By Aram Mirzaei for the Saker blog

One week after the latest US aggression against Syria, the Syrian Army and its allies have spared no efforts in continuing their raging fight against terrorism. Douma was liberated last week, right after Washington and its vassals bombed Syria to “save lives”, and on Tuesday reports emerged that jihadist militants of the besieged city of Al-Dumayr, further east of Damascus, have agreed to evacuate to northern Syria. With this last pocket cleared, all of the Rif Dimashq (Damascus Governorate) will be cleared of terrorists.

Meanwhile jihadists in the Rastan pocket further north have reportedly called for the Russian center for Reconciliation to start negotiations for an evacuation as well. The pockets are falling one by one in Syria, these are areas that were previously considered untouchable but are now falling within days of fighting. I previously mentioned that Washington and its allies’ resolve in Syria had been shattered, this is how it’s manifested.

What Washington is currently doing on the ground in Syria is a mystery since their attempts to partition the country will be met with full force from the Resistance Front (Syria-Iran-Russia-Hezbollah) and even their own Turkish NATO allies who will never allow the formation of a YPG-led Kurdistan south of their borders. If anything, the failed attempt in Iraq, where all countries in the surrounding area united to oppose illegal Kurdish independence, should have taught Washington’s Kurdish proxies a lesson.

With these facts at hand, it could explain why US president Trump is considering a withdrawal of American troops. Although encouraging news indeed, I remain very sceptic to the likelihood of that happening, despite the recent Saudi offer to replace US troops with their own forces in the US occupied territories of eastern Syria. Even with France also offering to replace US troops, the chances of a US withdrawal out of Syria seems rather slim, because since when has the US truly withdrawn from a country it has invaded? Take Iraq for example, Washington supposedly withdrew in 2011, seven years later they still find ways to weasel themselves into Baghdad.

This doesn’t mean that Washington won’t attack Syria again, in fact, much like a wounded animal, Washington is even more dangerous now and will probably lash out at Syria soon again.

Once the last of the pockets are cleared, Syria will turn its eyes on the terrorist stronghold of Idlib in northern Syria. Rest assured that new false flag chemical weapons attacks will be carried out every time the Syrian Army is about to crush the terrorists, and Washington will once more find a new excuse to delay the certain defeat of these terrorists. We all saw what last weeks strikes were all about, a show of force where Trumps “smart missiles” were largely beaten by Syria’s even smarter air defence.

After Douma was liberated the day after the strikes, recent images taken by the Syrian Army showed a grotesque reality of what these throatcutters of Jaysh Al-Islam were doing in Douma. Footage of entire underground cities and massive prison complexes dug by the civilians of Douma through means of slavery and threats proves how “moderate” the Zionist backed “rebels” truly are.

As Hezbollah Secretary General, Hassan Nasrallah said earlier this week “anyone still thinking about Syria’s collapse is delusional”. So what does Washington hope to achieve in eastern Syria? The truth is that Washington has no strategy in Syria, even Washington itself has admitted to this several times.

According to analyst Elijah Magnier, Washington had planned a major offensive on the Syrian capital before the Syrian Army’s East Ghouta offensive. According to Magnier, citing sources in Damascus, just as the Syrian Army’s southern Idlib offensive was reaching its peak, the offensive was ordered to halt and the spearhead forces to be redeployed to Ghouta.

Magnier explains that “Russia had informed the Syrian leadership of a large gathering of forces at Al-Tanf US-occupied military base on the Syrian-Iraqi borders, where tens of thousands of US proxies have received continuous military training. The Russians identified unusual military movements and understood that the US was preparing to push Syrian proxy forces to reach eastern Ghouta, linking itself with around 30,000 jihadists in Ghouta itself. This attack was planned to take place simultaneously with a diversion from Daraa, southern Syria, attacking south of Damascus so as to deceive the Syrian army and its allies into leaving smaller forces around the capital.”

This plan which would have severely undermined the Russian-Iranian-Syrian efforts since 2015 and given Washington the upper-hand was foiled because of Russian vigilance. With Ghouta now liberated, Washington’s hopes for a game changing move grows slim.

Washington still holds sway among its Kurdish proxy forces in the SDF, but are they ready and willing to fight Washington’s fight against Syria and its powerful allies, while trying to fend off constant Turkish attacks? I highly doubt that. The only thing Washington can do now is to delay and foolishly undermine the inevitable collapse of the West’s jihadist proxies, with the Syrian Army and its allies closing in on them at every front.

This is the end of the line for Washington, it’s time to step off because Syria will win.

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