By Eric Arthur Blair for the Saker blog

The Queen is dead. I am not referring to the demise of Freddie Mercury. That was ancient history, although Freddie’s passing certainly represented the premature tragic loss of an immense talent and deserved to be mourned. No, I am referring of course to the demise yesterday of an extremely old, extremely rich and extremely privileged lady who, as far as we knew, lacked any talent, apart from doing what she was told to do and saying what she was told to say. I suppose you could call that a talent of sorts, if pulled off convincingly. Could someone with no initiative, no imagination and no original thought, who did what she was told to do, and said what she was told to say, be termed a “ruler” or a “leader”?

Or is “dutiful establishment puppet” a more accurate description? Would Lizzie have amounted to anything if she had not been born into the Saxe-Coburg family? Of course not.

Those words above are bound to raise the ire of all foaming-at-the-mouth Monarchists and knuckle-dragging Imperialists everywhere. However they were entirely based on known facts and reasoned analysis. Unfortunately however, those words could earn me a place on the fatwah kill list of rabid Britannic jihadists.

Until they or their UkroNazi proxies successfully car-bomb me, I will insist, resist and persist. So here goes.

QE2’s demise at age 96 is the biggest pseudo-news and biggest NON-event in the world today. I daresay that the Pakistanis who lost their families, friends and worldly possessions in the recent horrific floods, have other things on their minds. I daresay that the Yemenis and Palestinians being bombed and shot at daily, have other things on their minds. I daresay that the Afghans who had their bank deposits stolen by the USA and are now starving, have other things on their minds. My view regarding Lizzie’s departure, after yawning repeatedly, is that everyone should instead focus, laser-like, on the existential concerns facing humanity: conflicts manufactured by the USA now raising our real risk of Nuclear Armageddon, catastrophic climate change, impending collapse of industrial civilisation from petroleum depletion, ecosystem devastation and rampant pollution, all which threaten to bring about our Near Term Extinction.

Meanwhile in the Western media, we are bombarded with “bread and circuses”, with time and energy wasting distractions. Yesterday it was the size of Kim Kardashian’s bum, today it is the news that shrivelled old Lizzie fell off her perch. What an unexpected shock, oh me, oh my.

No doubt there will be gnashing of teeth, tearing out of hair and loud agonised wailing echoing down the cobwebbed corridors of faded British Imperialism everywhere.

We will be inundated with nauseating puff-pieces, the fawning media presstitutes of Old Empire all trying to out-compete each other for the most heartfelt hagiography, written with copious tears streaming down their cheeks, abruptly short circuiting their keyboards. The best pieces will earn hefty paychecks. That is how the commercial media work.

Politicians too will join the frenzied contest for “bestest Liz loving speechification” the winner being the one that most poignantly pulls at everyone’s heartstrings. I can envision Peter Dutton, that rabidly fanatical Imperialistic armchair warmonger, viewing this as a golden opportunity to re-fashion his public image. After ensuring that all cameras are trained on him, he would dramatically tear his hair out, demonstrating his inconsolable grief. Oh, wait…never mind, maybe he has hair elsewhere that he can tear out. And I don’t mean eyebrows, which he already creepily seems to lack.

It is long past time that Australia should cast loose from anything resembling Imperial control. Of course, alert individuals will recognise that Australia in years past had quietly transitioned from being a Colony of Britain to being a Neo-Colony of the USA. We now know beyond any reasonable doubt that the removal of Prime Minister Gough Whitlam from office was a soft coup orchestrated by the CIA, collaborating with MI6, who used the figureheads of the Queen and Governor General to overthrow a democratically elected leader of a (nominally) sovereign country, Australia.

So much for independence. So much for attempting socialist reform to benefit ordinary hardworking people.

So who were those shadowy figures who told Liz what to do and what to say? Certainly MI6, in collaboration with the CIA (and we now know for sure that the CIA, along with the FBI, orchestrated JFK’s assassination – because he had too much initiative, too much imagination, too much original thought. Conspiracy theory is now conspiracy fact. Any who dispute this reality must watch Oliver Stone’s “JFK revisited”). Who are the other puppet masters? You know very well who: the usual Wunch of Bankers, the Military-Industrial-Complex Oligarchs, the Corporatists (especially Big Oil), the commercial media moguls such as Rabid Maddog (and his heir Loco Maddog) etc. You know who the 0.1% are. Everyone must focus, laser-like, on the psychopaths who actually pull the strings, who control ventriloquist dummies like Joe Biden or his equivalent “Republican” wannabe and who also control bonnie Prince Charlie (now the King…of wishful thinking). The mouthpieces and marionettes change but the propaganda remains the same.

Here is one possible inscription for Lizzie’s tombstone:

Here lies a non-entity
who did what she was told to do
and said what she was told to say.
She was a dutiful establishment puppet.

Eric Arthur Blair is a dead author who rose from his grave in outrage to write yet again, once he discovered that the dystopian future that he dreaded in 1948 has now come to pass. Not in the East as he had expected, but in the AngloZionist West.

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