by Oxandabaratz

Two weeks ago, Saturday 25th of July, in Kiev, Ukrainian capital, there has been a demonstration at the Russian embassy. This demonstration has not been like others, when masses of banderites were threatening to assault the embassy, but a quite pathetic one: with 50 attendants, more or less. But what was special of this demonstration was the leitmotiv for it: it was a demonstration to ask for the release of “Russian political prisoners”.

What kind of “Russian political prisoners” they refer to, is quite clear by the date of the demonstration itself, the 25th of July, the day the Government of the Russian Federation and its president, Vladimir Putin, passed a law against ethnic hatred. And it must be a real coincidence that, around those days, the far-right activist Ilya Goryachev, accused of killing some political opponents (a delicious coincidence was that Goryachev’s lawyer was Mark Feigin, the same man who defended the “anarchic-feminist” music band Pussy Riot as well as the Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko) was sentenced to life-imprisonment.

So, it was clearly a march to demand the release of the Russian far-rightist prisoners, not generically Russian prisoners. A demonstration expressing solidarity between Russian ultranationalists and those in the post-Maidanite, and rabidly anti-Russian, Ukraine.

The demonstration at the Russian embassy of Kiev was not convoked by rare or clandestine groups, but by groups made mainstream by the Maidan Massacres: Right Sector, Azov Battalion, Social-Nationalist Assembly and a curious group called “Petr i Mazepa”, which calls themselves “the voice of Russian nationalists in Ukraine who respect Ukrainian nationalism” (that is, a trial to reconcile both identities for the sake of “nationalism”).

The attendance was full of the stars of the Russian Nazi movement, among them, Ilya Bogdanov, the ex-FSB officer who defected to the Junta’s side, because of “political dissenting of authoritarianism” , as the Maidanite press and their mouthpieces in Euro-NATO countries proclaimed, but because of ideological affinity, as we know now. A curious sample of Nazi-Fascist “Internationalism”… and a serious blow to the Euro-liberal narrative on this conflict.

Not one European liberal has tried to explain the reason of this demonstration and not one of them could make clear why the Russian adherents to the Ultra-nationalist movement as Fascism can “betray their nation” in favor of the enemy nation. Of course, an average intelligent person (a.k.a. not brainwashed by NATO-media) can see on this just “ideological affinity” (not different from the Russian Vlasovite movement, Croat Ustashe or French Collabos or Doriotistes during WWII), but this is an anathema for Liberals, which try very hard to “de-ideologize” the conflict.

European liberals, and amongst all European Left Liberals, love to bash Russian president Vladimir Putin as an “accomplice of the far-right” in the worst or “somebody who turns a blind eye into the right’s growth” in the worst. European Liberals (Left or Right), committed to their own Euro-supremacist geopolitical, treat as “nationalist”, “backward”, “populist”, “dangerous for Human Rights”, “ethicists” or “authoritarian” EVERY political project which resists to it (as well as Bolivarianism, Communism, Baathism, or Russian Statism), to the extent that Putin-slandering has become normalized amongst them.

The slandering of the Novorossiyan partisans as “backward Orthodox expansionists” is not rare either. This strategy has been successfully exploited in an attempt to prepare the Western leftist minds, to accept or praise the Soros-engineered color revolutions, in the name of the “democratization” and/or “the fighting against the authority” (‘crowds in the streets’ is a very pleasant image for the Leftists of all colors, and if ideologically we are not beware, we can be easily tricked).

The favorite trick of those liberals is to “de-ideologize” the struggle of the Donbass people for their survival and to present this war as “Putin-driven imperialism” of only “two nationalisms in an ethnic war.” The main purpose of those liberal intellectuals (particularly of those placing themselves at the political Left) was to “demote” of “delegitimize” the antifascist and anti-oligarchic character of Novorossiya, as this newborn project sat in their 25th July of 2014 declaration , or the different statements of Novorrosiya, DPR and LPR in favour of socialization of the public means, health and educational system, bringing back power to the people from oligarchs, and limiting foreign economic colonization.

In fact the public ideology of Novorossiya lays much more in the “social axis” of the revision of the 1991 catastrophe, and in the assumption of the “positive social aspects” of USSR (with this I am not saying that all Novorossiyan politicians are Marxists or Communists, but that the Soviet State and the social welfare it grants are much present in the Novorossiyan rebellion: continuous claims to workers to fight the oligarchs are made).

In fact, the favorite sport of Leftist liberals is to portray the non-Euro-NATO (geo)-political projects as “reactionaries” and try to lure the current European Leftists into not supporting those projects/States/ideologies. They do that every time they can do it and get away with it: in 1991-1995 and 1999 in Serbia/Yugoslavia, after 2011 in Libya and Syria, now in Novorossiya, in the past in the USSR… (I cannot list all cases, forgive me please).

The Euro-leftist ideologue is an European imperialist one firstly and a Leftist one next, so for its followers, the ideological axis is to submit to the European supremacy. That’s why all Leftist, anti-imperialist or just progressive movements are delegitimized for them, from every imaginary angle, because it may be “nationalist” (forgetting that is not anything such nationalist as the Anglo-French-German colonization), it may be “traditionalist” or “authoritarian” (those who do not want to submit to free-market, Western values), or “militarist” (those who want to defend their livelihoods, rather than to “beg” for a “better treatment” by the masters of the world).

They suffer from the traditional ‘Oedipus complex’: they pray their ideological purity to Leftist ideas, but have no idea of how to overcome them, because of their fear for their “Master” (and because, in general, they come from upper-class families).

In the case of Russia and Novorossiya, the narrative of Euro-NATO-imperialists of all colors tries to see in Novorossiya the “Putin’s proxy”, or the “creation of the Kremlin”. That’s it. They demote the clear imperialist implication of the Maidan happenings (via diplomatic pressure, via NGO-funding, via the Maidan cookies of Nuland or via NATO-Estonian training of UNA-UNSO militants) against a democratically-elected Government. Add to that the military assistance from NATO for the new coup-Government; but they can believe every fake of Junta or NATO press about any fake “Russian invasion” in the Donbass, just because the fact of people’s resistance against the “European paradise” is just unbearable for them (at the same time, the presence of US Army in Ukraine, the Blackwater or “Academi” presence, or the NATO assistance is systematically silenced). Another theme of this Liberals is to denounce the “fascist//nationalist element” within the Novorossiyan Armed Forces. As the Italian Voxkomm community has shown, fascists do not make not even a miserable 1% in the Novorossiyan ranks (see image below)

This can be compared to the heavy Banderite presence in the Junta-occupied, fascist over-presence: from the omnipresence of the red-black flag, the instauration of the 14th of October (anniversary of the foundation of UPA) as the “Day of Ukrainian Defender”) , the SBU leader giving speeches for Pravyi Sector , Poroshenko greeting with “Slava Ukrajini, Herojam Slava!” , the over-presence of this slogan, the revision of history… but not-reader of Western press has never read about it, because of the previously said fact: the idea is to “de-ideologize” the conflict, to darken the real reasons or real facts (the revolt of the South-East Ukraine against the imposition of the unilateral vision of the “Ukraine” in Western eyes and the revolt of workers against oligarchy).

This lie has been very skillfully built by the way of confusing “nationalists”, “monarchists”, “rightists” with “fascists”. In fact, of course, not all nationalists and not all rightist are fascists, and not all rightist nationalist are fascist. To spouse the Russian Whites or Monarchy (ideas which I disagree) does not make a person a Nazi. In fact, there are much more Russian fascists in the Junta ranks, mostly in the volunteer battalions, than in the entire Novorossiyan army .

Nazis against their homeland: a brief explanation

After talking and refuting the liberal narrative-construction on the Novorossiyan conflict and Russian situation, let’s explain the motives for Russian Nazis to stand with the Ukrainian Junta.

If we have a quick glance at the demonstration at the Russian embassy in Kiev, we will see that a big banner, signed by “Reconquista” (the international ideological project of Azov Battalion), with the motto: “Today Ukraine, tomorrow Russia and [the] whole [of] Europe”.

This shows, of course, the aim to “internationalize” the conflict on an ideological basis. Ultranationalists or radical Rightists on one side, and “others” in the other side; with the “exportation” of this “National revolution” to Russia as the first stage. But why do Russian Nazis and fascists spout this idea and, moreover, on what basis?

If we rely on the words of the Russian Nazis or Radical Rightists, we notice that a survey held before the 2014 Russian March in VKontakte [Russian, ВКонтакте, literally “in touch”]. As most readers likely know, the Russian March is an annual demonstration by the Russian Right on the National Day, the 4th of November. In this survey, a broad 56.6% of the participants in the Russian March, said that this March was to express solidarity “to the brotherhood of Ukraine and Russia and rejection of Vatnik chauvinism” (image below)

This is, they sided with Ukrainian Junta against Novorossiya. There is also a video of that Russian March, which shows that the majority of the parties taking part in it, had an anti-Novorossiyan position . But that fact is not very rare position: one of the organizers of Russian March, Denis Tyukin, said in 2014 that “ all Russian nationalist youth is supporting Ukraine ”. Tyukin, member of the National-Socialist party “Russkie” had been also in the demonstration of 25th of July in Kiev (image below).

And it is not only Tykin, the head of the Russkie movement, Dmitry Dyomushkin, has called in the past for a “Slavic March” in Ukraine to express support for Ukrainian nationalists .

If we come to the Ukraine, we can find the fascist and vlasovite “philosopher,” Yegor Prosvirnin in the early days in the Maidan, as he stated to the Ukrainian Maidanite Hromadske TV . And Prosvirnin is not alone, in fact a lot of Russian “nationalists” are fighting in Ukraine against Novorossiya. We have the aforementioned Ilya Bogdanov, but there was also Roman Zheleznov , who is shown sporting a red-black Banderite flag during a demonstration in Moscow, on the 1st of May, back in 2014.

Both Bogdanov and Zheleznov fight in Azov Battalion nowadays and are members of Restrukt neonazi movement ( here you can see a photo of Zheleznov with the newly condemned Ilya Goryachev, the defended of lawyer Mark Feigin, who also defended Pussy Riot ). And talking about the ‘Restrukt Movement’ in Russia, we also have to mention the two imprisoned members in Russia: Nikolay Korolev and Maksim Martsinkevich “Tesak”, who wrote letters from a Russian prison expressing their support for the Ukrainian Junta .

It’s particularly interesting is the case of “Tesak”, who became famous in the Western media as the organizer of razzias against Gay people, resulting in the Western media to proclaim he was “a hooligan in service of Putin”. No one in the Western media reported that Tesak had been arrested in Cuba, on orders of Russian Interpol, or that he was jailed in Russia. Nor did they inform anyone about the support of Tesak for the Ukrainian Junta.

Thus the following is clear to me: all the “stars” of Russian Nazism are or were in support of Ukrainian fascism. But now we have to understand the reasons for that. In fact, the demonstration of the 25th of July at the Kiev Russian Embassy, gives us some of the clues. The organizer of that demonstration, Olena Semenyaka (member of some “Ukrainian Traditionalist Club” and one of the main ideologists of the Azov Battalion and Pravyi Sektor), has made as one of her ideologies key posts, the struggle for a “white Europe fostered with traditional values”.

Semenyaka, a reader of Heidegger and Jünger, proponent of the “European Reconquista” for the White supremacism, is one of the major proponents of the “recovering of Russia” for the European cause. Of course, the “Russia” she talks about, has nothing in common with the real Russia. She talks about a ‘White Russia’, a “pure Russia”… insert in white Europe; not in a Russia home for different peoples, as a counter-balance against the West (which the real Russia is pursuing).

That’s why her attacks are on the “Russian State” or “multiethnic Russia” or the “Putinist neo-Soviet Union”, rather than “Russia,” because her vision of the current Russian State as a multinational homeland in the Soviet tradition. This view, the Russian Federation as the Neo-Soviet Union, is a view shared by the Russian nationalists.

Both of them, Semenyaka’s Ukrainian nationalists and Dyomushkin and Tyukin’s Russian nationalists, agree that the present Russian Federation is a State which “denationalized the Slavic Russians”. And this is what Western liberals, targeting European Leftists, want to conceal. In fact, the vision of the ‘Russia of Putin’ (whom I politically disagree with) and the Russian Nazis is VERY, VERY DIFFERENT.

And here we go down with the Russian political tradition. In her history, Russian has not viewed herself as a nation State, home for an only political nation. Russia has viewed herself not as a nation-State, but as an ideocratic-State (the two last Romanovs, Aleksandr III and Nikolay II probably are the exception to the rule), as well as under the Tsarist rule (the Orthodox traditionalist State), under the Soviet rule (the Socialist Internationalist State) and also by now, the Putin rule (the multipolarist State). This view as an ideocratic-State of Russia is what is seen in Novorossiya: an ideocratic-State, a State that opposes equally the free-market liberalism (as for stressing collectivism, collective idea), Western-centrism (geopolitically alternative) and national exclusivism. Fascism and Nazism are opposed to this.

Semenyaka’s ideology seems to be echoed by Russian “nationalists” (brackets, because “nationalist” is the word they use). Of course not all Russian nationalists spouse this views. There are the traditionalists, the monarchists, the nostalgics of White Idea which support Novorossiya. But this ones are Russian nationalists (of course than me, as Communist, disagree with them) which lay down in the Russian political tradition of the strong Russian Tsardom. This is rather a Conservative, pre-modern political thought. But it has little to do with Fascism (in its pure version). Fascism a product of Western Modernism, of the anti-Materialist variant. Fascism (as Liberalism) in Russia is linked with the pro-Western élites and/or fringe groups. That’s why, both factions in Russia, Radical Right and Liberals have come together in their support of Junta-Ukraine. Both see in the present Ukraine as the “European Russia”, the “Russia which has escaped from Statism to be a nation”; and in the present Russia as a “semi-tartaric, non-European” neo-Soviet State” which “enslaves” Russian nationals. Some “nationalist” writers have traced an idea of Aleksandr Nevski as a “traitor” of the “real Rus” because of his decision of allying with Mongols against Teutonics “cut Russia from Europpe”, “chose the State before the nation”. Their idea (and more in this post-WWII times, when Nazis have made of “Europe” rather of “great Germany” the center of their idea), is to undo the ideocratic way, to “Europeanize Russia” (the same of the liberals, ones by the free-market way, and the other by the racial war way). Of course, both “Europeanizers of Russia” are being the new puppets of NATO’s geostrategists, just as some radical leftist youngsters had been in the color revolutions (some radical leftists, fortunately not of all!)

So, after examining their common enemies (Soviet Union, idiocratical Russia) and their common worldview (White Europe), we can clearly see the sympathy of Russian Nazis for Ukrainian Junta and their common struggle, that has made Russian radical rightists to fight and die in the oppression of “pro-Russian Novorossiya”.

And, with that in mind, we can see more clearly the hoax of the Western Liberal (official of fake-Leftist) narrative of assimilating Putin to Russian Nazis, and then Russian Nazis to Novorossiya. The coda of this Liberal hoax is when we see ex-Gladio (NATO) terrorists as Stefano Delle Chiaie supporting Azov , Green Members of European parliament as Rebecca Harms giving speeches with flags of Svoboda , or Czech MEPs as Jaromir Stetina inviting neo-Nazi Andriy Biletsky to the European Parliament .

This article has been written to explain a bit of the reality that media is hiding from us. I am very aware of my own limitations, so I will thank comments that can help to make this topic more precise.

Oxandabaratz ( Member of Euskal Herriko Antiinperialistak//Basque Antiimperialist Network )


  1. “Petr i Mazepa”, which bears the names of the Tsar Peter the Great and the “Ukrainian” Cossack Hetman Ivan Mazepa (which, according to the Ukrainian nationalists was the “first Ukrainian independence fighter against Muscovy”), which fought each other in the Battle of Poltava in 1709, when Mazepa helped the Swedish King Charles XII against Russians (the Cossack-Swedish coalition was defeated). By bearing this two names, the first “Imperator” of Russia and the “first Ukrainian nationalists”, “Petr i Mazepa” wants to “reconcile Russian nationalists with Ukrainian nationalists in a common fight” (against multiethnic Russian State, Putinism, neo-Sovietism… whatever). The project of “Petr i Mazepa” is to build in the South-East a “Russian (uni-) national Federated State” within an “independent Ukrainian (uni-) national State”. This far-rightist group’s aim, came 100% in the same line as the NATO-Imperialist dreams: to foster an (ideologically and geopolitically) anti-Russian but nationally Russian State to counter the alternative pole of the Russian Federation.
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