In Balakleya Tochka-U and Grad missiles explosions over the town, 24 hours of this

On the night of March 23, a fire broke out on the territory of the military munitions depot of the Ministry of Defense, which is located near the city of Balakleya, Kharkov region, which led to the detonation of ammunition. The explosions are still ongoing.  An entire area has been evacuated, involving from 20,000 to 45,000 people.

President Poroshenko has announced on his Twitter  that he ordered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to the Ministry of Defense and Emergency Department to invite NATO to deal with the aftermath of this disaster, or how he phrased it to do “humanitarian demining.”  

He got 126 retweets.


We all know that NATO has no capability to deal with the environmental and humanitarian disasters. So, the true reason why they blew up this depot was to invite NATO troops to position them in Donbass region.

Clearly, the junta refuses to leave and now is trying openly, not covertly, to use the foreign troops to keep the population under the control.

Ukraine Munitions Depot drone footage March 23, 2017

“Mama, I am writing you from a burning tank…”

Ukro experts are doing their best to explain an unexplainable. What had happened at the 65th Arsenal of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine?

They came up with two major theories of what had caused this fire:  Russian drone dropped a bomb, and Russian military satellite used a powerful laser beam to blow up the depot from space .

Regional correspondent for the “Emergency news” Vyacheslav Mavrichev, informing at his Facebook account about  what was going on within this 50 km zone, reported that he talked to several military servicemen; they told him about a “well-organized” simultaneous ignition at several locations of this 700 square hectare warehouse.

Troops are being positioned around perimeter of the 7-kilometer security zone. This zone might be expended, though. There are reports of drones flying over the zone.

The following images are of the 65th Arsenal

Map of the towns of Balakleya (bottom), the munition depot (top), town Verbovka (right top) and Pobeda (right bottom)

Unconfirmed by other independent sources:

Ukraine to shut down transit gas pipeline after arms depot blasts

“Ukrtransgaz has decided to shut down a pipeline running near the town of Balakliya in Kharkov Region where an arms depot blasted early in the morning. Most probably, it is about the biggest route of the Russian gas transit to Europe via Ukraine.

Ukrtransgaz has put its emergency units on high alert and started switching gas flows to other routes. The distance from the pipeline to the arms depot is 4 km, while the safety zone is behind 5 km, spokesman for the company Maxim Belyavsky wrote in his Facebook account.

He did not specify what pipeline he meant, but according to the map of the Ukrainian gas transporting system, two transit main gas pipelines are laid near Balakliya. One of them is in a four-kilometer distance from the exploding depot. It is a main from the Russian Valuyki gas metering station. According to Ukrtransgaz, on March 21, about 21 mn c m of gas was pumped through this station from Russia to Europe, which is 10 percent of the total daily transit.”


Chronicles of evacuation

People have been running for their lives, fleeing the affected area on foot and using their personal means of transportation, carrying with them their children, IDs and cats, and nothing much else.

There aren’t any people that would come to help for free. There aren’t any government issued transportation, like buses. There is no military around to assist. People are arriving from unaffected regions and charge the victims high fees for everything, food, water and rides.

According to the first deputy of the Kharkov mayor Igor Terekhov,  people who left their place of permanent residence in Balakley and the nearest villages can be accommodated in a temporally housing like tents for 70 people, in addition they can offer some “modular housing” for 40 people.

In the Kharkov City Center for the Reintegration of Homeless Citizens, they are ready to accept 10 men and 10 women.

In Kharkov city center of complex rehabilitation of persons with disabilities “Promin”  can temporarily accommodate 3 families of 4 people.

KP Kharkivvodokanal is also ready to provide seats for 400 people in the children’s recreation camps Fakel and Romashka (Vasishchevo settlement), at the recreation center Aqua (Old Saltov village, Volchansk district).

In case of shortage of places for evacuees, another 400 people are ready to place in the barracks of Kharkov University Air Force named after Ivan Kozhedub

We can see that out of 45,000 people that assumed to be evacuated, the authorities have placement for 900.

On the videos you can see white objects flying around. Those are shells and missiles. Falling on the villages and small towns around, they cause fires and explosions.


Kiev regime media is not reporting anything, but according to the locals:

Balaklavsky dairy  production plant had been blown up, causing leaks of chlorine and ammonia;

An electric power station in town Neftyanik has been blown up;

Houses in village Verbovka are on fire;

Railroad station Balakleya is under shelling, with the entire 110 town district;

Shells even reach a small town Lager (Camp);

The authorities left people to get out on their own. There is no evacuation efforts. People just were told to flee with no assistance from the junta and local authorities.


Meanwhile, on the South-East direction (i.e. on the border of Ukraine with the Russian Federation), state border guards introduced enhanced border control. In particular, by the departments of the Regional administration and the Department of Reserves increased density of border control servicemen outside the official checkpoints, the adjusted cooperation with the Armed forces of Ukraine, security service of Ukraine, state service for emergency situations, the National police and the National guard.

According to the Interior Ministry of Ukraine at the present time the situation on the Ukrainian-Russian border outside Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Sumy and Luhansk regions fully controlled. All checkpoints operate normally.


Watch a reaction of the Ukraine 112 channel anchorman.


News in Brief

  • A spokesman for the people’s militias in the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic, Andrei Marochko, said the Kiev forces may have blown up the depot to cover up the mass shortage of munitions there.

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