An attack on Russia’s border control in Crimea leaves one Russian serviceman dead and several wounded. An attempt to assassin the President’s of the Lugansk Republic,  Igor Plotnitsky, injures him and his bodyguards.

A “nuclear option” for the Rio Olympic games

In Russia, there is a very strong understanding that Russian Olympic team was banned from the Olympic games as a part of  elaborated plot to organize a massive terror attack during the game, with the possible use of nuclear or chemical materials  and to blame it all on Russia.

An Israeli private “security” company ISDS staffed with retired Mossad agents, received a Brazilin interim government tender to organize the “security” of these games.

INFO PANAMZA. The Rio Olympic games are “sure” of ISDS Israeli company run by Leo Gleser, an arms dealer and former Mossad agent

“On 2016.08.05 Unbelievable , but true: The protection of tens of thousands of spectators, athletes and journalists gathered in Rio is provided by the company associated with the Israeli military-industrial complex.

On  July 31, the Globe posted an interview with Tom Fulman, CEO of the Israeli company ISDS (International Security and Defense System) and the right hand of its founding President, Leo Gleser. The young man showed a cool attitude about his responsibility for the safety oversight  made in Israel) of such a global event. The company received a colossal budget of  $2.2 billion dollars.

 Who is responsible for this choice of a security contractor that was made in October 2014?  The Brazilian branch of the International Olympic Committee. And who is the director of this organization?

On  June 19,  the Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz posted an article on the topic, titled: “The Jewish Trio is responsible for the organization of the Olympic games in Rio.”

According to the dispatch from the Jewish telegraphic Agency (JTA) , the three officials of Rio 2016, Carlos Arthur Nuzman (President of the Brazilian Olympic Committee), Sidney Levy (the man who awarded the security tender and allocated an enormous budget to ISDS) and Leonard Gryner (architect of the communication).

In his Interview with JTA, Nuzman did not hesitate telling that his roots in the conservative branch of Judaism in Brazil, he also reminded that a former Israeli President  Shimon Peres lobbied in favor of ISDS, and what the key role his father, a war criminal David Ben-Gurion and Golda Meir (former Prime Minister of Israel) played in Brazil.

The JTA has also called Leo Gleser a “President of the ISDS, and a former Mossad Agent”.  To learn more about his connections with the Israeli intelligence services, read his profile in Haaretz in 2006 . Well known for his tortur activities and weapons sales in several former dictatorships in Latin America ( especially Honduras ), the Israeli-Argentinean Gleser admits that he was recruited in 1965 by Bitzur, an unknown and the most secretive of the Mossad units responsible for the “protection” of the Jews in the Diaspora.”

To read the full article, follow the link

By the end of July all the actors were in place for a monstrous false flag attack, but things didn’t go as they planned since Russian knew about their plans and has done everything to foil them.

Washington wanted to make it looks like Russians got so angry that they blew up the Olympics.  Why would we do that instead blowing up Washington? Anyway, the West had expected Russians to slam the door on Olympics, but the government and society is determined to demonstrate an infinite patience and endurance in this war. That’s why Russian team jumped through all the hoops, but went to Brazil.

On June 30-31, before the decision to let some Russian athletes to compete, the world news feed had a peculiar message that “ ISIS planning ‘dirty bomb’ terror attack on Rio Olympics.”

Quoting Pravda, “The Islamic State terrorist group (banned in Russia) plans to use a “dirty bomb” to attack the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro,  Daily Mirror said.

According to the publication, UN security experts sent special equipment to Brazil to help prevent the potential threat.

it was also said that the IAEA provided portable dosimeters to delegates of the Games.

A “dirty bomb” is a radiological weapons consisting of a container with a radioactive isotope (isotopes) and an explosive device. The explosion destroys the container with isotopes and distributes the radioactive substance on a large territory. The size of the bomb may vary depending on the amount of the material it is made of.”

Judging by the speed and efficiency with which IOC overturn WADA’s decision to ban an entire Russia’s team, the IOC received information about the “nuclear” plot. It could be only Russia that alerted them.

“Let us just for a moment consider the consequences of a ‘nuclear option,’” Bach said this week. “The result is death and devastation. This is not what the Olympic movement stands for.” said the IOC President Thomas Bach.

That the plan is still in the works shows the sudden ban of an entire Russian Paralympic team.


Attempted assassination of Igor Plotnitsky

When it comes to Russia, Washington has always been  dedicated the time of the Olympic games to terror attacks, color revolutions, and local armed conflicts. Everyone knows this. It was easy to guess that the situation would be most likely to deteriorate  in Donbas, around Crimea, and in Syria.

On Saturday August 6th, during the opening ceremony in Rio, in Lugansk a powerful explosive devise placed inside a hollow metal utility pole was activated and injured  Igor Plotnitsky, the head of the Lugask People republic. He survived this terrorist attack, and was hospitalized.

·        Ukraine’s security officers implicated in attempted assassination on  LPR head – militia

·        Ukraine: LPR head Plotnitsky hospitalized after suspected assassination attempt


Briefly about Igor Plotnitsky

We don’t see Plotnitsky, or “Plot,” meaning unthinkable raft, on TV. He doesn’t make many loud statements, and doesn’t give many interviews. What this brilliant manager and administrator has done since his elections in 2914, is a short of a miracle. Working quietly and unhurriedly he managed to restore production lines of the local manufacturers, to clean landmines off the arable lands, rebuilt infrastructure, rebuilt and reopened hospitals, schools, kindergartens, universities and technical colleges that were destroyed by NATO.

NATO, as we all know, goes first after the civilian objects and infrastructure that are needed by the population to survive. To destroy these objects would make civilian population to surrender faster, as the US military and NATO war doctrines state. Also, restoration of these vital objects brings the price of war way up.

“Plot” is also one of very few of government officials who openly stated the provable fact that “Jews masterminded the Ukrainian revolution.”

During a lecture last week titled “Contemporary Ukraine as Fascist State of a New Type” at the Nekrasov State University of Kostroma in Russia, Igor Plotnitsky, who heads the Luhansk People’s Republic – a Kremlin- backed separatist enclave in eastern Ukraine – asserted that while he is not an anti-Semite, the fact that Jews are in control of Ukraine is inescapable.”

He and his security services have also accomplished a Herculean task of getting rid of those NATO and Kiev mercenaries, who as we all know initiated a war on Donbass, working by the direct command of Pentagon and Langley. You probably recall an armed band formation under command of  the “Batman.”  On January 1st, 2015 the National Security of Lugansk openly stated that it was them who executed “Batman” and his “lieutenants” for banditism, armed robberies, theft, rapes, and other multiple crimes against civilians. The mercenaries from the “Batman” battalion proved to organize kidnappings and tortures of local civilians, and to brag about this pretending that they were the part of the “GRU” to implicate Russia in their terroristic activities. But most importantly, for being an agents of the foreign governments’ secret services.

I refer to the analysis posted two days ago by Matvey, a.k.a. Cat Motja, where he explains how the murder of Plotnitsky was planned by the Kiev authorities, Ukraine’s secret service, and the US occupational authorities to bring to power in Lugansk and Donetsk their agents,  like the Rada deputies Alexander Efremov,  Oleg Tsarev and Valery Bolotov. If you remember they were the once to organize the referendum of independence in Donbass, despite Russia’s president Putin advice to abstain from it.

Matvey reminds us that Plotnitsky had managed to stop the bloody merry-go-round of shot down planes, epic battles for airport,  and raids of  armed band formations on local villages and towns. His security services also caught many US spies and agents. The Washington’s plan here is to kill Plotnitsky, to get rid of his security forces, and to bring to power these three people I listed. They are supposed to bring Lugansk and Donetsk republics under occupational authorities in no time.

Statement of Igor Plotnitsky from the hospital


“Dear citizens of our Republic,

Today is not the best day of my life, but I want to tell you that I am alive and well. Any attempts to speculate on my health is a sabotage coming from the  Ukrainian side. We all know that the war is still going on. The Ukrainian government is being managed by the special services of the US, and those who try to destabilize the situation in Ukraine and in the world. Those who wants to topple the legitimate authorities of the LPR, are agents provocateurs. I think that we shouldn’t listen to them, because these people are trying to destabilize and to destroy everything  that we have accomplished.

In terms of the events that have been taking place in regard to my life and my health, the information about people involved, about the agents of the Ukraine and American secret services that are located on the territory of the Lugansk People Republic and even on the Russia’s territory is already outside of the republic on the territory of Russia.  It specifically will be reported either to the  president Vladimir Putin or FSB.

That’s why I am advising everyone to stay calm. Nothing serious had happened. Those who say that I’m incapable of working, is a traitor and enemy of the Republic. Thank you.”


And finally, about the shootout that took place on Crimean border early on Saturday August 7th

Colonel Cassad gives a detailed SITREP

Regarding information about the shooting in the area of the Isthmus of Perekop,  the narrow, 5–7 kilometers wide strip of land that connects the Crimean Peninsula to the Ukraine.

The shootout occurred early in the morning on the border of Russia and Ukraine in Krasnoperekopsk district of Crimea. As a result of the incident one border guard was killed, three others got wounded. The victims were taken to a local hospital.

Circumstances of incident are being investigated.

The state border service of Ukraine announced the temporary suspension of admission of people and vehicles through all three checkpoints on the border with Crimea on Sunday, August 7th.

According to the statement, such measures taken in response to actions of the Russian side allegedly suspended similar operations. “That’s why moving from mainland Ukraine at the checkpoint “Kalanchak”, “Chaplynka” and “Chongar” on the territory of the Crimea is also not possible,” States a press release.

On the border of Ukraine with Crimea there are three car checkpoint: “Kalanchak” (on the Russian side, “Armenian”), “Chaplynka” (“Perekop and Chongar” (Dzhankoy).

In July, the Crimean border Department of the FSB of Russia accused their Ukrainian colleagues in slowness. Since the Ukraian side was too slow, the Russian checkpoint “Dzhankoi” experienced long traffic queues.

Immediately after the shootout, the Ukrainian side started spreading  rumors alleging concentration of Russian military equipment on the border and military control of the border crossings.  There are no actual evidence to support these rumors yet, especially if you pay attention to the presence among distributors of Lenur Islyamov.

However, the fact that the shootout took place, just not yet clear what happened actually that feeds different versions and interpretations of this border incident.

About movements of military equipment: the accumulation of military equipment of Ukraine and NATO troops in the Kherson region (perhaps with the aim of transfer them to the Mariupol direction through Berdyansk. It is possible to strengthen the group in the South of Kherson region).

On our side, on the contrary observed moving columns of armored vehicles across the Kerch Strait to Russian mainland, which disproves the Ukrainian rumors that Russia is amassing troops in Crimea. Considering that the concentration of the troops of the Russian Federation in the Northern Crimea surpasses everything that Ukraine has concentrated in the Kherson region.

Ukrainian troops being moved from Odessa to the Kherson region


Ukraine moves Grads from Odessa to the Kherson region


August 1st movement Ukraine’s troops to the Kherson region


News Front reported that it was the staged provocation of the Ukraine

“Ukraine staged a provocation on the border with Crimea. This was announced by the head of news Agency News Front Konstantin Knyrik on his page in facebook.
“Enough with the rumors. Yes indeed, last night in Armyansk was a provocation by the Ukrainian saboteurs, trying to break on the Crimean territory. After that the Ukrainian side unilaterally closed the pass on the border for more than 1,500 people. The Ukrainian border guards didn’t let people to pass , but they say that the Russian side had closed the pass,” wrote Konstantin Knarik. He added that  there is no proof  of  “the break through on the territory of  a Sabotage and Reconnaissance groups (DRG) nowhere there is no proof, about the victims on the part of our guards, too, but the fact of provocation from the Ukrainian side took place. That’s all for now…”

The Colonel Cassad’s SITREP with a few links, is practically all that was published about this border incident.  Apparently, the Russian government asked the Media not to write about it. There was no official statements made.

Irina Alksnis, a political publicist,  wrote an interesting write-up saying that we witnessing now a completely new phenomenon, the Russian civil society has reformed itself for the “state of war.”

Society as a whole and every one of us act more like military than like civilians. We love to criticize our government, however at this juncture the government tells us not to talk about this incident, and we do exactly what our government asks us to do, we don’t write and don’t make posts on social media. We know and trust that the specialists would do the right things and to sort everything out. All we have to do is what they tell us to do.

According to the latest dispatches, Ukraine had opened two checkpoints. According to the  Kiev authorities, traffic was restored at about 14.30 Sunday, August 7th.


The Colonel Cassad has just posted an image of an announcement made by the administration of  the town of  Novo-Krymsk.

“Important Announcement

According to the information received from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a severe crime was committed on the territory of Armyansk. In connection with this crime, the law enforcement is looking for four individuals wearing Russia’s khaki colored general armed forces uniform with a diamond shaped chevron on the left sleeve with the flag of the Russian Federation. They could be on a move using motorized vehicles or on foot.

All of them have Slavic appearance. A description of two of them:

·        180-195 centimeters tall, with athletic body type and blonde hair. Approximately 30-35 years old.

All these individuals are heavily armed with fire arms. Report them to your local law enforcement, or your local civil authorities.”


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