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We all started using Telegram when the Russian voice was completely blocked, just after the Ukraine SMO started.  I remember very clearly a 2 week period when I could not find anything, and I live in a country where they did not sanction Russian news.  We’ve known that Telegram is under extreme pressure.  This from Maria Zakharova.

💬 #Opinion by Maria #Zakharova:

News about Berlin’s ongoing pressure on the Telegram messenger app has been leaked to Der Spiegel. According to the information obtained by the magazine, the German criminal police forced the company to hand over users’ personal data under various vague pretexts, as well as to block channels at the request of law enforcement agencies.

I must say that the Germans have been putting up pressure on Telegram for a long time.

And now this “no pressure” has forced the company’s management to enter into a nexus dialogue with the German police. Regular consultations are held, and, according to Der Spiegel, the head of Telegram attends them “wearing a hoodie.” As a result, the Germans have forced the messenger app to leak user data to them.

What hypocrites! If you read the coalition agreement between the German parties on forming the government – the main document defining Germany’s internal politics for the next five years – the protection of personal data is high on the government agenda. It says, we promote anonymisation methods, establish legal stability through formalised standards and introduce criminal liability for illegal deanonymisation. The Germans have voted for this believing their government would uphold their rights to privacy and freedom. In reality though, the German justice and law enforcement agencies are giving their citizens less and less freedom online, reinstating the worst traditions of the “police state” (Polizeistaat).

👉 https://telegra.ph/Opinion-by-Maria-Zakharova-06-23

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