A very telling example of a very ugly trend

I just got an email from my daughter this morning saying “You’ve probably seen this, and you might not really care even if you haven’t, but if not: https://altright.com/2017/05/05/the-saker-and-other-dissident-bloggers-are-completely-out-of-touch/.  Apparently, you lived in Iceland“.

No, I had not read that as I generally have no time to read the AltRight nonsense.  Out of a sense of obligation I recently forced myself to listen to two speeches by Richard Spencer (who recently visited Florida) and it was more then enough for me to know that I need not waste any more time exposing myself to AltRighter inanities.

So I clicked on the link and found an article entitled “The Saker and Other “Dissident” Bloggers Are Completely Out Of Touch: The Alt-Right is the only TRUE dissident media in town.  It was an awesome read, and by the time I was done reading, I was elated.  Not only was I accused of betraying the interests of the White race, I was lumped together with Alain Soral, which is very, very flattering for me.  The article then included the pseudo-biography of me by a rabid and mentally deranged woman which only got about 50% of what she wrote wrong including me being “critical of the Russian Army’s “heavy-handed approach” towards the Chechen terrorists” I kid you not (compare with my real bio).  The article concludes with “Men like him will never know what it means to live in a White minority. They have never truly experienced Vibrant Diversity“.  Apparently, the fact that I lived in Washington DC for 5 years of my life or, for that matter, that I traveled on all continents besides Oceania, makes no difference: I know nothing about diversity.  I suppose that the fact that I don’t even consider myself “White” (what a stupid, meaningless, category) only makes me more guilty of betraying the “blood and soil patriotism” of “my” race.

Truthfully, when I see the AltRight ideology summed up as such:

Their “Europa”

I can only say that I don’t even recognize the Europe I was born in this infantile drawing and I don’t know what these idiots mean by “Europa” (not Carlos Santana’s song I am afraid; after all, he was just a Spic mongrel; or maybe they refer to Jupiter’s satellite, who knows?!).  The Europe where I lived most of my life and which I described here looked more like this:

and my Europe

and not like the LSD-inspired electrocution the AltRighters call “Europa”.

One thing is sure, if they side with “Europa” I side with education, facts, logic, culture, history and yes, most definitely, diversity.

One more “pearl of wisdom” from the AltRighters: “Muslims are by the worst of any immigrant group (except perhaps Blacks).  I can just about visualize the utter total shock the author of this aphorism would  feel if he was educated enough to realize that there are millions of “White” Muslims out there, including in the USA and Europe and that there are millions of Africans who are Christians!  It is a blessing and a mercy that ignorance protects this man from the awareness of such distressing facts I suppose :-)

But nevermind, this is all both funny and sad, but there is something more important here.

The new ugly trend

There is a new trend out there.  One which I really don’t like.  And because I have neither the time nor the inclination to get involved in one of those endless “Internet wars” I won’t name names or give examples.  But most of you won’t have much of a problem understanding whom I am talking about.  So that trend is this:

Since the official, corporate, AngloZionist media has taken a fantastic nose-dive from which it most likely will never recover (if only because that loss of credibility was so richly deserved!), the alternative media, the blogosphere, became the place where “it” happens.   Oh sure, the Ziomedia still controls a herd of zombified sheep far far bigger than the entire alternative media would ever hope to wake up, but that is immaterial.  Why?  Because all major historical processes are normally the result of the actions of a minority, often way smaller than 1%.  And right now, the vast majority of thinking people has figured out that the so called “free press” is just a disgusting propaganda machine and they are therefore turning to the Internet and the so-called “alternative media” for news, analyses and intelligent discussions.

So while the Ziomedia owns the left side of the Bell Curve and a good chuck of the adjacent right side, we – the “crackpots, extremists, fringe fanatics” etc – are the ones making a difference in the right side of the Bell Curve.  Put it differently, our “footprint” might be small, but we own most of the really valuable intellectual real estate.  And that is crucial for 2 reasons:

  1. influence is exercised on the right side of the Bell Curve
  2. there could be money made there too, at least in theory and for those so inclined

The second proposition is rather dubious and more theoretical, but the first one is not.  Besides, really, they are linked.  And they are triggering a very nasty reaction from some rather nasty people: a desire to control it all.

Check out the AltRight article again a notice the key sentence in the subtitle: “The Alt-Right is the only TRUE dissident media in town“.  Yes, these guys want to become the only media in town, they want a monopoly.  They don’t see the other players are allies, but as competitors for a specific market niche.

Believe me when I say to you that AltRight are not the only ones!

I have had many offers to incorporate the Saker blog into other entities.  I have had a lot of commercial offers too, so I suppose that there would be good money to be made for me if a agreed to flood the blog with advertisements and obnoxious pop-ups.  Some of the figures of the “alternative media” have openly expressed the desire to create some kind of vetting system which, of course, they would control to separate the “good” and the “bad” alternative media.  And, as most of you know, at least one Saker Blog (the German one) was brought down by a provocateur.

So this is what I want to share with you and which you need to keep in mind to understanding some of what is going on behind the scenes.  There are two types of alternative/resistance websites/blogs.  Let’s call them “The Fighter” and “the Businessman”.  I tried to put together a rough schematic of what these guys typically look like and this is what I came up with:

The Fighter The Businessman
Motivation Political, moral, religious Money, career, influence
Attitude to copyrights Only wants to get the message out, encourages redistribution, uses CopyLeft. Tries to prevent redistribution, places DMCA or Copyright logos on the homepage, files complaints
Commercial/Advertisements/Paywalls/exclusive contents etc. Opposes them all, and only relies on voluntary contributions (or does not even ask for any!) Uses all these commercial schemes to generate revenue.
Attitude towards others Views them as allies to be supported Views them as competitors to be eliminated
Attitude towards diversity in the resistance Supports diversity, believes that a diverse “resistance ecosystem” is more viable and more effective. Rejoices at the successes of others and is willing to help. Seeks to acquire a monopoly position, thinks that all others are “bad”. Feels envy for the successes of others and will never help.
Attitude towards ideology Is non-ideological, seeks and finds allies in all political camps.  Likes complex, subtle discussions. Is ideologically very strongly defined and identifies with only one, specific, ideological camp.  Likes slogans, simple “truths”.
Funding scheme Relies only on community funding. Usually associated with one major sponsor or source of income
Attitude towards recognition and respectability Has no need, no interest and no use for any of that. Puts a great deal of effort into looking “credible” and otherwise “respectable”

This is, of course, a simplified scheme.  Many cases fall somewhere in the middle.  I know a several individuals whom I considered as committed, principled, idealists who still use advertisements.  But when some putatively “alternative” media outlet gets a checkmark for each category on the right, then I suggest that you don’t be naive about what really motivates them.

The Key Criteria is “do you see others as allies to support or as competitors to bring down?“.  This is BY FAR the most important criteria in that list.

I came to these conclusions already many years ago after my disastrous interaction with Antiwar.com (you can read about it here).  What I learned then (already 10 years ago!) is still very much true today: there are a lot of folks out there who want everybody else besides themselves to disappear.

In my experience, nationalism, “blood and soil patriotism”, racism/racialism, etc. are typically the product of simply ignorance, a basic lack of education, really.  The kind of folks who are attracted to this kind of ideology begin by correctly identifying a problem, but then they don’t have the intellectual/educational level to deal with the complexity of the problem they identified.  They are like a person who discovers a tumor in his lung and decides that using a steak knife to cut that lung out is a sensible therapy.  But as Menken wrote, For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.”  But if your goal is not to be right, but to federate as many people as possible and gain influence and money, then a “wrong” answer is exactly what you want!

In conclusion: a very ugly fact

In conclusion I will add more most thing.  In my experience nationalist movements are always manipulated by various secret services.  This is true for Russian nationalists and this is true for AltRight -type of movements.  That is yet another reason why these movements all seek a monopoly position: because their real bosses (the state security agencies) are trying to coopt anti-system movements in order to control them.  In my experience, only the very top people know about this and those who do typically rationalize that kind of secret “collaboration” by saying that it is pragmatically useful to work with influential agencies.  This was true for the Russian NTS, this was true for al-Qaeda, this is most definitely true of the Ukie nationalists and this is true of the US AltRight (for whatever it’s worth, I also believe that all so-called ‘terrorist’ movements are also run by state actors).

Anyway, dear reader and member of the Saker community, please be warned: we are swimming in shark infested waters.  That is the right thing to do, we don’t have the luxury of another battlefield, but that requires a lot of maturity from us.  To be honest, I have been very, very lucky so far and our community has been remarkable successful.  But we should not harbor any illusions: the most successful we become, the more enemies we will make, the more more attacks (or cooptation attempts) will be directed at us.  Though to some this might look like “just blogging” we are, in reality, involved in a very dangerous game: the struggle for the minds and souls of the people we live with, regardless of our country of residence and, most importantly, the resistance against the AngloZionist Empire and everything it stands for.  One way to neutralize us is to “park” us in “intellectual dead-ends” like White nationalism.  Just think of our overlords, the 0.001% who really rules over us and ask yourself whether this:

looks to you like something “they” would fear?  Or is this not exactly the kind of crap they would want us to waste our time, effort and lives on?

Our position is not unlike the one of the bull in a corrida.  We are in pain, we are bewildered, disgusted and angry.  And over and over again we are offered a big red cloth to attack.  Does that sound like a plan to you?

I say let’s go for the SOB holding the cloth, not the cloth itself!

The Saker



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