By Sayed 7asan

In these extracts, Sayed Ali Khamenei reveals the real reasons behind the Western persecution against Iran on the nuclear issue. It is useful to recall them at a time when in spite of Netanyahu’s raving, a deal seems closer than ever, especially as Iran’s voice is rarely heard.

 The hostility to Iran is actually due to the fact that it is a sovereign country which, since the Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini in 1979, refuses to submit to the political, economic and cultural hegemony of the United States and reached independently a very high level of development. The nuclear issue is just an excuse because a fatwa of Imam Khomeini categorically prohibits nuclear weapons, sometha ruling that no one could challenge in Iran. Imam Khomeini and later Imam Khamenei openly declared the American imperial superpower and its Trojan horse Israel as implacable enemies, and worked crucially against their influence in the Middle East. These are their unforgivable “crimes”.


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