This is my corner so I can rant on and on about what bothers me the most today.

Take, for example, the recent revelation made by Russia’s Foreign Ministry that the US intelligence community was instrumental in the death of Evgeny Primakov, who was allegedly on dialyses for liver failure at the time.

US intel may have contributed to Russian ex-Foreign Minister Primakov’s death – Zakharova

Primakov has been hated by Clinton’s necons for his stance against the war on Yugoslavia and creating the model of multipol world.

He was also hated by the neo-liberals in Russia for his tireless work to restore the Russian economy and finances destroyed in the 90s.

Leaving the juicy spy story aside, ask yourself what was another story that happened with the similar scenario? The case with Magnitsky’s death orchestrated by Browder, but being blamed on Putin and the entire population of Russia, with multiple sanctions introduced by the same fractions in the US senate that later introduced sanctions against Russia “for Ukraine.”

Since the 90s, when pharmaceutical manufacturing was effectively destroyed in Russia. any attempts to rebuild a domestic pharmaceutical industry was met with the furious resistance of Washington. The multilayered sanctions on Russia had been in place for the past 25 years, with more being introduced every month. See, for example, the The Magnitsky Sanctionsalso known as The Magnitsky Act, or the Russia and Moldova Jackson-Vanik Repeal and Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act of 2012

And the Ukraine-related sanctions, “Concurrent with the signing of E.O. 13685, the US Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”) issued Ukraine-related General License 4, which generally authorises the exportation or reexportation to Crimea of agricultural commodities, medicine, medical supplies and replacement parts for medical devices that would otherwise be prohibited by E.O. 13685.”

How do you like the fact that the US Senate sanctions the transfer of food and medicine between the regions of the Russian federation?

The scenario of medical torture via withholding of lifesaving drugs was implemented against Primakov. Now, however, it’s the Russia who blames the US.

Keep in mind that the global “Mice” always use the same scenarios over and over again.

Actually, if you digest the plot, the story points at someone inside the Russian government being in cahoots with US security services.

Why instead of going directly through the Department of State and Kerry, a diplomat went to buy drugs from a private doctor for cash?

Anyone who is familiar with the American health care system known that it’s a part of the general punitive system along with private jails and courts. It has been designed to intimidate and to keep everyone in line. Those who are not part of this system, are being thrown out and deprived of the necessary drugs and care and left to die.

In the light of it, the idea to go to a private doctor for someone who is not a citizen and to buy medication for cash, is absurd.

But the most important for us part is the following…

While in Russia production of many lifesaving drugs is being hampered by the international sanctions and insiders sabotage,  a budget black hole like Scolkovo, which is paid to develop those drugs domestically, brings Israeli companies and their products to replace American and Europeans.

Israel’s Teva and Russia’s Nanolek partnered on the biopharmaceutical plant at Nanolek’s facility in the Kirov region.

Consider, that all they do in Russia is just packaging, with the actual drug manufacturing talking place in Israel.

It doesn’t relieve Russian strategic weakness of dependency on the foreign made medication.

What’s even more interesting is that similar deals between Russia and the US companies are being black-marked as “Chubais and American Pfizer are being revealed as Rothschild’s threats to the Russian security.”

Meanwhile, the same exact actions by Israelis are being hailed as “cooperation between two countries.”

While the US Senators and European Union bosses scream and jump up and down like chimpanzees in heat, companies from Israel slither quietly into lucrative Russian market via “free trade” vortexes created by their sticky littler fingers.

Going back to Primakov’s death: Kerry personally sent necessary medication through his channels. To me the whole thing was a set up by the mice on both sides, to get rid of Primakov, whom they hated, and to implement in his death Kerry, whom they also hate.

The reality is that there is a “Mice” organized campaign to attack Kerry and to shift blame for the US foreign policy from the deep state to Kerry, who actually did all he could to dampen the deep state’s plans.

They set us up and put us against each other so we would destroy each other by our own hands, and they would stand aside, watch and cheer.


Another issue that you should be aware, is that this revelation about the US secret services being involved in Primakov’s death Zakharova made during her interview to Vladimir Solovyov’s show on Russia One TV channel.

Solovyov is known for his self-proclaimed loyalty to Israel.

One of his most famous saying:What kind of your Slavic ancestors? Jews came to the territory of Russia in second century, and Slavic tribes appeared here only in the 6th century. So, you (Russians) are our guests here in our (Jewish) country .

I don’t know what sources of information Solovyov uses, but multiple archeological discoveries show that our Slavic and  Scythian ancestors lived on the territory of Russia as earlier as 3500 to 5000 years, and even as early as 20,000 years  before the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

If you believe their own stories, Jews at the time were still pharaoh’s slaves.

If Solovyov and Co. consider Khazars, a Turkic tribe, as their ancestors, then they have no relation to ancient Jews and Israel, and shouldn’t use these names as their self-identification. As the Russian saying goes, Solovyov can sit on certain something, or suck on it, but he cannot do both at the same time.

The fact that Zakharova, being a Foreign Ministry spokesperson, has become a frequent guest for the Solovyov’s   Cirque des Souris  is very troubling.


People took a notice that unelected Solovyov is shown on the federal TV channels  every day for hours, tells the society what to think and what to do, discusses the current events with the Israeli secret service agents and  pro-Washington journalists and activists. Meanwhile, the president of Russia is shown only occasionally for a few seconds in news.

While the Russia’s federal money are still flowing into the mice’s pockets, the US federal money stream came to an abrupt end. Tragic for mice, so tragic…

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A featured image: Sheep shearing by the Kiev junta members and Chubais, “Don’t resist, sheep, or Putin will, invade you.”  Works every time.

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