the above sound?

May I ask for some more comments/suggestions/warnings/criticisms?

Kind regards

The Saker

PS: The picture I used above is the one I will use for all the vignettes: this is what I consider one of the most beautiful Orthodox churches on the planet: the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl river in Russia.

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