7/03/15 — around 17:00, an attempt to blow up Alexei’s car was made at the Mikhailovka checkpoint. Luckily he only suffered light injuries.

Soon after the assassination attempt Alexei Borisovich has recorded his appeal.

Commentary from Kotaro Kazzura:

Now a comment from myself, don’t read it if you kinda don’t have own opinion, don’t know the facts etc. the events happening in Donbass and events that caused them and stuff, just because I don’t to have my opinion be ( unintentionally or intentionally ) imposed to anyone.

Mozgovoi openly states that he knows who’s behind this (and it’s not the Ukrainians) — obviously the same force as in case with ‘Batman’ aka Bednov, and he realizes that the purpose of such action is to split the militia, provoking fights inside of LPR between “obedient” People’s Militia (that gets supplies from RF and pretty much does only what Kremlin wants) and “not obedient” independent commanders like Alexei, who manage to endure it without official RF supplies and have freedom not to do every retarded thing sent from Kremlin (like assaulting the airport just because Ukraine promised to give it in exchange for territories around Mariupol, but kept it, so it was fine to attack the airport, but only the airport, not Peski and Avdeyevka, the key positions the airport is still shelled from even today). So the plan is likely to split the militia, declare all “independent” troops — “traitors” and deal with them, keeping only obedient forces without any particular ideology, that would join back the Ukraine without problems and become something like territorial defense battalions there, just because now Kremlin thinks that it’s cheaper to force Donbass join Ukraine back in exchange for cancellation of some of the sanctions and getting rid of need to support it. Yesterday another commander — Bondar, suffered similar assassination attempt (MON mines were used), luckily he survived too.

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