This comment was chosen by Mod ZZ from the post “Lavrov: The Americans now understand that they can do nothing without Russia.” The moderator believes this comment is a great piece of English writing.  Almost novelist quality in style. The moderator was very impressed, by not only the facts, but the commenters ability to get them across in a concise, clear and effective manner. The comment questions the blind anger towards Donald Trump and tries to get some perspective with the facts available.
Comment by RayB
David Suissa president of TRIBE Media Corp./Jewish Journal:
In response to your rant against Trump here, I’d recommend that you take a deep breath and think carefully before you act out of blind anger…….. so outraged and indignation about Trump and the relatively insignificant issues as compared to the big picture and what really matters. Let’s start by putting this into some kind of perspective and dealing with the facts at hand…..You say that while “climate change” is still open to “debate”, Trump’s not, after having “made vile, racist, sexist, violent and bigoted statements it’s “not debatable” and “the truth” and a case of “black and white” based on your “moral values”.I would argue the reverse and that “climate change is “not debatable” as it’s proven to have occurred countless times throughout the entire history of planet earth and that while ‘global warming’ appears to be a verifiable fact it’s actual causes are as yet not known for certain. Being as NASA’s found that all of the planets in our own solar system are currently warming up. And as far as we know there aren’t any SUV’s running around on them, at least not as of yet.Not dis-similarly, while it’s true and not debatable that Trump has made some ill-advised, I wouldn’t say “violent” but rather remarkably crude and perhaps “bigoted” sounding statements not ‘politically correct’, I think however that to therefore forever hang him with the label of as some bonafide “sexist” and “racist” pig is a stretch and it’s debatable as to whether that’s actually true of the man.

In my opinion, that while his uncouth Archie Bunker style may appeal to some true misogamist and racist types, he actually only reflects as does a mirror, the attitudes and true sentiments of the vast majority of the American public. The only difference is that he’s honest and brash enough to openly state it and not politically correct or “sophisticated” enough to hide it as most others do. That’s one of the reasons I think why he strikes such a deep cord with so many people that are tired of all the propaganda and BS, and a raw nerve with the rest and the establishment who absolutely hate him for it.

But at heart as I read him I don’t believe he’s actually a true bigot deep down. And if I’m wrong, He’s not any more of a sexist and racist than are the general public and all the liberal hypocrites that twice voted for war making Obama, just because it’s so nice to have a black man in the white house, in order to ease their own guilty racist conscience. Nor is Trump any more sexist than the feminist German Greer that publicly endorses the sociopath “We came, we saw, he died” Hillary Clinton and calls young women voting for Trump “just girls who are following the boys” (moderator ZZ notes – this comment was Sander supporters not Trump supporters). And that 500,000 children died in Iraq “is worth the price” genocidal witch Madame Albright, announcing that “there’s a special place in hell for women that don’t support women” implying that’s for all those women that don’t blindly vote for Hillary. Witness the racial slur Hillary cast against poor black single women much earlier in her political career by saying that their fatherless children were “parasites” sucking on societies blood, that’s before the boldfaced lying hypocrite learned how to be politically more correct so as in order to get reelected.

Not to mention that she helped spread the vicious lie around the world that Qaddafi was using black Africans as mercenaries feeding them Viagra so as to rape and murder “his own people” Only so that after he was sodomized with a bayonet and beaten to death (over which she hysterically laughed) and “freed” Libya fell into utter chaos, with all the blacks being rounded up and lynched with the kinds of atrocities inflicted on them that we have not seen since the Holocaust and are now seeing in Syria being committed by the US created and sponsored proxy Daesh beheaders almost on a daily bases.

Nor are there any real differences here among any of the other anti Muslim warmongering “regime change” political hacks that are the current gang candidates running for the job of POTUS.

Bennie Sanders for all of his fine revolutionary “socialist” talk is just another timid reformer that wants to restore some small measure of economic and income equality, without rocking the boat or in any way seriously threatening the establishment and the elites status quo. All while he has nothing at all to say about ever trying to stop the empires perpetual wars in the ME and against Russia and China.

As for your “try getting a Jew to publicly defend Trump’s racist comments”. I think that while most will probably hide it between themselves and won’t ever tell it straight to the face of a gentile, I suspect there are lots of zealot Zionist Jews in Israel that openly would, given how they hate their fellow Ethiopian Jews and deny any and all Palestinians the right of existence.”

Having dispensed with the justifications for self righteous outrage and the hypocrisy surrounding the anti Trump movement, lets focus on the facts and some of what he’s actually said to date.

Firstly, if he’s such a staunch sexist why would he ever hire his daughter to help run his real estate empire? Wouldn’t you think that as any true misogynist he’d relegate all of his women folk to the kitchen and never entrust them with any kind of real responsibilities and power.

Secondly, If he’s such a rabid racist, why would he publicly say that he “likes Mexicans” and that they’re “very smart businessmen”? I think being as he’s a real estate tycoon he can’t really afford to discriminate and does business with the Chinese, the Jews and Muslim Arabs alike. His daughter is married to a Jew, making them all part of the same family. He says that while he supports Israel he just wants to stay neutral so that as President he can deal with both as a fair broker in a peace making process and a land settlement deal between the Israelis and the Palestinians. He may be naive, but he’s light years ahead of what any of the other bought and sold bigoted anti Muslim candidates ever dare to talk about.

What he’s talking about when he says we have to “stop Muslim immigration until we can figure out what the hell is going on” is simply a reference to the mess Europe is in now with the thousands of Muslim EU nationals that have returned having become mercenary ISIS terrorists with many others terrorist holding fake Syrian passports hiding among the millions of hapless refugees flooding over it’s boarders, Until the US actually figures out a secure way of verifying their legitimacy. Given all the dangers of not doing so, I can see why that simple logic resonates with so many Americans.

Similarly, And while I think his idea of building a 10 ft high 900 mile long wall, similar as those that segregate the Palestinians from the settler Jews in Israel, is a ridiculously dumb one, as were his unnecessary comments about Mexican “rapist” and “drug dealers” illegally crossing the borders just in order to hit home his point. He is nevertheless talking about “illegal immigrants” which constitute some 13 million undocumented Mexicans now residing as slave laborers living underground in the US which is an unmitigated disaster for all concerned that must to be addressed. That Trump’s now doing so, however crude his proposed solutions may be, does not in and of itself automatically make him a racist. At least not anymore than all of the other warmongering candidates whom have sworn their unqualified allegiance to and support of the segregationists walled off state of apartheid Israel, who want al Assad’ head off and consider Russia their number one enemy to contain and “make feel more pain”.

Donald Trump, not being a professional politician on the inside and in the loop nor even as a self made multi billionaire wheeler and dealer that rubs shoulders with presidents and celebrities and the rich and powerful, means that he’s on the inside track. And by not understanding their geopolitical games and the US’s real imperial aims and the machinations of it’s deep state, it’s establishment or the media, He’s the only one that’s bringing to the table and into the light of public discourse, fundamental issues of vital importance both to the American electorate and the rest of the world. Issues of “War and Peace” and of real “Jobs” and “wages” and of rebuilding “America’s infrastructure” and economy.

Issues that no one wants to touch with a ten foot pole, such as the Saudi connection to 911 over which the western world went to war in Afghanistan for a decade and then the US attacked and destroyed Iraq on the pretext and lie of weapons of mass destruction. Trump was the only one that’s always been against it and can’t understand why they ever invaded and bombed Iraq or Libya to rubble.

He’s against the so called “Free Trade” deals such as NAFTA and the now being negotiated TPP (Trans Pacific Partnerships) and wants to abrogate or renegotiate them all because they’ve massively robbed Americans of their jobs, shipping them to Mexico and overseas to other Asian countries which has devastatingly gutted the industrial heartland of the US. (not to mention robbed Canada and Mexico of their own sovereignty) but for the benefit of the empires 0.001% of international financiers and their multi national corporations.

He wants to institute tariffs again so as to keep jobs in America and bring home jobs. And as Roosevelt did, create massive employment again by rebuilding the entire crumbling US infrastructure. And take proper care of all the neglected war vet’s (many of whom are black Afro Americans and Hispanics) so as that they don’t have to live homeless in the streets or commit suicide en mass.

He wants to get serious about actually defeating worldwide terrorism and crushing ISIS, after 15 years of the US bombing and pretending to be wagging a “War on Terror” that instead has destroyed much of the middle east and North Africa just so as to control it all and spread the terrorism over the entire world like a malignant cancer. Causing the worst refugee crisis since the second world war.

And most important he wants to make peace in the middle east and negotiate a settlement between Israel and the Palestinians. And he likes President Vladimir Putin and wants peaceful relations between the US hegemonic super power and it’s rivals such as Russia, thus ending the 2.0 cold war being waged against Russia and starting world war three and the potential of provoking a nuclear holocaust that will affect every living being on the entire planet.

Trumps clearly an outsider who’s crashing their party and giving away their game and….

That’s exactly why all hell has broken loose. Why the deep state elites are all up in arms and all of it’s political establishment going apoplectic with rage. Why dozens of the worlds most powerful men are now meeting to discus doing whatever it takes to stop him, (with assassination not off the table I bet.) Why George Soros has now sicked all of his paid for “NGO’s dogs from his “open society foundation” out on the streets to violently protest and disrupt all of Trumps meetings. Why the republican party is pulling out all the stops to dump him. And the Democrats are rallying their troops. Why Anonymous (or a fake CIA version of it) has just declared war on Trump and is now hacking all of his personal information and emails and disrupting his campaigns internet communications. Why there’s an internet iPhone “Block Trump” campaign. And why all the hysterically screaming for his blood from the left liberal fanatically politically correct Obama and Hillary hordes are sure to make a big scene and try to disrupt every future public venue wherever Trump might be making an appearance and speaking.

Thus they’ll all insure that the essence of Trumps message is drowned out by the mob and that any remote chance that he might ever have had of challenging the Wall Street and it’s corporate backed hacks and the criminally insane war-making Clinton to a national debate about real life and death issues that affect not only all of the American electorate but the rest of humanity. Thus doing the elites dirty work for them by guaranteeing that their next shoe-in Hillary Clinton (such as was Obama) will grasp the throne as commander in chief of the most powerful nation on earth, uncontested, putting in jeopardy all of mankind with another decade of austerity and perpetual wars around the globe.

Is that what you want to see? I would hope that with some reflection and perhaps by doing some more research on Hillary’s criminal legacy, you’ll try and attend the AIPAC Policy Conference on Monday, with more of an open mind to what the man actually has to say, leaving behind and at the door all of your hastily formed preconceptions and holier than tho judgements and take into account the implications of blindly following your emotions not understanding what’s political reality and all that’s at stake here.

If you feel so strongly about your moral values opposed to any form of bigotry, why don’t you just go and protest at the doors of AIPAC or the Israeli and US embassies against the grave injustices that have been perpetrated in Palestine against your own Semite brothers there for over half a century now. Or does your Jewish heritage and blood bonds prevent you from applying the same kinds of standards on your own tribesmen as you have on Trump and his supporters?

Trump may be a far cry from the perfect candidate or an ideal leader, but he’s speaking the truth as best as he knows how, and given the line up of political hacks, what other real choices do Americans have on election day? But for given the chance, to vote for him in a quest to achieve some measure of peace and security and possibly even a return to prosperity. You tell me what’s the alternative?

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