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Review of Saker’s Book by Patrick Armstrong

Toss Your MSM Subscriptions and Buy The Saker’s Book Patrick Armstrong The Essential Saker (ISBN 978-1608880584) is available at (print and ebook). Additional information at and Like thousands of others, I discovered The Saker early on in the Ukraine disaster and quickly added his site to my list of essential reading. His writing is an example of the finest that can be found on the Internet and

Msg from Webmaster — Removal of ‘Avatar’ Feature

  Avatar On Monday I removed the ‘avatar’ feature from web site. This was done for security reasons. The commentators that choose to have a custom ‘avatar’ are required to register their email address with Gravatar. Gravatar encrypts the provided email address, uses the encrypted data to provide the same ‘avatar’ to whatever other Gravator supported site the commentator visits on the web. The end result is that the