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Fall fundraiser and a few words about what makes this blog different or even unique

Dear friends The time has come for me to pass the hat once again. As you know, I never use ads, pop-ups, paywalls, subscriptions or any other type of “money-squeezing” technologies on this blog. I also refuse to accept promotional articles (though I get offers for that almost every day). My policy has been to keep the blog laser-focused on information and analysis, free from monetizing clutter; and, to keep

Announcing the publishing of “The Essential Saker III”

Dear friends, It is an immense joy for me to announce the publication of my third book, “The Essential Saker III: Chronicling The Tragedy, Farce And Collapse of the Empire in the Era of Mr MAGA”. The book is now available in three formats here: Paperback book for $29.50 (request a complimentary PDF with purchase of the paperback book) PDF for $8.00 Epub for $12.00 Furthermore, now that The Essential

Fedor’s video in more languages

Fedor’s video can now also be viewed in these other languages: Français : Italiano : Pусский : Português : Cрпски : Español : čeština :


Thank you all who participated in providing logos and pictures for the new website! I have selected the best ones and put them here on display for every one to see. I also received this wonderful drawing which I gratefully used for the frontpage of my blog.     Also, thanks to Rift and Fedor for their superb videos! Animation video by “Rift” Video by Fedor