Alexander Lukashenko: Belarus and Russia adequately respond to NATO buildup on the borders of our Union

Russians keep saying that NATO is in a process of deploying new armies on Russia’s borders. I must emphasize that first and foremost NATO is on our borders, Belorussian borders. We see this, and we take all adequate measures without making any noise.

I see that the Russian leadership is acting today in the same way mirroring the Western actions, meaning that we have a joint group of the armed forces on the West, which task is to ensure the safety of our homeland, Belarus and Russia. At the heart of this group are the Belorussian defense forces. In case of a conflict, they will be the first to go into battle,  even before the concentrated  united defense forces of Belarus and the Russian Federations will catch up with them.

We don’t hide the truth from our Western colleagues, partners, or adversaries, regardless of what we call them. They know that we have defense agreements with Russia.

I am saying this so you would understand my position regarding the CIS (the Commonwealth of Independent States.) Belarus has always been an initiator of integration processes on the post Soviet space. We have advocated and will continue to advocate for real convergence of the republics of the former Soviet Union.

If we start following other principles, like certain leaders of certain states and some known political forces, we will never find any cooperation between our republics.  As we can see now on the example of Ukraine and some other parts of the CIS, clashes and even war, God forbid, might arise.

Everything is in our hands, we don’t have to lie to our nations.

If we want to be together, we will always be.

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