Note by the SakerI would compare the importance of the events in Srebrenica only to 9/11 in terms of the immense consequences resulting from them and in terms of the determined efforts made by the Empire to conceal the reality of what took place in 1995 and 2001.  The big difference is that while many people do care about the truth about 9/11, most people think that Srebrenica is no big deal or a “Serbian problem”.  It is not.  Srebrenica, just like 9/11, was used by the Empire to justify a dramatic escalation in its wars to crush any resistance to the AngloZionist rule.  Make no mistake, the roots of the wars in Libya or Syria all go right back to Srebrenica.  It is therefore of immense importance to support those few courageous individuals who endeavor, a great personal cost and risk, to shed the truth on this tragedy.  I totally and wholeheartedly endorse the appeal published below and I ask you all to generously contribute to this cause.  Please send Stefan as much support as you can spare!

Thank you,

The Saker



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Dear friends of Srebrenica Historical Project,

I wish to take this opportunity to again thank all of you for following our work and rewarding us with your moral support. A battle such as ours is by definition “uphill”. A very powerful and diverse coalition has a vested interest in securing the eternal inviolability of the official narrative about what happened in Srebrenica in July of 1995. In a world where everyone seems to have an agenda, we are in the awkward position of not having a personal or institutional or any other kind of interest in the matter, except for a commitment to fairness and truth.

That gives us a tremendous amount of energy and stimulates our creativity. From 2008 until two years ago, our basic material needs were also met. The Republic of Srpska facilitated our work by making available to us an annual monetary grant which varied from one year to another. We are very grateful to the Government of the Republic of Srpska and in particular to the members of its National Assembly, who voted our grant, and made it an integral part of the Republic’s budget. Without that assistance, all other things being equal, we could not have accomplished the fundamental portion of our work which is behind us.

You are encouraged to visit our website at: to see some of our results.

I regret to inform you, however, that over the last two years our situation with regard to funds underwent a significant change. As the 20th anniversary of Srebrenica in 2015 approached, in 2014 the Government of the Republic of Srpska abruptly discontinued its grant to us. No explanation was ever offered for that. However, we assume that as preparations for the jubilary twentieth observance of Srebrenica in July of 2015 drew near, the Republic of Srpska was placed under increasing and very intense pressure to disassociate itself from us because we were perceived as incorrigible “genocide deniers” and articulate and unyielding opponents of the “party line” on this extremely sensitive issue.

Whatever reasons may have motivated the Republic of Srpska, we respect them and we remain grateful to them for the support that they had extended to us in the past.

Nevertheless, the last two years have been extremely difficult. Regardless, there never was any doubt in our team that the work of Srebrenica Historical Project will continue. We used skillfully the two resources left at our disposal that are practically free, “Intelligence and the Internet”, to carry on. Lack of basic resources made it difficult, but not impossible. We even managed to publish two excellent books on Srebrenica in Serbian and to participate in the annual Belgrade International Book Fair during that difficult period, all thanks to the support of concerned individuals who made sure that we would keep going, even if on a reduced scale.

We have now arrived at a point where we definitely are able to continue our basic work by relying largely on the two “I”s mentioned above (Intelligence and Internet).  But we still have to solve some pressing infrastructural problems relating to our premises in Belgrade, where we are currently based, and must do so quite urgently. We are behind in our rent to the tune of 2,600 euros. I had a conversation with the landlady today and I thanked her for her generosity and patience. Her indirect support for our work since June of last year, simply by not giving us the eviction notice, which she is perfectly entitled to do, is greatly appreciated but it cannot continue for much longer.

I am reluctantly doing something that I could never before envision myself doing. I am appealing for your support, to the extent of your capacity, to help settle our rent obligation as soon as possible. We will be very grateful to you for any amount that you can set aside to help Srebrenica Historical Project to solve the extremely critical problem of paying back rent for our premises. I am attaching transfer information for our bank account here in Belgrade. This is very, very embarrassing but I had no choice but to do it, and hope for the best.

Name of Bank: Komercijalna Banka


Account Number: 903 102 229 6820

Interbank transfer instructions are in the Attachment.

Please forgive me for making this appeal and be assured that your moral support is precious to us and sufficient, whether you are able to contribute or not. We will continue our activities in some form no matter what, hunker down, and wait for better times. If I may quote and make my own Churchill’s words pronounced in similarly trying times: “We shall go on to the end…we shall never surrender.”

I have, of course, left out the famous bit about “fighting on the seas and oceans, on the beaches, landing grounds, fields and streets”, but all of it is, figuratively at least, I think quite well understood.

Once again, I apologize for disturbing you and send you all my love.

Stephen Karganovic


Srebrenica Historical Project

Belgrade, 29 March 2016


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