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The Debate … Winning by Losing

The presidential debate has generated a lot of comments here on The moderators have read many different views. The moderators all found this comment by  TooLegit2Quit well worth reading, it one of the many responses to Saker’s Debate rant. It is being published in Commenters Corner for wider readership. Comment by TooLegit2Quit I have somewhat of a different take. While I generally agree with both Saker and Pepe, that Trump

Moves and Counter Moves

This comment was chosen by Mod-FK from the post “Why the recent developments in Syria show that the Obama Administration is in a state of confused agony” Mod-FK had this to say about the comment ” A very good summary of a complex and still fluid situation. The complexity of the warring departments of the USA is not easy to comb out. As Tolstoy said: “All happy families are alike.

Leary Howl

This comment was chosen by Mod DG from the post  “Moveable Feast Cafe 2016/09/16”. Dennis Leary, one of our contributing poets in the ‘Cafe’ wrote this short comment reflecting his emotional reaction to the events of the day. Mod-DG found it enchanting, heartfelt and worthy of wider publication. Comment by Dennis Leary I’m feeling the love again this morning with the rising of the sun after a full moon night.

Andrew Korybko analysis of Turkish coup attempt

Andrew Korybko left a link to his latest Turkish analysis in our comments section. I have copied the article in full here. I communicated with Saker and it was decided that the article should be published under commenter’s corner for greater reader exposure. Original link  saker-webmaster   by Andrew Korybko The aftermath of the failed US-directed and Gulen-inspired coup attempt is already making itself clear, with Prime Minister Yildirim stating

Remembrance of Things Past

This comment was chosen by Mod HS from the post “Moveable Feast Cafe 2016/05/10 … Open Thread”. The moderator found this comment created impressionist images of childhood. Where the future and world is yet to unfold; parents, grandparents and old pets still live and everyday is an endless adventure. By ioan   thanks BroAnon for the link – as usual – there are a lot of videos regarding this subject,


This comment, in response to the post ‘The Daesh Chronicles:…”, was selected by mod-hs. He felt that it provided an alternative view of the current world situation, a view that sees everything going quite well for the US and NATO, with all goals being met. Quite cynical and thought provoking. by FromSerbia The author writes: “It was as if they did not learn from Afghanistan…Iraq…Libya” My question is – learn

Century of War

The following comment, in response to ‘Saker’s rant’ about Europe, was selected by mod-hs.  Auslander is both a commentor and a contributor to He currently resides in Sevastopol, Crimea RF. with his wife and their dogs. The comment covers current Russia, its war’s with Europe and its historical relationship to the Byzantine Empire. by Auslander Saker, what you wrote is not a rant, I would liken it more to an almost

Moveable Feast Cafe 2016/02/05 … Open Thread

Welcome to the ‘Moveable Feast Cafe’. The ‘Moveable Feast’ is an open thread where readers can post wide ranging observations, articles, rants, off topic and have animate discussions of the issues of the day. The ‘Moveable Feast Cafe’ will have two new open threads each week. In the Saker stated moderation policy will apply eg ‘no caps’, no obscenity … etc to all post. The Cafe is now open for

Is Turkey Waging War on Russia in Crimea, the Caucasus, and Central Asia? …. Sputnik News Interviews Saker

One of our readers found this today and posted it in our open thread. The full article is now posted here for all to read. link to original on sputnik news… webmaster Sputnik written by Ekaterina Blinova What is taking place today is a battle for global dominance, waged by major Western geopolitical players, and what is at stake here is the future of our planet, an anonymous US analyst

Crimea SITREP … by Auslander

SitRep Sevastopol and Krimea 30.11.2015 While citizens in Sevastopol are getting used to the deprivations from the power cut off, the lack of power is still extant. 1. Russia Army is sending a complete field hospital to Krimea. The hospital is complete including a surgical ward and diagnostic center with the most modern diagnostic machines. It is my understanding that this hospital will be used in the more rural areas


A HYBRID WAR TO BREAK THE BALKANS? By Andrew KORYBKO In the spirit of the New Cold War and following on its success in snuffing out South Stream, the US has prioritized its efforts in obstructing Russia’s Balkan Stream pipeline, and for the most part, they’ve regretfully succeeded for the time being. The first challenge came from the May 2015 Color Revolution attempt in Macedonia, which thankfully was repulsed by

Silk Roads, Night Trains and the Third Industrial Revolution in China … by Pepe Escobar

Silk Roads, Night Trains and the Third Industrial Revolution in China by Pepe Escobar The US is transfixed by its multibillion-dollar electoral circus. The European Union is paralyzed by austerity, fear of refugees, and now all-out jihad in the streets of Paris. So the West might be excused if it’s barely caught the echoes of a Chinese version of Roy Orbison’s “All I Have to Do Is Dream.” And that

Mini SitRep Krimea and Sevastopol

Mini SitRep Krimea and Sevastopol …. by Auslander Yesterday and today have been difficult days, I will lay the events out by number: 1. We have roughly 60,000 guests in this city, most from Novorossiya but a good number from Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov etc. A not small number of them are getting nervous with the energy system problems which of course permeate just about every aspect of normal life. As

Why is the US Hanging Turkey Out to Dry? …. article by Andrew Korybko

These three additional links support Andrew’s thesis that the US is turning on Turkey: US says Turkey downed Russian jet while Syrian airspace Retired US airforce general says Turkey broke international law The West wants Turkey out. Webmaster Why is the US Hanging Turkey Out to Dry? By Andrew KORYBKO (USA) Turkey’s shooting down of the Russian anti-ISIL aircraft was an unprecedentedly direct aggression against Moscow that trumps even the

Life in Crimea 20 months after reunification with Russia … by Auslander

Auslander provided with the very well received USA SITREP .  He was subsequently asked if he could provide a reciprocal glimpse into life in Sevastopol. He kindly agreed and I received his work this morning. The article was written under the duress of the current power outage and intermittent internet connectivity. Auslander has also just published a book which is available on Amazon.  As a side note Auslander cannot

Report from Crimea by Auslander

Auslander posted this sitrep in our comment section. I have reposted it here for all to read. (Webmaster) The situation in Krimea and Sevastopol is serious. The power coming to Krimea was actually Russian electric, ‘transshipped’ to Krimea via uke power system, at great cost I might add. Included in this formal agreement and written contract was Russia supplying the ukes with substantially more electric than was ‘shipped’ to Krimea.

Additional links regarding the downing of Russian Su-24

Saker is attending his mother funeral at this time. Scott and myself (webmaster) have been tasked with providing support during this time. Early this morning an open thread post was open so that the Saker community could discuss the downing of the SU-24. Scott followed by posting a SitRep. While we await Saker’s analysis I found the following links quite interesting. This article provide a military tactical explanation for the

USA SitRep November 21 by Auslander

SitRep, Auslander goes behind enemy lines I have just returned from a trip to USA. It matters not why I had to go, it simply suffices to say it was not my choice and it will in all probability be my last journey west baring an emergency that requires my presence. I am getting old and such long journeys are pretty hard in regards to the time and strain of