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Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs, which outwardly appear beautiful, but within are full of dead people’s bones and all uncleanness.

Matthew 23:27

There is no worse blind man than the one who doesn’t want to see. There is no worse deaf man than the one who doesn’t want to hear.

Wisdom of the Nations

by Théroigne

Does it need to be said how appalling it is, when looking at France from the outside, to see how many people reputed to be intelligent, and even some who truly are, blind themselves so deliberately, so self-destructively? It renders one speechless.

What is it, dear French friends, that you refuse so obstinately to see, by refusing to look at Madame Le Pen in the face? Yourselves?

The candidature of Madame Le Pen is a culmination or, if you like, a symptom. It is not the disease. It is even less the cause. You might think that you have enough curiosity (integrity?) in you to want to identify both one and the other. No? Why not?

Is it permissible to give you a hand?

Without being a psychiatrist or a priest, one can always try to help you give birth to the reality that swells your stomach and that you refuse to acknowledge because the little bastard, once born, will be a disgrace.

You find yourself in the Cornelian situation of having to choose between accepting a monstrous coup d’état or refusing it in the only way possible: by voting for a candidate whom you do not like because you disapprove of her principles — they are not yours.

But her name came out of the hat. The other half-honest candidates had no other choice but to line up behind her, after clearly distinguishing their program from hers, as Mr. Dupont-Aignan did. As she should have done herself if fate had favored someone else.

You are well aware that by refusing to decide, you pronounce yourself in fact for the stronger, for the one onto whose tail you fear stepping; that by refusing the fight — which would be to league with his opponent, no matter how disagreeable it may be — you lie down and you wait to be sodomized dry? Perhaps by both if one day they league together.

You may pretend that they are both puppets of the oligarchy, you know very well that it is false. And besides, what are you waiting for, to face the oligarchy? That it rains little dogs?

You know very well that things have come to a point where there is no third way, that abstention is not an option, that it is only a statement of passivity, that is to say, cowardice, that it is a way of washing your hands as they say Pilate did. (Decidedly, for a disbeliever, I don’t get out of the Bible much).

Let us take things in two stages: first, the forces currently at play, and then, by what maneuvers of the Holy Spirit (damn) we have arrived here, and whose fault.

Well, on the one hand, we have Mrs Le Pen, who has inherited the blunderbuss of a questionable father and who has been much more discussed than many others who should have been (let us pass on it). She sins above through a lack of education (moral, civic, historical and political), a deficiency that she shares with the vast majority of the French, whether they be on board or not. It’s not her fault nor theirs. It is the fault of those who have let the integrity of the nation be attacked by external forces whose aim was to reduce it to impotence by cretinizing it. Mission accomplished.

The inegalitarian choices of candidate Le Pen are not glorious, they are even nasty.

Opposite, you have the “real masters of the world” aka “the oligarchy” in the person of a Pinocchio sitting on the ventriloquist’s knees.


We are talking about actual things, not bleary, even unsavory, intentions from fascists « à la papa ».

We are talking about tens of millions of deaths in Dresden, Stalingrad, Hiroshima, Korea, Vietnam, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Europe. We are talking about children born with two heads or without limbs in Iraq and Belgrade, of those who are starved to death on the five continents; We speak of centers of torture floating on all the seas and on dozens of soils; We speak of “destabilized” countries (burned and bloodied) ruined in every way, physically, materially and morally for decades by so-called colorful revolutions. We are talking about Greece, who, like a lab animal, was asphyxiated “just to see.” We are talking about the masses of heroes, men and women, tortured and murdered, of whom only a few are known, the Allende, Jara, Guevara, Sankara, Lumumba, Arafat, Sands, Gaddafi, Chavez, Manning, Assange, those thrown out of helicopters, burnt alive or boiled, or buried alive. We are talking about the sixty years of suffering of the Palestinians, which never stopped you from going on holiday or digesting your lunches, while the “program” of Mrs. Le Pen nauseates you.

To pretend to compare THIS, Europe, the IMF, the CIA, NATO, the 300 Hiroshimas stored only in Italy with Mrs. Le Pen, is to demonstrate either incurable stupidity or a revolting bad faith. Frankly, there are times when too much is too much and where the will to place on the same level realities that are light-years away from one another appears for what it is: a cowardice and hypocrisy which goes as far as complicity.

But, well, let’s move on.

How did we get there? To the point of having no choice but “between the plague and the cholera”? There must have been other, “prior,” opportunities, roads leading elsewhere and which were not taken…

At the risk of being resented for it, let’s go there—without going as far back as the deluge, or even to the Korean War, which might have nevertheless taken some by surprise.

How is it that your/our LEFTISTS trade unions never had the idea of ​​decreeing a general strike until the Vietnam War stopped? When such a strike would have only affected Europe, at a time when there was plenty of work and that capital needed collaboration to survive. Class solidarity, fraternity among peoples … ever heard of it?

How is it that, while we’re at it, no union has been given a single call for a political strike for centuries, when they are precisely the only ones that could have any power? Because the apparatchiks did not want to compromise their privileges, their wages, their small advantages by risking everything for the whole? But you, unionists, militants, why didn’t you ever ask them to do so? Resisting Nazi Germany during the war and not resisting anything else from then on, how do you explain this? It’s not the fault of Mrs. Le Pen, she wasn’t born yet.

Why was there never a tax strike, when, by depriving the war-hungry men of their means, they could have been reduced to impotence? Whoever would strike alone would have had his furniture confiscated and sent to jail, surely, but why was the question never raised, let alone discussed?

How is it that you have passively accepted all the conquest, colonial, neo-colonial, outrageously interventionist wars, or outright exterminations, even the dismemberment of neighboring Yugoslavia, without blinking, as long as it was not you being attacked, ruined and killed?

How dare you be scandalized by the torture practiced by Jean-Marie Le Pen when the generators used were supplied to him by a government that you elected, when they had been purchased with your taxes, and when the war which allowed these things was decreed by a minister of justice whom you then sent twice to the presidency of your country and whose policies on Africa you have supported for fourteen years (and which continues today thank you) without disapproving nor asking a single question?

Yemen this week

How dare you be indignant today about jihadist crimes, when they are only the execution of the orders of those to whom you haven’t ceased to profess your allegiance?

Did you really believe that demonstrating in the streets or altercating with members of the GUD (or National Front) at the farmer’s markets was really going to serve something? We all did it—when one is young, it’s hard to know better, but there comes a time when one is supposed to sit down, look back, add it all up and conclude.

By condemning the FN candidate to the lazaretto, you are only expressing your contempt for the millions of workers, unemployed, petty merchants or ruined farmers who voted for her. All racists, all black shirts, huh? It is true that when the unfortunate applicants for immigration, driven out of their countries devastated by our care (alas, we must support our standard of living), break through the territory, it is not your jobs that they will take, but those of garbage collectors and housekeepers, by agreeing to work cheaper than them because it’s that or death. It is your cardboard boxes and the sidewalks of your unemployed that they will invade, not your apartments with digital access codes. If there is justice somewhere you will be cursed for having condemned them to tear each other apart.

Mrs. Le Pen fights against the unnameable. By ambition, thirst for power or altruism, we do not care. She does it with her defects. You do NOTHING. How can your virtues matter, if they are sterile?

Good people of the right and left, you are all the truth of a single party: that of selfishness.

Have I said Bouvard and Pecuchet? No, Tartufes.

If you are a Christian, call it an examination of conscience, if you are Communists, self-criticism, whatever, but it would be time to get started, before it stinks too much.

What must think of us other peoples?

As for the Marxists champions of the status quo who would not touch Marine Le Pen with a barge pole … fortunately you were not there when Lenin signed the Peace of Brest-Litovsk! What would he have done with you in the way, mounted on your great antifascist horses?

Foutredieu, spare us your jeremiads and your anathemas of hypocrites.

Go dancing at the Bataclan!

From Liège, a quasi-millennial republic which voted 93% of its votes towards its annexation to the France … of Robespierre, before being colonized by its assassins. In Robespierre’s name one would not allow oneself, one does not have the madness of grandeur, but in the name of Robespierre, yes, just like Ferrat.


source: http://lesgrossesorchadeslesamplesthalameges.skynetblogs.be/archive/2017/05/04/adresse-aux-eternels-bouvard-et-pcuchet-8725605.html

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