by Ghassan Kadi for the Saker blog

I started following The Saker about ten years ago. I cannot be sure how and when it started, but I was formally ‘introduced’ to him in 2015 after which he began to publish my work and Intibah’s (my wife).

‘The Saker’, Andrei, became an instant friend and confidant. He gave me a voice when all former ‘friends’ tried to muffle me, attacked me, and even sent me death threats.

It wasn’t always a smooth track to tread. We disagreed on some issues, he declined to accept some submissions I made, but what the heck? If people and friends don’t agree that sometimes they must disagree, then they cannot claim to have a real friendship.

With that said, he did publish most of my work even when he felt that he shouldn’t, without much regard to the backlash that this could bring upon him personally.

Andrei, The Saker, has always acted like a real hero.

In the back of my mind, I had always felt that he will always be there for me to write and make submissions to. I never stopped for one moment to think that he is also a human like all of us. This is where I feel guilty.

And in the last year or so, looking at the state of the world, at many levels, I felt that I had ran out of thoughts and ideas that can be transcribed into words that could make any impact on the sad and suicidal trajectory of a humanity that is steadfastly going towards. I felt speechless.

But this didn’t need to stop me from communicating with my friend Andrei, but it did. I didn’t even send him an Orthodox Christmas greeting.

Sometimes in life, we rotate around a fulcrum that we take for granted thinking that it will always be there for us to gravitate to and unite. And just like children believe that their parents will always be there, as adults we also tend to do this, we often forget that those fulcrums are humans, just like us, humans that may have super powers, but they remain to be humans.

There are a few humans that I have had the pleasure to know who have super powers; and Andrei is definitely high on this list.

This is the end of an era; a big turning point in my life that the lives of many.

Andrei, my friend, you gave me the platform that enabled me to express my feelings about many injustices, mis-and-dis-information. You gave Ghassan Kadi a new lease in life at a time when his message was drowned. You judged ‘him’ and his work by their merit; not by the nasty messages you were receiving. You supported Syria to which I am extremely thankful.

As ‘The Saker’ shuts down, so will Ghassan. Ghassan Kadi is only my pen name, and this ‘character’ will now ‘die’.

But the saker (hawk) only soars up in the sky, and when it dives down, it only does this as a prelude to soar again; soon, later, or in another realm.

It seems strange as I feel that I am writing a eulogy. This is a letter of appreciation and thankfulness to a man who is integrity-driven. I am so grateful that he can read these words because eulogies are never heard by the deceased.

Andrei, Saker, our friend, our hero, Intibah and I salute you. We look forward to seeing you around the corner in a better place.

Much Love and Respect


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