by Tatzhit Mikhailovich

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As previously reported on LiveLeak  and RT (and completely ignored in Western mass media – hello “free and unbiased reporting”) there have been two protests against the regime in Kiev in the past few days: a large protest march and a smaller “Maidan 3.0” protest camp.

On Sunday night, the protest camp has been dispersed by unknown masked assailants, apparently with the blessing from the government.

From the Sputnik piece on the mattter:”Several dozen masked men dispersed a protest on Kiev’s Maidan Square, after about 100 demonstrators set up several tents and unfurled banners ahead of the one year anniversary of President Petro Poroshenko’s inauguration. The masked men were reported to have first approached police, who had surrounded the protest site, to demand police action, before themselves entering the makeshift camp and dismantling it. According to [Head of Ukraine State Security Service] Nalyvaichenko -“the ‘Maidan Self-Defense’ force had effectively done its job”.”

One of the protest organizers, a USA-naturalized Ukrainian native Ruslan Tashbaev (pictured below with US Sen. John McCain), was arrested by police after the protest camp was destroyed.
As usual, Ukraine State Security head announced that the civil activist was working for DPR/LPR “terrorists”, Putin, and the gray aliens (because obviously, that’s the only reason anyone could want the Kiev regime to fulfill its promises), and was “deported and banned from the country”.Lucky man – thought we. US citizenship saved him from being detained for months without trial and being exchanged to the DPR for government soldiers.

Sure, Tashbaev is rabidly Russphobic, and says Poroshenko isn’t doing enough to “win the war”, but protesting in a fascist state takes guts.However, the story had an unexpected twist – Tashbaev came online today saying that he was not deported. He was detained by the police, passed to the custody of unknown masked men, and taken to the forest – to be beaten, tortured, and probably killed.It is unknown why they dumped him in the forest instead – maybe because Tashbaev’s lawyers started asking head of State Security about his whereabouts (Nalivaychenko answered that he is detained and giving evidence about his ties to terrorist organizations), or maybe they hoped he would not be able to make it out the forest in his state.Anyway, Tashbaev made it out. Here are the photos he posted of himself – taken after he walked two hours to nearest residential area.

He flew out of Ukraine some hours later and underwent medical evaluation in a US hospital. He vows those responsible will be brought to justice.PS. Wanna bet if any mass media outlets run stories on this? The same exact thing has been going on for a year, and nothing so far…Maybe it’ll turn out he “beat himself up to blame police”, just like 40 protesters in Odessa “burned themselves to slander innocent patriots”.

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