Michael McFaul, the Washington Post and all others who declared Brexit to be a Putin’s victory, still don’t understand that Putin has won long before June 23rd referendum. The fact that the UK, the heart of the EU, has left the EU shows that they are just started to react to the Russia’s victory. By orchestrating this referendum, the British demonstrate their willingness to divide Europe as quickly as possible. It’s increasingly clear that the European monarchies will stay with the UK and its overseas colonies. All other countries are now will be given a choice of to stay with Atlanticists in their flight from Russia and Eurasia, or to join the free trade and defense union that is being established across Europe, Russia and most Eurasia and the Middle East.

For the previous steps of this process:

  • After sanctioning the Russian representatives, locking them out of the building, and other small and big nasties, PACE wants Russia back as its member.Our doors are always open for Russia,” says PACE. “There may be a draft with the door open.  You’ll catch cold,” answers Russia.


The West has already lost the Middle East. Russia and its allies control the Middle Eastern oil, and what they don’t physically controls, they hold in a crosshair. Most Europeans have not even started realizing that.

After Kazakhstan has re-united with Russia, the next step is underway to reunite Kirgizstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan. Then, Azerbaijan will be reunited with Russia.  After that it expected that Turkey will be divided, and the Great Armenia will be restored in its historical borders. As we know, in 1915 Turkey conducted not just an Armenian genocide, but Christian genocide. Along with 1.5 million Armenian, Turks killed over 1 million of Greeks, and other Christians. This is the main question that is going to be raised soon as a pretext for the division of Turkey. Armenians asked for shelter and Russian government gave them Russia’s territories.  Armenians have supported Russians through it all. We know, for example, that Sergey Lavrov, the Russia’s Foreign Minister, is of Armenian descent, so is Margarita Simonyan, an editor in chief of Russia Today. Many other Armenians are loyally serving Russia by doing work to reunite Russian territories unlawfully broken off by the corrupt Communist rulers.  Thus, no one in Russia would object the efforts of returning the historical Armenian lands near the Black Sea from Turkey to Armenia.

The real liberation of Europe from American occupation has just started. To survive a bit longer the US and EU need to eat someone.  They broke their teeth trying to bit Russia. Now, it’s turn to consume someone in Europe. We don’t know yet, what had happened at the last Bilderberg Club meeting, but looks like they got infighting going on.

One thing is clear, that there will be no war in Europe. Just like the Soviet Union was divided peacefully, so the EU will be divided peacefully. It’s going to be very quick, because everyone wants to get back to business as soon as possible. NATO won’t be able to nuke Germany before retreating, because Russia has enough firepower in Europe to prevent this from taking place.

Russia has come to this point well prepared: the Middle Eastern natural gas and oil are under our control, Russia has support of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) which at this point unite over 4 billion people. Russia has a stockpile of precious metals, and its agriculture growing at unprecedented speed. Russia has Kalibr missiles, anti-missile defense systems, Russia’s electronic warfare systems Khibiny and Krasukha have surpassed the Western analogs. The list can go on and on.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is not just a powerful union, it’s a super-power union of nuclear countries with fast growing economies, with the majority of population on earth, and with an unlimited perspective for development.

Russian government has near total support of its population. Agree that it’s uncomfortable for the neo-liberals to demand for Russia “to be like Europe” when Europe is falling into abyss.

Europeans are presented with two possible outcomes. They can either  stay under the total control of the US, that will be sucking out their resources, until those countries will become extremely poor, and most likely will disappear off the maps. Or, they can opt to grab Russia’s president’s sleeve and beg to take them in under the Russia’s and Eurasian economic umbrella.

Right from the start, Poland is taking all the wrong steps, trying to serve the US as a Brexit spoiler, to slow down the UK exit.  Poland is the largest net recipient of EU subsidy. It gets around 13 billion euro each year. The UK has been contributing to subsidy “Honey-pot” by about 9 billion euro per year. Poland stands to lose the most of the free money from reduced subsidy in the event of a Brexit. Poland has started to do the US bidding and tries to sabotage or slow down this exit process on behalf of the US. Poland can’t accept a simple truth that there won’t be any “free” money.

On the other hand, Finland collecting signatures for referendum on leaving EU. Finland has oriented itself towards Russia and Eurasia and sees no reason to stay in the EU any longer. The petition is authored by Sebastian Tynkkynen, who heads a youth organization of the True Finns party. He said Finland needs a similar referendum as the country could become “free”

We can’t forget about our people who live in Ukraine under NATO’s occupation and military junta. To say that junta was blindsided by Brexit is an understatement.

“British referendum results to slow down EU’s decisions on Ukraine,” said Ukrainian deputy PM and a head of the parliamentary delegation of Ukraine in NATO, Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister for European integration Ivanna Klimpush-Tsintsadze said “As for [Brexit’s impacts on] Ukraine, it is not ruled out that some processes may be somewhat slower than in case the referendum had a different outcome.”

“Ukraine respects Britain’s choice,” she said. “But we are not happy about it as it might weaken the European Union from inside and it will have to focus on its internal problems to solve them.”

Kiev however expects a positive decision on the visa cancellation matters. Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin said earlier on Friday he was confident the European Union will ultimately abandon visas for Ukrainians despite the Brexit results.

It’s not in interests of Russia and Germany having Ukraine to collapse, and having forty million people to seek refuge in Europe. As I wrote before, the liberation of Ukraine has to be done by the hands of Ukrainians themselves. Meanwhile, Russia is creating many favorable conditions, like the dissolution of the EU, and the new realignment of Europe.

We don’t see any increase in numbers of the Bandera followers. The same recognizable faces have been marching back and force on videos for the past two years. Threats that Bandera followers will grow into an army of millions have never materialized. Just recently, one of the ex-commanders of Azov death squad had complaint on twitter that no one wants to die for Ukraine. The Russia’s investigative committee has all the Nazis investigated and catalogued. It’s just a matter of arresting them and bringing them to justice.


For those of you who are interested in learning and improving your analytical skills, I recommend a book by an African American researcher,  Malcolm Gladwell,   Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking.  It’s a research on psychology of making expert decisions in art and antiques trade, in war gamming, and in business. The book tries to solve the mystery of  so called “adaptive unconscious,” or in the mental processes that works rapidly and automatically with relatively little information. I must caution you, however, that the book doesn’t provide a formula of how to make correct snap decisions.  The book illustrates of  how experts with large knowledge in their fields immediately know when something fake or bogus presented to them just by having a somatic reaction in the presence of a fake.  They describe this as feeling  nauseated and being unable to look at presented object or subject without having an acute feeling of shame and animosity.

When Snowden magically appeared in Moscow out of nowhere, and the circumstances surrounding his “ordeal” have became known, to me  he had all the colors of being “Zaslannuy Kazachok”  or  “Dispatched Cossack” — a person who is not a staff employee of the security services, but who on the instructions of the security services offers his services to the enemy.

President Putin said once about him that Snowden has never revealed anything that wasn’t already known.

I experienced this expert’s nausea described by Gladwell, every time I would see Mr. Snowden on in news, or read about him. I felt like he was a proverbial Chekov’s rifle: “If you say in the first chapter that there is a rifle hanging on the wall, in the second or third chapter it absolutely must go off.”

Sure enough this moment has come. Mr. Snowden has made his shot.

Mr. Snowden had several harsh words to say about Russia’s new anti-terrorism bill calling it “an unworkable, unjustifiable violation of rights that should never be signed.

The following was written by the Saker on July 2013. What Andrei wrote comes in every point as absolutely correct right now.

“… what is bizarre in Putin’s statement is this condition that Snowden must refrain from anti-US activities.   I have worked with asylum seekers and as far as I know, the only legal limit on their political activity is that they are prohibited from participating in the internal politics of the country which grants them asylum.  As far as I know, there is absolutely no legal basis to prevent a refugee from expressing his opinions about the country he fled.

Furthermore, Putin looked somewhat irritated by the Snowden topic.  First, as I have said already several times here, the Russians have exactly *zero* interests in Snowden or his so-called “revelations”.  My feeling is that Putin actually spoke the plain simple truth when he said that Snowden’s arrival in Moscow was a surprise for the Kremlin.  Not in the sense that they did not know about it or could not have prevented it, but in the sense that they had no idea what Snowden was up to.  In other words, Snowdens is a pain in the butt for Russia, which right now has bigger fish to fry with the US, and his clear lack of planning probably irritates the Russians who feel that they have no obligations towards him other than the minimalistic “we will not hand him to the US or anybody else”, which is more an expression of basic self-respect than of a great deal of compassion.

The fact is that Snowden has triggered yet another wave of anti-Russian hysterics in the USA, something which the Kremlin will hardly be grateful for.  What is certain, and Putin also said that, is that Snowden and the Russians never collaborated on anything and that all the actions of Snowden have been unilateral in nature.

In essence, Mr. Snowden has violated his terms of political asylum by criticizing Russia’s domestic laws and refusing to refrain from “participating in the internal politics of the country which grants them asylum.”

Now would be a good time to sent Mr. Snowden back to the US in exchange for Viktor Bout, an innocent man kidnapped and imprisoned in the US. Maybe even that’s why his statement was released, so an exchange of some people would take place?

I have already written about this new Antiterrorism Bill that passed Russian Parliament on Friday 24th.

This is the most important law adopted to fight growing pressure of the domestic and international terrorism, including terrorism religious sects, and the use of political ideologies as covers for terrorism. Requirement to store information of online users doesn’t even come close to the Western countries practices of storing all the online information indefinitely.

On Friday, Russian Parliament Duma had passed a new anti-terrorist bill.

The anti-terrorist package of bills was prepared by a group of lawmakers headed by Chair of the State Duma Committee for Security Irina Yarovaya. The bill contains following measures:

  1. life sentences for international terrorism ;
  2. Financing terrorist groups can carry up to 15 years behind bars.
  3. Terms of between eight and 15 years are proposed for assisting extremist activities unconnected with actual terrorist attacks.
  4. Knowing and not reporting terroristic activities could end us costing of up to 100,000 robles (about $1,530) in fine or jailed for up to a year.
  5. lowers the age threshold for terrorist crimes, such as terrorist attacks and hostage taking, to 14 years from the current 16 years.
  6. A completely new provision for public calls to terrorism or justifying terrorist crimes, including via the internet, the stipulating fines of between 300,000 and 1 million rubles ($4,600 – $15,400) or prison terms ranging from five to seven years. Publicly expressed excuses are defined as “public statements to the effect the ideology and practices of terrorism are correct and worth supporting and following.”
  7. The bill contains a very important Anti-sect amendments, giving to the law enforcement a variety of judicial tools to deal with the Western toxic cults like scientology and Jehovah Witnesses. A special group of amendments defines what “missionary activity” is and prohibits attempts to conduct it on behalf of religious associations whose aims contradict the law. According to Tass: “A ban is imposed on missionary activities aimed at inducing suicide, at creating obstructions to getting mandatory education and at persuasion of individuals to refuse to perform their legally mandatory civic duties.” Let’s keep our fingers crossed, but it looks like Hassids and paramilitary terrorist Jewish organization Habad might be banned on the territory of Russia under this law.

The bill will allow Russian law enforcers to prosecute terrorist recruiters and sponsors .

The draft obliges all communications companies, including internet providers, to retain information about data traffic on their servers for three years (one year for messengers and social networks).

An attempt was made to force foreign secret services agents out of Russia by taking away the Russian citizenship from those who has double citizenship and being proven to work for the foreign security services/ foreign defense, like Mossad and Tzahal.

The Israeli lobby is very powerful in Duma now, so they did everything to exclude this provision from the new law.

Hopefully, after the fall election, we will get more pro-Russian government.

I want you to meet Irina Yarovaya, a member of Duma from Kamchatka, the Head of the Parliamentary Committee for Security and Anti-Corruption, one of two authors of the Antiterrorism Bill. The second co-author is Viktor Ozerov, Head of the Russian Federation Council’s defense committee.

These two are true patriots and true Russian people in government. The body of laws created under their  supervision give us all hope for secure and stable future.


The following video is an interview that Yarovaya gave to Pozner in April 2013.

Just a brief reminder who Posner is. In 1980s, Phil Donahue and Vladimir Pozner hosted televised discussions between the Soviet people and the Western people.  I am sure that you remember how one of the participants, a woman uttered a phrase that turned her and everyone living in the Soviet Union into a laughing stock. “There is no sex in the Soviet Union.” The Western media had a field day calling the soviet people sheltered, brainwashed, and stupid. The facts behind all that was that the woman said: “There is no sex on TV in the Soviet Union.” Which was a statement of fact. Pozner and Donahue edited out the small part “on TV,” and the episode went on air edited the way it was. Nether Pozner, no Donahue never apologized for this provocation, as far as I know, even after being confronted with the unedited material.

Years later, Pozner decided to take interview with Irina Yarovaya. The most loaded exchange takes place between minutes 44 and 49.

Yarovaya: I consider myself to be a Russian person.

Pozner: Congratulations…[Pozner doesn’t let Yarovaya speak and just talks over her.]

Yarovaya: It’s important to deal with problems, and not to fight with your own country. If you consider it to be normal when other countries are being praised by their own people…

Pozner: Other countries have nothing to do with this…

Yarovaya: Please, let me finish what I am saying. Russia doesn’t exist in space… You consider it to be acceptable to insult the country and its people…

Pozner: I’m walking out on the streets because I am not happy with the results of the elections. [They are talking about the Presidential election in 2012 and following attempt of Maidan in Moscow. http://thesaker.is/grandmaster-putin-grandiose-multi-step-operation-lasting-16-years/

Yarovaya: If you are not happy with the democracy, Vladimir Vladimirovich, then you’re with the totalitarian minority.

Pozner: Stop it. We went on the street saying that the elections were wrong.

Yarovaya: We created the law that allows you to come on the street and to express your opinions in orderly manner, and to create the state of safety for everyone.

Pozner: In your opinion, are we the opposition that creates lies, and hatred?

Yarovaya: Listen to me… the opposition’s speeches that I heard were full of hatred and malice towards Russia…You consider only your own opinions important….

Pozner interrupts her again, and says that he only has three minutes, and that he doesn’t have time to listen to her. Look at her facial expression at 46:18.

Yarovaya: Unfortunately, we have not had a chance to talk about laws that are important for people, especially law providing the security.

Pozner: I asked you one question…

Yarovaya: No, you have never asked me one question about laws, and right now you’re not letting me talk about the laws.

Pozner: OK, what laws are in people’s interest?

Yarovaya: For example, next week, we will be deciding of the rights of the victims of crimes law.

Pozner: What victims?

Yarovaya: Children and other victims of violent crimes. I’m the author of this law. [He is interrupting her again. ] Vladimir Vladimirovich, we have many laws that improve people’s lives. Our Parliament works to implement those laws.

Pozner: Very well, but we know how it works in reality. It’s not real to have 0 percent (of alcohol in blood). It’s not real to be completely sober.

Yarovaya: Vladimir Vladimirovich, what you are offering is to open the gate for corruption. We say absolutely “no” to drinking and driving. You’re saying that it’s possible to drink some and drive. I think that there are so many deep and important questions that are in interest to people, but you’re refusing to discuss them.

Pozner: Interrupts her again… But and in America and in Europe there are certain level of alcohol that allowed for drivers.

Yarovaya: I am talking to a citizen of the US…

Pozner: of the US, France, and Russia, don’t you forget about this.

Yarovaya: … meanwhile, being a citizen of Russia you’re not consider yourself being Russian.

Pozner: How? What?

Yarovaya: Russian… to be a Russian.

Pozner: Yes, this is true. So what? There are many none-Russian people who live in Russia.

Yarovaya: I consider myself to be a citizen of Russia and a Russian person.

Pozner:  I also have a citizenship of Russia, but nationality is different. Nationality doesn’t matter. Jews, or Tatars… It doesn’t matter.

Yarovaya:  Vladimir Vladimirovich, it matters. Everything matters.

After this interview Pozner immediately proclaimed Yarovaya a “Russian fascist, who is ready to shoot people like me.” It’s not clear what he meant referring to “people like him.” Did he meant people with multiple citizenships, cheating and lying journos, or people whose nationality “doesn’t matter” when it come to act in violent opposition to the Russia’s national interests?


I will have more on the realignment of Europe, with Brexit as its first step.

For us, Russians, the main goal remains the reunification of our people and the restoration of our country to its borders prior to 1917.

Headline image is courtesy of Colonel Cassad


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