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VIVAT #NOVOROSSIYA ! 6 April—Anniversary of the start of armed struggle for liberation from Bandero-#NAZI occupiers

9 #Ukies KIA yesterday – reports of mines and anti-tank guided missiles
#Ukies start massive artillery fire on #Oktyabrski and #Donetsk airport region with 152mm and nonstop mortar fire

Spontaneous fighting continues at the frontline near #Peski, #Donetsk .Video from #NAF trenches:

#Ukraine regime shelling set a civilian house on fire. Unclear if residents were able to flee. #Donbass

Two Hours Ago Ukrainian Forces Opened a massive artillery fire at Donetsk airport…

Ukraine War – Instructors from Georgia and Israel are training Ukrainian Special Force:

Ukraine War ~ Croatian volunteers at the positions near Mariupol

Poroshenko Wants Internment of Russians Living in Ukraine

Ukraine War • Shirokino fight night, a mortar attack on militia positions (ukr source)

UKRA-Source : Lugansk LPR Military vehicles on the streets

#Ukraine political expert in Harvard: Our army should meticulously kill #Russian journalists.”

Maps of proposed by some Ukrainians “Operation Reconquista” w/ NATO

Ukie reconquista

Dmytro Yarosh appointed as Advisor to Chief of General Staff of the Ukraine Ministry of Defense

Clark: Ukrainian soldiers should be trained like Croatian for operation “Storm”

Econ Of Ukraine

1. Ex-Minister of Ukraine: Now we have a new super rich profiteering from the war

Экс-министр Украины: Появился класс сверхбогатых, нажившихся на войне

2. MOSCOW, April 4 (Xinhua) — Ukraine’s national energy firm Naftogaz will triple gas imports from Russia’s energy giant Gazprom in April 2015


1. The newly established constitutional commission of Ukraine will gather for its first session on Monday, April 6, Ukrainian president’s press office said Sunday.

Read more:

2. Poroshenko Submits Bill to Rada Outlining the Rules of Engagement for Martial Law — The copy of the original in Ukrainian and the full translation into English here.

I am sure that after a new law (#2541) is passed by the parliament we will see economic growth everywhere. The most interesting points:

1) The introduction of compulsory labor service for able-bodied persons;

2) the compulsory acquisition of property in private or communal property, seizure of property of state enterprises, state economic associations for the needs of the state;

3) the prohibition of peaceful assemblies, rallies, marches and demonstrations, and other events;

4) the prohibition of political parties, public associations, if it is aimed at eliminating the independence of Ukraine

5) state regulation of telecommunications companies, printing companies, publishing houses, radio and television, theaters and other enterprises, institutions, organizations, and institutions of culture and the media, as well as the use of local radio stations, television centers and printers for military purposes and advocacy work among the troops and the population;

6) Prohibition of work of receiving and transmitting stations of personal and collective use and transfer of information over computer networks;

Overwhelming victory of democracy, freedom and European values in Ukraine.

3. Right Sector says no to Poroshenko, they aren’t leaving the front, and threatens whomever tries to make them

Video interview of Euromaidan PR (German made, BTW) of Paratrooper Andrey Grachev About President Poroshenko’s Treacherous Decrees To Retreat, Mar 27 2015, English subs

[Interesting how this Ukrainian thug talks about the Right Sector and that they all will be killed without the Right Sector support, he looks straight into camera. The moment he started talking about dead “Russian soldiers” and their mythical “RF identification papers,” he started looking down at his feet. Lying. ]

4. Ukraine’s troops opened concentrated artillery fire at the Donetsk airport and the settlement of Oktyabrsky late on Sunday.

At the end of the Catholic Easter Sunday, the Ukraine military resume heavy artillery bombardments of Donetsk.

5. 5th April 2015, city Zhytomyr, failed state Ukraine

Batteries from first party of Humvee were stolen during trip from airport to military training field near city Zhytomyr.

We can’t to prove this information, but it is possibly after “revolution of dignity” in Ukraine.

“In the Zhytomyr test site [western part of Ukraine] HAMMER’s were dismantled. On the way from Borispol [International Airport in the Kiev] were stolen the batteries, from all [from all Humvee]. Roskurochili [the batteries were roughly pulled out]”

Original text, on bad Ukrainian:

“На Житомирському полігоні HAMMER розкомплектовані. по дорозі з борисполя покрали акумулятори, у всіх. Розкуротили.”

Kiev junta recently received first party of US Humvee, so possibly author meant Humvee in his news.

Source of pic

in Zhytomyr.

6. Odessa | People are arrested on the street without explanation | Eng. Subs

Published on Apr 5, 2015

Odessa, near Victory park.

In a broad daylight a man has been attacked. No ID’s were presented, no legal charges filed. That means that it could very well be criminals attacking, their victim had no clue who they were.

Strangers threatened that they would shoot man’s leg unless he’d obey and get into the car with no police identification signs


7. Ukraine is Europe: Aggressive pro-Kiev soldiers beat up a citizen and trying steal his car.

8. De-Christianization of Ukraine. “Icons” of the “Holly” Death squads in Ukrainian churches


1. 5th of April, 2015. Donetsk People’s Republic, Novorossiya.

Ukrainian army has violated the ceasefire regime 16 times in the last 24 hours, the DPR Defense Ministry told the Donetsk News Agency.

“Over the past day, we’ve registered 16 truce violations. Ukrainian army fired from grenade launchers and small arms 4 times, mortars – 10 times. There were also two tank attacks. Ukrainian troops fired at Gorlovka, Spartak, Shirokino, Novaya Maryevka and Donetsk airport.

Two DPR fighters were killed, two heavily injured,” – the Defense Ministry said. The Ministry stressed that the DPR army hadn’t opened return fire.


1. Will Russia’s state owned companies be banned from investing into the Ukraine Economy?

Госкомпаниям хотят запретить инвестировать в экономику Украины

1. Putin laughs in face of a journalist (ENG subtitle) about the anti missile system

Putin laughs in the face of a reporter about the #anti-missile_system against Russia. In this video, the reporter talks about missile defense, and the reaction of Putin has to be seen.

~ Interviewer: “NATO claims that the missile shield was not built against Russia but against Iran”.

Putin: “You really makes me laugh. God bless you, because it’s almost time to finish the day, indeed it is already time to go to sleep. At least I will get home in good humor”.

Empire’s War on Russia

1. Why Putin Doesn’t Need To Pander To The West

Mostly because Europe has started to crack. EU officials believe that up to half of the member nations are ready to scale back sanctions. Among the most vocal in their discontent are Austria, Cyprus, Hungary, Italy, Greece, Slovakia, and Spain

[RA1: Nothing earthshaking in this analysis of the Russian – West interactions. However, It’s interesting to look over the readers’ comments and conduct a completely non-scientific poll.

a. Russia is a peacekeeper and a freedom fighter.

“Fuck the Eu – to quote the USA. Russia now champions freedom while USA pursues serfdom. What a turnaround. I served in the armed forces against the USSR but now would serve with Russia. Such is the betrayal of western govts of the principles of freedom. “

b. Russian economy will growing. The West economy will collapse, this time for good. “Opportunity for growth” that’s what I’m talking about. Long Russia. Short NWO.”

c. The West has lost the proxy-war in Ukraine. The main incentive of breaking Russia apart cannot be achieved by this war.

“When the Uki junta launches their spring offensive, the Separastis gonna take Kharkov to Odessa. Chocula was warned at Minsk II. There will be no Minsk III “

“The puppet master (USA) does not yet have what they want, regime change in Moscow and/or the breakup of Russia into smaller harmless republics.”

f. Crazy pro-Uki trolls.

They copy and paste the same sentences over and over for every article on Russia, so it’s quite easy to round them up. 99% of anti-Russia trolls talks about the President of Russia’s looks.

Not one “dear leader” of a “free world” was ever subjected to the minute by minute scrutiny in regard to his appearance as President of Russia Putin. His skin looks shinier today than last week. His eye look puffy… Which one left or right? He is too skinny. He gained/ lost weight. Doesn’t he look bloated this morning… on his last meeting… on his previous photo… And my all time favorite: he looks so short in comparison to the Kremlin guards. Ladies, the Kremlin guards are 10 feet tall. Everyone looks tiny in comparison. It actually shows how humble Putin really is. If he cared about his appearance, he would appoint the Kremlin Guards of under five feet. ]

2. Fortress of Nationalism: Russia Is Losing Its Political Morals

The murder of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov reveals that Russia has become morally unhinged. The country is transforming into a nationalist fortress and the powers that be are happy to ignore the potentially dangerous implications.

[RA1: The German Spiegel contemplating why Russians are becoming less globalistic and more nationalistic and finding the answer in …. surprise, the Putin’s government propaganda. We shall never get tired to repeat that the only reason why the Russians are circling their wagons and getting ready to fight is the war that the US and NATO members declared on Russia. ]

3. Terrifying interview of Herman Gref about the necessity to keep power in Russia in the hands of a few

Herman Gref – Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board of Sberbank of Russia is the one of the 5th column in the comprador and occupying government which is the biggest threat to the existence of Russia.

4. Jewish organizations of Ukraine call to break Russia apart

RA1: This call for the world Jewish organizations and communities to stop complaining to their governments about the plight of Jews and to unite in order to break Russia apart is, in my opinion, the response to the Putin support of the Arab League: Palestinians have right to state with capital in east Jerusalem . Putin also spoke on the importance of synchronizing the efforts of the Arab League with those of the United Nations, the United States, the European Union and Russia.

The first time Putin so openly expresses support for the division of Jerusalem that terrifies Jews so much. This is an asymmetric warfare of Russia against the active role the Jews and Israel plays in the Ukrainian catastrophe. Is the war of Israel against Russia enters it’s open phase?

If You ARE A Failing Empire…

1. The Tragedy Of The American Farmer, Revealed In A Craiglist “For Sale” Post

Turns out that farming in America now is ranking somewhere between “urinating directly onto an electric fence” and “sticking my hand into the baler to clear out the jam”……..

2. Paris Disappointed Kiev Undermining Peace Process in Ukraine – French Media

Paris thinks that the Kiev authorities are not fully committed to solving the Ukrainian crisis through political means, according to Le Monde.

3. Czech President Zeman: U.S. ambassador has closed the door

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