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SITREP: political prisoners in the UK

Dear friends, today I am posting an email (with permission) describing the situation of another political prisoner in the UK, not Assange and not the, apparently held incommunicado, Skripal father and daughter.  I thought that it was important to post it here Andrei ——- Dear Saker, You probably don’t know that Julian Assange is not the only political prisoner in the UK. Craig Murray was from 1984 to 2004 was

LPR and DPR Repatriate Ukraine’s War Victims (graphic!)

By George Eliason for the Saker blog Working in close cooperation, Lugansk People’s Republic and Donetsk People’s Republic have set out to find and repatriate missing victims of Kiev’s war crimes buried in mass graves and return them to their families. The interdepartmental group responsible for the effort is called Without a Statute of Limitations (БЕЗ СРОКА ДАВНОСТИ). The official start of this project was August 11th in Pervomaisk and

The festival during the war (report from the LDNR)

by Faina for the Saker blog The first time I got to the science fiction festival in Donetsk was completely by accident. My teacher could not come, and I wrote to Aleksandr Igorevich Kofman, suddenly having heard: “Come”. A couple of days to pack and we’re on our way. I was not yet 11 years old at that time and everything looked amazing and unusual to me. I was afraid

The Vocabulary of Neoliberal Diplomacy in Today’s New Cold War

by Michael Hudson posted by permission Mr. Soros has thrown a public sissy fit over the fact that he can’t make the kind of easy money off China that he was able to make when the Soviet Union was carved up and privatized. On September 7, 2021, in his second mainstream editorial in a week, George Soros expressed his horror at the recommendation by BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager,

Interview with A.B. Abrams about his latest book and the war in Syria

by Andrei for the Saker blog A.B. Abrams has just released a new book entitled World War in Syria – Global Conflict on the Middle Eastern Battlefields.  Here are two locations were you can order this most interesting volume: For those who don’t remember who Abrams is, here are two of his previous contributions to the Saker blog: The book got A LOT of praise already,

Christian Vignette #2 – about Fathers and papayas

In my previous vignette, I tried to explain why I mostly avoid modern theologians like the plague.  I also mentioned the “Fathers” in many of my posts and comments.  So, today, I will make a small introduction to one such “Father” and even recommend what I see as a *perfect* introductory booklet to this entire topic. First things first – in spite of the (often misunderstood) words from Christ “And

9/11 twenty years later and cheap & ubiquitous cellphones

by Andrei for the Saker blog Twenty years have passed since 9/11, so where do we stand today?  I will give my short answers as bullet points and then let you post your own conclusions.  Here are mine: Numerous engineers, architects, chemists, researchers and others have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that 9/11 was a controlled demolition. There is very strong, albeit indirect, preponderance of evidence that the Israelis were

The Ukraine claims to be ready for an imminent war, today or tomorrow :-)

by Andrei for the Saker blog Well, we heard that, what, 10’000 times already?  Probably. But is this a reason to simply ignore yet another tsunami of hysterics coming out of Kiev? I mean, I get it: North Stream 2 has been completed today, all that’s left is a bunch of paperwork (which the Poles and Ukies are still trying to sabotage by offering to “participate” in the bureaucratic processes).

The Taliban, 9/11, the Empire, MAGA eastern wet pampers

by Andrei for the Saker Blog Most of you must have heard it: the Taliban will organize a major celebration on September 11th to mark the liberation of Afghanistan from the US occupation and the creation of the new Afghan government.  The Russians and the Chinese have been invited.  As are the Pakistanis.  Not sure about Iran (do you know?)? The Afghan government could be called a “GITMO government” since

Ukie terrorist group caught in Crimea

Actually, there have been a lot of terrorist attacks on Crimea, but either they were caught, or the actual damage was minimal.  So it’s not something new. This time, the Ukie SBU hired to guys to place explosives.  Everybody was caught. Now here comes the important factoid: all these attacks were planned and coordinated by either the Ukie SBU or the Ukie military intelligence service GUR (yes, like GRU, just

This and that, and some news and some more music

Dear friends First, a few quick announcements: We currently have 79 participants signed up for the Christian Vignettes This is NOT a closed list, newcomers can apply until the group becomes unmanageably too big (and we are not there yet!) One user entered a bad email or had a full email inbox.  All others should, by now, have received their credentials to sign in and participate in the discussion In

Wanna see what a US ‘hero’ looks like and how they really behave?

I heard about that video on Russian TV.  I decided to check it out.  Let’s make this clear, this is not a video produced by RT or some other “Putin propaganda toll farm”.  These are the US servicemen Biden calls “heroes”.  Here it is, with no need for further comments from me.  Behold the best and greatest warrior-heroes in history: Note: should YouTube decide to “patriotically” “correct” or “cancel” this

Christian Vignette #1 – who/what are modern “theologians”?

What is a theologian? There are a lot of definitions out there, mostly like “person thinking about God” or “someone who studies the nature of God, religion, and religious beliefs” and the like.  This is a profoundly NON-Christian view of theology, and I will come back to it later (in a future vignette) Imagine you are one of those modern wannabe “theologians” and you think about God and religion a

“Alexandria” by Yiannis Kotsiras (Live 2012)

I have always been a big fan of Greek music, be it traditional singing, Orthodox singing and even more modern types of Greek music of the Rebetiko style including, for example, Giorgos Dalaras.  Here is an example of Dalaras singing the famous Cuban son “Hasta Siempre Comandante” with Al Di Meola on guitars(!): Today a family member sent me a video of a singer I did not know, Yiannis Kotsiras,

Vignette # zero is posted!! Please check it out, and test it out too :-)

Dear friends, Software engineers begin counting from zero, not from one, and that is nice since it give that first number a pre-beginning feeling.  Please consider what is below as a first, test,  “Beta” Vignette Zero. A first small trial. Andrei for the Saker blog First, a caveat which in the future I will post under every Christian Vignette.  It is important, very, so please read it carefully.  I, Andrei

Why the current hysteria?

by Andrei for the Saker Blog The current mass hysteria about what just happened in Kabul and the rest of Afghanistan is not dying down. Why is that so? I believe that what is happening is this: if we compare the people of the USA to the passengers on the Titanic, we could say that our passengers were listening to the still playing orchestra until their feet got soaked in

Upcoming small changes to the Saker blog (UPDATED)

Dear friends, For various reasons, I plan to make the new Saker blog more similar to the very old Saker blog (2007-2012). None of the planned adjustments below will dramatically change anything, so please think of is as a kind of mid-life minor maintenance overhaul. What follows is a summary of these changes: The biggest change will be not in what I write, but how I present things to you.

Quick update on the Kabul situation

Since I wrote my overview about the causes and implication of the Kabul disaster things have not improved in the last. It is clear that the “Biden” administration has tried very hard to do some damage control, but that only made things even worse (just think of Biden’s talks to the nation).  It is also clear that there is no way the US can evacuate all its citizens, nevermind former