Dear friends,

Having had a few questions about the topic of imperialism, I have decided to re-post here a fantastic series of lectures by Prof. John Marciano entitled “Empire as a way of life“.  IT focuses on a crucial aspect of imperialism: its cultural and civilizational dimensions.  These are crucial for a full understanding of imperialism.

Please check out my first post in 2010 about this here:

Please see this original post for the details about these lectures.

I have re-uploaded them all to Mediafire.  Here is the new link to the folder with both the recording and the class notes:

Here is the link to the lectures themselves: (all in one large file)

And here is the link directly to the class notes:

Friends, this is really very good and very important stuff.  It is also a very pleasant series of lectures to listen to as Marciano is a very good lecturer.  I highly recommend that you download and listen to these great series.


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