Peskov: “Russia’s choice of a performer for the Eurovision 2017 contest is not a provocation.”

I told to a liberal what I think about Israel in those exact words that he used about Russia, he got very upset and called me a fascist.


Erdogan is our guy!

I am so proud of him. It takes a fiery Turkish personality to stage such a shitstorm between two NATO members and two EU members. It’s a pure pleasure to watch Turkey and Netherlands going at each other’s throats, demonstrating a true unity of the EU.

Netherlands had played a huge role in the war against Syria. Their military advisers were captured in Aleppo, among other things.  Netherlands had a key role in organizing Maidan and in the post-Maidan Ukrainian disaster. The Dutch monarchs have very large holdings of lands and properties in Donbass, that never being mentioned for some reasons. The Dutch military advisers are in Ukraine, teaching Ukro Nazis how to kill more Russians there.  Let’s not forget that Netherlands have played a key role in organizing and executing the MH17 false flag attack, and organizing the info war and economic sanctions war on Russia.

This is what Cat Motja has to say about them:

“Erdogan has started a psychological war against the Dutch drug addicts.  This attack is very well thought over and not just by him, this is clear. It comes at the moment when the Dutch tools couldn’t ignore it. They were propelled to respond, because of their elections and they needed to show themselves off. Now, they are in too deep and can’t get out of it, and it will go on as long as Erdogan wants it. There will be the second part of this show, I am certain. It might not even be Turkey, next time around.

This seemingly senseless battle between the Netherlands and Turkey demonstrates for everyone, especially for us, an image that will be analyzed by many in coming months. In essence, this shows us that nothing can be done when two NATO members get in fight, throw pieces of dung at each other,  beating up each other’s journalists, and arresting each other’s diplomats. This can go on forever, and there is NO ONE who could tell them to shut up. This organized for all of us to see that there is no superior mouse that sits above them all and tell them what to do. Last year Erdogan told the State Department where he wanted them, and they didn’t even squeak back. ”

German MPs call for troop withdrawal from Turkish airbase amid rally row

“Amid this heated atmosphere, it has become increasingly uncertain that the Turkish government can and will guarantee the protection of our soldiers in Incirlik,” he told Germany’s Bild am Sonntag newspaper. He called on the government to stop investing in the infrastructure of the airbase and transfer the Tornados stationed there elsewhere.


REV TV channel published an audio recording of an American military adviser giving instructions to Ukraine’s troops of how to deal with the “Russian tactic.”

The recording was allegedly obtained from the Ukrainian SOF group captured on the territory of Donetsk  Republics.

An interview with Theo Padnos, an American journalist who was held captive for two years (2012 – 2014) by US-UK and GCC-backed terrorists from Al Nusra Front aka Al-Qaeda in Syria.


“They’re murdering people in the streets, they’re employing children as torturers. They are destroying the society over there.”

“Some of them are interested in money, some of them are interested in power, some of them love their guns. They’re having a wonderful time during the Jihad… (…) They have the keys to these cool pick-up trucks, they have free food…

“They’re constructing a real prison archipelago over there – full of prisoners, and full of anyone they really don’t like.”

“An incredible axis of power to many young men who have had none for most of their lives – it’s a dangerous scenario that’s unfolding over there in parts of the country that the government doesn’t control.”

“The Assad regime? Right now, there is approx 16 million people who are living in safety. The schools function, the universities function, hospitals function, there’s traffic police in the streets. Listen, it’s not Switzerland – it’s not a perfect society – I think they themselves recognize this. Anybody who wants peace in Syria will acknowledge and respect the peace that they have at the moment and not degrade and damage it somehow – which the Obama Administration has done by sending missiles and all kinds of weaponry to the ‘rebels’ – which I thought was disgraceful because it destroyed such peace, as there was.”

 “There remains a situation in which there are rebel enclaves and these rebel enclaves are not peaceful, of course not. They are being destroyed. Look, it’s a civil war. The rebel enclaves – just a minority of the population lives there, the majority of Syrians are living a relative peace under the Assad regime. Yes, that is preferable to the bombings and the crucifixions in the streets that we are seeing, and the murdering of citizens, the torturing and the imprisoning of random which is what they [the ‘rebel’ terrorists] are doing.”


American Bots “Impersonating” Russians Is a Reality


March 11, Donbass, town Avdeevka located on the territory occupied by the Ukrainian military.

Ukrainian armed forces organized a provocation shooting a 9 story building at the close range


A Russian startup Apis Cor 3D printed a house in 24 hours, instead of printing construction blocks.

Material used is geopolymer concrete. The lifespan of this building is about 175 years.

The process is unique and almost exclude human labor.


Chronicles of the Turkey vs. European Union war of diplomacy

The Turkish-Dutch row follows sharp Turkish government criticism of German municipalites which canceled Turkish pre-referendum events, citing security concerns.

Dutch police have blocked Turkey’s family minister Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya from entering the Turkish consulate in Rotterdam.

Foreign Minister Cavusoglu’s flight to Rotterdam was denied Dutch landing permission earlier in the day.

Netherlands embassy in Ankara and Consulate building in Istanbul is now closed. The Dutch ambassador has been advised to not come back.

Ministry sources said access to the Dutch embassy and consulate in Ankara had been sealed off.

Brussels threatens to cut billions for Turkey European integration, claiming that Turkey is “moving in the wrong direction.”

Looks like Europe will get a batch of fresh faced refugees, soon.


What would we expect from a woman who betrayed her father?


Julia Samoilova will represent Russia at Eurovision-2017

Kiev authorities in Ukraine have already declared that a Russian singer will be not allowed to the country

German government propaganda outlet Deutsche Welle doesn’t pull any punches fuming about a disabled singer.

Germans are angry because according to their calculations, disabled people are supposed to rot away quietly in Russia without any opportunity for self-realization.

Ukraine investigates Russia’s newly chosen Eurovision candidate

“Russia has irked host country Ukraine with its Eurovision candidate. The disabled singer is now under investigation. Will Russia boycott the song contest after all?”

How very democratic and tolerant of the Germans.



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