I haven’t written much about Belarus, and many reliable analysts also have been careful not to say anything, because everyone understood that Belarus would be next to be hit by the deep state operatives in their attempt to initiate a reality game of a “War in Belorussia,” that could be blamed on Russia.

The globalists succeeded beyond their wildest dreams in Ukraine, but they failed in Armenia, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. As I covered prior in my article “Give the falling CIA APUSH,” the CIA, being an operational arm of the deep state, in order to destroy Russia has planned to instill the chaos and wars into all the former Soviet Republics.

In 2014 we were told by one of the CIA “color revolution” specialists, Steve Pieczenik, that Belorussia will be next after Ukraine.

Following the CIA plan, over the past three years, Belarus, a member of the Union State with Russia, and one of Russia’s closest political, economic and military partner, has been rocked by a series of protests. You can find a boiled down backdrop of the current political situations given by the foreign affairs commentator Mikhail Demurin.

March of 2017 has been chosen by the globalists as the “Hour Zero” point for the beginning of an anti-government operation. Keep in mind that last couple of years everyone watching the situation has been aghast at the “liberal” behavior and unreasonable exuberant tolerance of Lukashenka and the countries law enforcement structures. Anti-government, Russophobic, pro-Hitler extremist blogs and online publications flourished. Young people were posting their selfies in front of a banned white, red, white flag with a Germanic looking horseman, or a Chaise as it’s known in heraldry.

This flag reflects the tragic historical fact that a part of the White Russia was under the occupation and kept in slavery by the papists known as The Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, formally the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy Lithuania. At the time the Russian people living in White Russia (Belorussiya) and Small Russia (Malorossiya) were transferred under an authority of the  Uniate Church, a true monstrosity only papists could come up for the colonized Orthodox Christian people.

The horror of the Russian people’s existence under the combined Polish – Lithuanian rule caused nonstop protests and liberation movements by the Cossacks. The most devastating for this chimera state as was the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth became Bogdan Khmelnytsky Uprising, a Cossack rebellion within the PolishLithuanian Commonwealth in 1648–1657 and it ended the Polish Catholic Szlachta′s domination over the Orthodox Christian population of Eastern Europe.

Despite this being removed from us through time, it’s still important to have awareness of those events because the idea of re-creation of this chimera state is being awoken and brought back by those who are working now to engineer new nations.  Back then, the government of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth used foreign mercenaries, armed thugs from other parts of Europe and from Turkey, as the punitive armed formations to keep the population under submission. To position themselves as the “good cops,” the papist authorities used Jews as estate managers and local authorities, tax collectors, and judges.

Jews were unrestricted in their capacity to inflict pain on the population, including the use of the punitive formations against the Orthodox Christians in villages; they were known to close schools and churches, kill the Orthodox priests and monks, to burn icons and Orthodox prayers books, and to impose unbearable tax burdens on the Russian populations living under their control.

It is understandable that when the wrath of people reached its boiling point, the Jews tuned to be those who bore the brunt of the people’s anger the most. It’s not that hard to see that the same patterns were re-activated and now being used on the territory of Ukraine, and attempted to be used on the territory of Belarus.

I want to brag a little that my ancestral coat of arms includes the image of a chaise, which was granted to them by Peter I for their role in returning these historical Russian lands back to Russia.

The European nations’ mode in dealing with Russia has always been a state of war, hot or cold, as an enterprise between the Zionists, papists and Lutherans. The war against Russia and Orthodox Christianity is the only thing that unites all of them for centuries.

Their conjoined efforts to destroy and take apart Russia demonstrated itself during the Bolshevik revolt against the Russian government, church and state, with simultaneous invasion of the Antanta forces known as the Allied Antanta armies invasion of Russia in 1918 when over 3,000,000 invaders attacked Russia from the West, South, North and East, including the British and French forces, the Canadian, Australian and the British Indian Colonial forces, German Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Ottoman Empire, Czechoslovakia, along with the troops from Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania, Estonia, Finland, Serbia, the Japanese occupational forces and the American Expeditionary corpus  in Siberia and the Far East. For more details read here. in Russian

or using the Yandex transition.

It’s has been a common practice of deception to call this multinational invasion of Russian in 1918 to 1921, a “Russian Civil war, when in fact it was a typical “color revolution” staged by the same scenario that was used in the USSR in 1991, in Ukraine in 2014, and in Syria and in Libya, and in many other countries. It’s truly tragic for us that it took us hundred years to start recognizing this scenario of invasion by the Western powers .


For Belarus, March of 2017 has been chosen as a start of a color revolution.

Predictably, it’s designed to be anti-government, anti-Russia, pro-free market, pro-European Union, and the US. The moving force of this has been a Polish, Lithuanian and Ukrainian nationalists who call themselves “Belarusian nationalists,” fascists and anarchy-extremists, Zionists, and jihadists.

March Madness in Belorussian politics has come to a boiling point during the March 19 visit of the IMF representatives with the plan to loan Belarus’ government some money in exchange for “social and economic reforms.”

The European Union and the globalists have become very enthusiastic about this newly found nation to be “liberated” from trade ties with Russian markets, from the cultural and political ties to the Russian people, and also from its national wealth, lands, and its sanity.

The following article published by the European Council on Foreign relations listed all the talking point of the subject of Russia and Belarus relations: “Belarus’s game of truancy by the European Council on Foreign Relations.”

It would take me a hundred pages just to disprove each of the ECFR points. For now, just take this as a CIA-developed propaganda manifesto, that completely inverts the reality.

We know that the altered and simulated reality is the basic principle for the game of the liberalization and democratization with the goal of taken out the national sovereign governments and replacing them with the rule of supra-national corporations and entities while suppressing the country’s population by punitive forces of the international mercenary armies.

If this anti-government revolt succeeds, and if NATO invades Belarus, the US nuclear missiles launchers will be right in the middle of the European part of Russia, and China will have to say goodbye to the new Silk Road to Europe currently going through the territory of Belarus.

There is no doubt that Belarus will lose its status and income as a gas transit country from Russia to Europe, just like Ukraine did. Poland will stand to lose its status as a transit country, inevitably. Poland, on the Russian sanctions list, will also lose its routes to sell its apples and other products that they currently push via Belarus to Russia by re-labeling  products.

Russia is overlooking this situation for now, since it gives to Belarus some kind of cash flow. There are little doubts that if Lukashenka is toppled by the pro American and pro EU revolt, Russia will close its market to Belarus completely, and  the country will collapse into chaos and the war of NATO on its population, not unlike Ukraine.


How the Western plan of a “color revolution” in Belarus is being dismantled:

Will the US and EU and the deep state be able to cut Belarus from the Union State with Russia? Will NATO be able to invade Belarus, like they have done with Ukraine?

Unlike Ukraine, the law enforcement and intelligence officers of Belarus are getting educated in Russia and share objectives, methods, and inspirations when it comes to the global challenges.

We have to understand one simple fact about “color revolutions”: they only succeed when some people inside the national governments commit willful treason. They do it for money, more personal power, and US citizenship. They don’t care of their nations’ inevitably decent into chaos, poverty, misery and war.

Unless this condition is met, any anti-government actions would fail.

The plan to destroy the sovereign countries is simple: peaceful protests of students mixed with disenfranchised and marginalized youths, like LGBT community members, and the professional provocateurs from the Western paid NGOs These protests are almost immediately being radicalized by armed provocateurs, snipers, and militants who are there to kill the protestants and the police to create so called  “sacrificial victims,” and more chaos.

First, everything was going according to this plan.  An unprecedented anti-Russia and anti-government media campaign, accompanied by multiple micro-provocations by the journalists and bloggers.

The demonstrations in protests of laws and regulations. The more prominent role given to the nationalists, Nazis and other extremists. Everything was repeating the pre-Maidan Ukraine.


March 4th became a day of the reckoning for this plan.

Minsk held a parade for the 100th year anniversary of the Belarus Police.


As a part of this parade, the Minsk authorities showed its crowd control units.

A monument to a Russian Empire police officer with a Scottish terrier was unveiled in the center Minsk.

Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus Igor Shunevich has always demonstrated his affinity for the Soviet Union and Russia. On the featured image he is dressed in a blue uniform of NKVD for the Victory Day parade in 2016.

After the March 4 parade, the Police suddenly from a passive observer turned into a very active law enforcer arresting opposition leaders and people who demonstrated their extremism online and in real life.

On March 6, the central TV channel broadcasted a real shocker of a special report called “A phone call to a friend.”

The report showed the fight between two opposition leaders for their influence over their herd of demonstrators and  with their Western handlers. The biggest shock was that every move that opposition was making was known to the government.

At 1:32 the documentary shows the symbol of the “fist” used by the opposition and called it “the sign of doom,” because this symbol has been so wildly used in countries destroyed by the color revolutions.  It first appeared in Yugoslavia , and the young people who walk with this symbol in Minsk won’t be able to find this country on a map. It doesn’t exist. It was destroyed

An initiator of the current opposition activities in Minks is the Belarus National Congress, a fake structure that calls to place Nikolai Stankevish as a ruler, and another fake anti-government structure called the European Belarus.

In the following days, the Belarusian KGB has detained 26 people, who had been preparing mass riots. They belong to the White Legion and the Young Front groups.

Among them there are professional fighters, they had weapons and the Azov battalion symbols. According to special services, they planned to use weapons during street protests on March 25th. The Militants arriving from Ukraine were also involved.

One of the detainees revealed that they had to oppose pro-Russian forces which could allegedly attack a column of protesters. It means that some others were supposed to act as “pro-Russian” fighters to attack the demonstrators. The plan was for these two groups to pretend fighting with each other, in the process killing the demonstrators and the police.

The arrests of the militants that are currently going on in Belarus and the weapons that were seized indicates that they were getting ready to participate in the shooting  of the demonstration and the Police.


Those of you who are familiar with the Ukrainian extremist armed punitive formation called “The Right Sector” would understand the nature of  “The White Legion,” an extremist terrorist organization located in Belarus.

They became known in the 90s for attacks on law enforcement. For over a decade they were laying low, most likely by the order of their Western handlers, now their sleeper cells have been activated.

The law enforcement in Belarus reported arrests of several members of the White Legion. The Police found three M4 carbines, a shorter and lighter variant of the M16A2 assault rifle, ammunition, bulletproofed vests,  and also printed in Ukraine materials for militants of the “volunteer armed formations.”


In mid March, the news came that Belarus detained gunmen plotting to stage an armed provocation and that Lukashenko has broken up a Maidan putsch cell backed by Poles, Ukrainians and Lithuanians with dozens arrested.

The following is a video of the arrest of Danilov, a prominent member  of the extremist fascist organization “the White Legion.” In his apartment the law enforcement officers discovered drawings of the militant in face masks in front of the government building in Minsk with blood splatters, and the Bandera followers black and red flag. In addition, at [4:06] the video shows an arsenal of weapons that Danilov claimed to be his personal collection including hand grenades, amunition, automatic weapons including one AK.



At the same time, the Police raided a paramilitary camp near Bobruisk called “Patriot.” More on this matter see an article Belarus arrests “armed provocateurs,” Lukashenko points finger at Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland

 “We’ve already arrested several dozen…who were trained in camps with weapons. In fact, one of the camps was in the Bobruisk and Ospivoichi areas. The rest of the camps are in Ukraine. In my opinion, also in Lithuania and Poland. I won’t claim anything, but somewhere there,” President Lukashenko is quoted as saying by Sputnik Belarus.

“Thank you that there are true Belorussian men and women who, living abroad – in the EU – warned us. A woman came to an embassy and warned, officially wrote a letter about a provocation being prepared. And we started looking into it. And, indeed, we discovered some interesting things,” Lukashenko said.

The camp near Bobruisk that was used as a militants training base had been legally registered as the children’s art center “Patriot.”  Those arrested were “teachers,” all are retired military and former Police officers. Several of them are known members of the “White Legion.” Arrested Miroslav Lozovsky was prior arrested in 2008 for his connection to the terror act in Minsk that injured many people.

Arrests started on March 15th when a demonstration against economic problems turned into a violent rally of extremists nationalists who call themselves anarchists. 

Somehow every demonstration in Belarus inevitably turns pro-nationalist and against an “Eastern enemy.

Opposition, also, demands for the president and the government to step down, and to stand against the “Russian occupants.”

Victoria Nuland’ heritage is alive and well.


This video of the beginning of the March of Anarchists, a.k.a. “angry Belarusians” in Minsk. They carry a black banner with white slogan “Parasites of all nations unites!”  




An incredibly reasonable and knowledgeable  young blogger from Belarus CT-1 urges us to pay some attention to the British ambassador to Belarus Fiona Gibbs.

She was visited by the leaders of the extremists movement “White legion” right before their arrests.  Her SV includes many interesting “coincidences.”

She worked as a Vice Consul in Berlin from 1992 to 1995. This period was important because of withdrawal of the Soviet troops from Germany, and the eastern Germany getting a Western puppet government ruled by the US and UK. After Germany she moved to Ukraine and worked for three years 1995 – 1998 doing a mysterious job titled a “Team Leader.” 1995 was the last year Ukraine held a Victory Day parade. In 1996 Ukraine cuts broadcasting of the Russia’s TV stations. In 1997 Ukraine conducted privatization of the government assets when most of the current Ukrainian fortunes were made.  Oligarchs were buying up everything and transferring everything under the ownership of the West. In 1998 Ukraine had a near default.

In 2003 – 2005, Ms. Gibbs served as a team leader for the Counter Proliferation Department at the Foreign and Commonwealth office. You would be very wrong to assume that the western produced weapons were included into the British “Counter Proliferation”  schemes.

From 2005 to 2008, Ms. Gibbs served as a head of section for the Counter Terrorism Department.

From 2008  to  2009 she worked in Basra as a UK’s Deputy Consul-General. In 2009 the Britain has formally handed to the US control of Basra, where thousands of its troops have been based since the invasion of Iraq six years prior. It was the end of so called six year British rule in Iraq.

Next, Ms, Gibbs was transferred to Yemen. And this periods between 2010 to 2012  was very interesting, because in 2011 the “Arab spring” color revolution took place there with the same exact scenario as everywhere else. Current humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen is also of Ms. Gibbs’ doing.

It’s started with a small demonstration, when the demonstrators started walking towards the center square in Sana they got under snipers’ fire. More than 40 people were killed, and more than 200 injured. After that the leader of the opposition  declared the cooperation with the government “impossible.” He also said that Yemen’s president Ali Abdullah Saleh needs to step down.

Snipers sitting on the roofs of buildings around the central square shooting at the group of protesters. The scenario had been very similar to what took place in other countries, including Tunis and Maidan in Kiev. Everyone understands that it’s the most ineffective way for any government to stop the demonstration, since the mob becomes unruly.

In 2012 she had been transferred to Somali, right after so called “Kenyn invasion”  in 2011. Ms. Gibbs participated in the creation of the temporally constitution that “legalized” the division of Somali into two parts, and the current humanitarian catastrophe in Somali is of Ms. Gibbs doing.

In  2012, she heads a newly formed Task Force, one of its biggest project was the plan of taking over Ukraine, the misery of the population there notwithstanding.

And, finally in 2016  Ms. Gibbs has been appointed as an Ambassador to the republic of Belarus.

It’s expected that the demonstration of the Independence day of March 25th would follow the same scenario as in Yemen, that worked so well for the UK and for Ms. Gibbs.

Another woman of war from the UK that we should pay attention is Fiona Hill

This month, a few days before her NSC staff appointment was announced, Hill gave an interview to a New York periodical  in which she declared war on Russia. “I think we are in a hot war with Russia, not a cold war.  But we have to be careful about the analogy. It’s a more complex world. There is no set-piece confrontation. This is no holds barred. The Cold War was a more disciplined competition, aside from the near blowups in Berlin and Cuba, where we walked back from the brink. The Kremlin now is willing to jump over the abyss. They want to play for the asymmetry. They see themselves in a period of hot kinetic war. Also, this is not just two-way superpower. There is China, the rising powers. I almost see it as like the great power competition from the time before the Second World War.

Hill’s work in stoking Kremlin regime change schemes during the Obama Administration and at Brookings with Strobe Talbott, Clifford Gaddy, and Robert Kagan (husband of Victoria Nuland), was  reported here –  click to open.


In essence, it is the same snake nest of neocons, known and recognizable. To destroy this nest, the national security services have to take them out one by one. But they have to start with their network of local affiliates to bring down with them both bearers of human disaster and misery, those including Fiona Gibbs and Fiona Hill.


March 25th or The Freedom Day demonstration

The EU and US  paid anti-government opposition declared “widespread protests” on March 25th, or the Freedom day. They claimed that the protests would be held against the social “parasites” law, also formally known as the Presidential Decree “On prevention of social dependency.” Initially the law was intended against people who didn’t have jobs, but had income, people who are paid  by the West via multiple NGOs.

One important nuance of this story that has been ignored by the Western propaganda is that this decree has been canceled, and that there wasn’t any actual reasons to demonstrate against the law that wasn’t even in place.

Another detail ignored by the Western media is that the meeting wasn’t authorized by the authorities. The opposition leaders were explicitly told that they couldn’t have a demonstration in the center city because that would create a disruption of the life of the capital and costs too much for the city.

Now, imagine unauthorized demonstrations in the city of London, Paris or New York, and the police brutality that has been used against those demonstrators.

Against the same scenario is used against Lukashenka, that was applied to Yanukovich, the Western powers insisting that that the sovereign government is not allowed to use force to preserve stability in its country while it’s being threatened by extremists.  

Everyone was waiting for the March 25 demonstration that wasn’t authorized by the Minsk authorities. It was heralded by the western media as the start of Maidan. At the end of the day there were more journalists than demonstrators, and everything was done after the Police arrested two dozens of activists.




A video made by the European Union financed anti-government channel taking the view of the demonstration from a drone



 News in brief


  • 20 minutes long video made by an opposition channel tut.by showing a handful of “demonstrators” on March 25th gatherings against the law that has already been canceled


More videos and images of the Freedom Day demonstration here

the EU immediately condemned Belarus for “violation of democracy”



If you are new here and you feel like you don’t understand what’s going on, I refer you to our articles that explain methods of Russia’s security services called an “aquarium” and a “mousetrap.”

A beautiful situation in Syria or how to build a mousetrap, by Cat Motya


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