The mods have to intercept a lot of plain ugly and sophomoric (or even semi-literate) comments.  The trolls go especially crazy when I post any appeals for support (I guess the thought of somebody actually helping me *really* pisses them off).  So today I decided to share with you one such comment, which is so typical in its mediocrity, that it could be in a dictionary next to “troll”.  Here it is

This is the kind of guys the Saker blog really, seriously, angers.  They seethe with rage, yet they can do nothing, so they always fall back to their “the Jews did it all!” kind of nonsense.  Folks, these guys are really sick, not only psychologically, but spiritually.  It is thanks to such freaks that Christianity got such a bad reputation in the West.  The truly frightening aspect of this all is that these freaks think of themselves as “God fearing” and “man” when, in reality, they are neither.

Eventually, such characters give up, and spew their hatred of me and this blog on other websites (as if I cared or as if their efforts had any impact at all).

The truth is this: the IQ Bell Curve has two halves, and it is impossible to totally eliminate all those who stand squarely and proudly on the left side of this curve.  All we can do is mitigate their toxicity as best can be (note: I use the image of the IQ Bell Curve metaphorically, ditto when I speak of “elimination”).

I am posting this to give you all a “behind the scenes” look at what we have to deal with on a daily basis.  Hopefully, this will encourage you all to see what makes the Saker blog unique and worth supporting: yes, we will discuss rabbinical Judaism and Zionism, and we are not afraid of denouncing the Neocons or russophobic Jews. But we will never, EVER, agree to find a single cause for all evils out there, nor will be ever accept ANY racist ideology, be it Jewish or anti-Jewish.  I think that I can speak for all of our community when I say that we reject all forms of racism because we believe in our common humanity.  We are, after all, all sons of Adam.

Yes, in modern times, to walk such a thin line is not easy.  But I believe that it is absolutely necessary.

Kind regards


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