1)Пушилин: проведению очередной минской встречи мешает позиция Киева.
Pushilin: The position of Kiev prevents the next meeting in Minsk.

2)МИД Украины: представителей Киева не будет на юбилее Победы в Москве.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine: Kiev representatives will not be on the anniversary of the Victory in Moscow.

3)Фильм Крым. Путь на родину” будет представлен в Каннах.

The film “Crimea. Way home” will be presented in Cannes.

4)Пианистку выгналив Канаде из оркестра за посты против Киева.

Pianist was”kicked out” of the orchestra in Canada for posts against Kiev.

5)Посол Евросоюза в России: мы не пойдем умирать за Украину

EU Ambassador: we’re not going to die for Ukraine.

6)Премьер Чехии назвал реакцию Земана на критику посла США неадекватной.

Czech Prime Minister called the reaction of Zeman to the criticism of the US Ambassador inadequate.

7)Мари Харф повторила слова посла США, оскорбившие чешского президента.

Marie Harf repeated the words of US ambassador to insult the Czech president.

8)Лех Валенса допустил возможность распада России на несколько государств.

Lech Walesa pointed at the possibility of the collapse of Russia into several states

9)Обаму попросили вывести из-под санкций интернет-сервисы в Крыму

Obama was asked to withdraw the sanctions from internet services in the Crimea

10)Киев начал конституционную реформу вопреки возражениям ДНР и ЛНР

Kiev began the constitutional reform over the objections of the DPR and LPR

11)President of Czech Republic Tells Washington, We are Not An American Protectorate

12)Tim Garton Ash: “Ukraine Is a Toxic Failure – But Lets Blame Putin.”

13)Why the West Doesn’t Care Whether Ukraine Pays Back Loans

14)Over 25 World Leaders to Attend Moscow Victory Day Parade

15)Official: Ukraine’s Far Right Leader Is Senior Defense Official, Right Sector Paramilitary Is Ukraine’s Special Assault Group

16)No Peace. Powerful Interests in Ukraine Have Vested Interest in War

17)Rebel Leaders Ask Merkel, Hollande to Help End Kiev Blockade

18)Ukrainian journalist Kotsaba claimed that Stalinist repressions are returning to Ukraine.

19)Top MP calls for sanctions against Latvia over ministers anti-Russian tweet

EVALUATION: The situation in Czech Republic is particularly interesting, as Milos Zeman is not really pro-russian, he is just trying to be objective. Although his surroundings and opposition and even czech people are against him and against his policy. and against Russia. The can even admit that they are afraid of Russia, so they are trying to show their attitude. Here are the pictures from Prague showing their protests. Unfortunately its not my pictures, but I can prove it was real, as I saw it on the streets:


These kinds of banners were on the streets before the elections. It says – STOP Russians

Stop the Russians

And this is the “finger” installed on river Vltava pointed to the Milos Zeman’s residence – Pražský Hrad

The Finger

This is the place in Prague where previously stood the biggest monument to Stalin in Europe, but they destroyed it long time ago. Now there is a metronome as a symbol of changing. With the Ukrainian crisis they put Putin dressed in Stalin’s uniform:

Putin as Stalin

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