Dear friends,

I have to honestly say that I am totally discouraged by many of the reactions I got to the column by Catire about Venezuela yesterday.  As I have written it in my introduction, I knew that this would get some people really angry at me, but I have to admit that I did not expect such a nasty and primitive reaction.  I won’t even got into the insulting comments which the moderators removed or the hate mail I got.  What baffles me most is now many of my accuser did exactly what I had predicted and chose to resort to personal attacks against me and Catire.

I am sincerely grateful to those of you who did attack Catire’s article on its substance and who provided a fact based and logical criticism of his allegations.  Alas, you were the minority but I do want to thank you.

Many comments were expression of outrage at the crimethink I had committed by allowing an anti-Chavista to express his views.  Apparently, sacred cows exist not only in India.

As Saint-Just said:

Pas de liberté pour les ennemis de la liberté!


Maybe this is why my offer to post a rebuttal has not been accepted (yet?).

At this point I am frankly too discouraged and disgusted with it all to further bother with this thread: I won’t close it, but don’t expect me to participate.

But I do want to say this:

What really gets to me are not the accusations, the name calling or the condescending remarks but the fact that so many seem to totally misunderstand the point of this blog, why I created the Saker community and the kind of values which I, and those who joined, me are trying to oppose to the ideological discourse of the corporate media and much of the blogosphere.  This is what really gets to me: that so many commentators fell right back into rigid ideological and reflexive stances which is exactly the kind of attitude which this blog is attempting to defeat.

[Did any of my accusers even bother to read a single word of my foreword to Catire’s article?!]

This does make me feel that all my efforts have been futile and in vain.  I know that is not true, but that is how it feels.

In the future I will continue to post articles I do not agree with (in part or fully) and I will continue to raise difficult and even painful topics even when they directly affect a member of the worldwide Resistance to Empire.   Maybe this is naive, but I hope that with time more people will understand why I chose to do so.  But right now I feel completely discouraged.

The Saker

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