Dear friends,

I just wanted to share a couple of things with you today.

First, I wanted to mention that the folks are Vox Populi Evo have begun to share more videos subtitled in English with us, such as the two recent ones about Mozgovoi and Givi.  Even better, then have agreed to subtitle in English a full-length interview of the famous Ukrainian author Oles Buzina about the history of the Ukraine.  This is a major project and a lot of work, so please thank them by checking out their YouTube channel:  I hope that in the future the collaboration between all our brothers in arms will be more and more coordinated for the greater good of all the English speaking people out there.

Second, I wanted to just drop a tantalizing hint for you all to keep an eye on the “interviews” section where I hope to soon have two, possibly three, very interesting interviews to share with you.

Third, I wanted to mention to you all that we are very lucky to have a top-level computer security specialist helping us.  His name is “La Luciole radioactive” (the radioactive firefly) and he is the one who identified the reason for our recent server crash and who fixed in in a record time.  Between my excellent webmaster Gevorg and this security specialist I, and the rest of the IT team, have all the expertise and support we need.

Fourth, I wanted to remind you all that you have just a few hours left (until Sunday 00:00 UTC/GMT) to submit your questions for the test run of my “mobile podcast” which I will record Sunday evening.

Last but not least, yet another sign that we are making a difference. To make a long story short, the French newspaper Libération (which I would classify as “caviar Left, blink-blink, establishment”) has apparently posted an article by Agnès Lemoine (other source: Angès Lecompte) making a list of all “pro-Russian” “Nazis and Fascists”.  Then Libération had to pull the article.  The reporter than posted in on FB, then pulled it too, but others have now taken over the task of creating a list of black listed websites and information sources deemed as pro-Russian (which in the current mindest excludes any possibility of honesty or quality – if you are pro-Russia you are a “NaziFascistStalinstIslamistTerroristCommunist” or something equally appalling and abhorrent (see picture).

Mario StalinI am proud to report that this infamous list include not only the French Saker and members of the French Saker Team (félicitation mes amis!!) but also the Original Saker Blog and a reference to our entire community.  The author of the articles expresses bafflement which the original Saker blog idea was emulated elsewhere and views that as very suspicious.  By the way, I have seen that suspicion also aired on other websites (check out for instance this comment by “Barbantian” on the World Socialist Website or this entire thread of Sic Semper Tyrannis).  The idea is that I am either a CIA or an FSB agent (nobody ever mentions SVR or GRU for some reasons) and that these organizations have given tons of money to create a worldwide DIS-information network.  Clearly, these folks not read my “Submarine in the desert” article and they cannot imagine how much can be achieved simply by betting on the self-organizational capabilities of good people.  There are, of course, a few blogs who are simply jealous of the success of our community and who instead of working with us, chose to slander us.  Whatever may be the case, the French journalists concludes by saying that “J’opterais pour des services de renseignements Russes (mais cela n’engage que moi…)” (My guess is that the Russian intelligences services [are behind him] but that is just my personal opinion).

I personally take all these accusations of being backed and funded by some major intelligence agency as a compliment because because it shows that all the folks making these kinds of guesses simply *cannot imagine* that one guy with a computer and a few good people worldwide could have done what we have without being backed by a multi billion dollar state organization!  I only wish somebody would pay us all the lavish salaries James Bond seems to enjoy in his movies :-)  (-: Mr Fradkov!  Mr Sergun! this subtle hint is for you! :-)

Anyway, I wish you all a great week-end and I will “see you”, God willing, on Monday.

Cheers and hugs,

The Saker

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