Okay, I admit it: Trump is a Russian agent.   I tried really, really hard to deny it, but now I can’t continue anymore because I am presented with an absolutely incontrovertible truth: only a Russian agent infiltrated to the highest levels of power in the USA, the White House, could have done what Trump did a couple of days ago: recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  That, truly, was the dumbest and most self-defeating thing a US President could possibly do, and Trump did it.  Ergo, he is a Russian agent!

I hereby congratulate the SVR for training Trump and the GRU for hacking the US election! This is an absolutely brilliant operation and a huge success!

You think I am exaggerating?

Then read the full text of the Final Communiqué of the Extraordinary Islamic Summit Conference and notice the following parts:

Reject and condemn in the strongest terms the unilateral decision by the President of the United States America recognizing Al-Quds as the so-called capital of Israel, the occupying Power; reject it as null and void legally, and consider it an attack on the historical, legal, natural and national rights of the Palestinian people, a deliberate undermining of all peace efforts, an impetus to extremism and terrorism, and a threat to international peace and security (…) Reaffirm the centrality of the Cause of Palestine and Al-Quds Al-Sharif to the Muslim Ummah (…) Consider that this dangerous declaration, which aims to change the legal status of the City of Al-Quds Al-Sharif, is null and void and lacks any legitimacy, as being a serious violation of the international law, and the Fourth Geneva Convention in particular, and all relevant resolutions of international legitimacy, particularly the UN Security Council resolutions No. 478 (1980) and 2334 (2016) (…) Hold the US Administration fully liable for all the consequences of not retracting from this illegal decision; and regard it as an announcement of the US Administration’s withdrawal from its role as sponsor of peace and its realization among all stakeholders and an encouragement of Israel, the occupying Power, to continue its policy of colonialism, settlement, apartheid and the ethnic cleansing it has been practicing in the occupied Palestinian territory in 1967, and in the City of Al-Quds Al-Sharif at its core; (…) Declare East Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Palestine and invite all countries to recognize the State of Palestine and East Jerusalem as its occupied capital.”

Let’s sum it up: this document, signed by representatives of 57 member states, with a total population of over 1.6 billion, categorically condemns the USA, declares that Jerusalem is central to the Islamic world, accuses the USA of violating international law, holds the USA fully responsible for all the consequences of this action and declares that the US is no longer considered a sponsor of the peace process.

Bravo Donald!  The military defeat of the USA in Iraq and Afghanistan and the political defeat of the USA in Syria just needed a little something to truly make the USA irrelevant in the Middle-East and thanks to you, Donald, that has now happened!

Some would argue that the USA was hated and despised anyway, so why not make the Israelis happy?  The answer is simple: while the Donald and the Neocons might not care about the consequences of their actions, the few US allies left in the region (Jordan, KSA) are now placed in a terrible situation: they now look as if they were allies of Satan himself!  OF COURSE everybody in the region knows that the US is an Israeli colony and that the Israel Lobby pulls all the strings, there is nothing new here.  But at least there was the tiny little fig leaf of the so-called “peace process” putatively “mediated” between the Palestinians and Israelis by the United States.  Now even that tiny little fig leaf is gone.  Now the equation is extremely simple


Bravo Donald!  You did what only a very shrewed and brilliant Russian agent could do: you have made the USA a pariah in all of the Middle-East, the entire Muslim world and, well, much of the rest of the world too!

Spasibo Donald!

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