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Following the incredibly positive comments I read after my last article, I feel again invigorated, and not anymore like an alone (and rational) castaway floating in a raft in the middle of an ocean of brainwashed Zombies. I feel how the spark of sarcasm rekindles the fires in my sick brain, and… bang! Here we go off again.

I have been reading and hearing a lot lately, that the Ukraine is like a black hole. It swallows everything you throw at it… Billions of dollars in assistance, millions of tons of military material, and (I hope not) hundreds of thousands of lives of Khokhol and its Nazi buddies(1), especially if they allow the Clown-Zirkus to remain in power for much longer without a check(2). This black hole is now swallowing the entire Energy System of the country as you read this, and attracting dangerously some of the closest objects to its orbit such as Poland, the Baltic Bonsai Countries and the neighboring EU, all of them being steered directly to the void, in suicide mode, by their (brain disabled, dim-witted, deranged and psychopathic) ruling elites.

But what are really black Holes? You can ask yourself. From an astronomical standpoint, it is simply a star (of some mass) that, at the end of its life, collapses into a point (the singularity) due to the gravity produced by its own mass. This gravity is so intense that not even light can escape from it, hence the name “Black Hole”. They can achieve this state through a variety of processes, but the end result is always the same: something from which you cannot escape if you fall within its event horizon. And that is only defined by its mass, electric charge, and momentum. Whatever falls behind its event horizon is forever out of reach of observers on the outside(3).

There might be another (more convenient) meaning for this particular Ukrainian black hole. I read in my university days an anthology edited by Jerry Pournelle, where he said that Russians never use the term, because it has some eschatological connotations… some kind of biology-related obscenity. I don’t know if it is true, but I have to say that comparing Banderastan to the black hole at the end of the digestive system of some kind of mythological beast (let’s call it Hegemon) looks like much more pertinent in this case. This end has a particularly long and interesting list of possible denominations(4).

The beast, has an insatiable hunger, if allowed it would devour us all(5). The crazy psychopaths ruling elites in the West are feeding it as quickly as possible and as much as they can (wasting in the process the wealth, health and resources of those they govern) because they are also part of the parasites sucking the life and energy off the beast. The more they throw into the mouth, the more they suck out of it. The system works perfectly for them and, what is left, once processed and liberated of most of the real substance and value, is excreted through the blackhole at the end.

After some thinking, I have to say now that: I absolutely understand why comparing the Ukraine with a black hole is perfectly valid. In both its astronomical and digestive connotations(6).

  1. I am sorry for the normal Ukrainian citizen conscripted into this madness; the poor average ukie Oleksander, Maksym, or Danilo brought forcibly into the slaughterhouse. Not so sorry for the Ukronazi and foreign soldiers-of-fortune, that should be given what they deserve. Preferably a Darwin Price first class.
  2. A check that at some point, sure is going to be unpleasantly short and Violent. And I have to say that: I am not advocating for such a reckoning, just pointing that when the things start to look bad, and I mean REAL BAD. The Puppet Masters in the shadows of the deepy bottom (AKA Deep State) are going to tie up all the Ukrainian loose ends Olenivka Style… You know, the POW Camp full of Azov Guys, “accidentally” bombed by the Ukraine. Because, you know, dead heroes don’t speak unwittingly about committed atrocities and war crimes or money stolen and laundered, given the chance.
  3. If the Ukraine were an astronomical black hole, its event horizon should be more or less at the border with Poland, once the Money or the Supplies pass this point, there is no way to know what happened to them… specially the money… FTX Crypto anyone? Some Theoretical Physicists even say that the swallowed matter can end in another universe! I am sure the money ends in another universe, the Universe where the US Democrat (or Republican, there is no difference) Party Politicians exists.
  4. For example and just as clarification. The technical name in Latin would be “podex”, in Latin vulgaris “asinum foraminis”. In French would be “le connard”, In medical English it would be the “anus” and in plain and colloquial Murican it would be just the “asshole”.
  5. No matter how much is feed, Hegemon is dying due to a severe parasitosis (parasite infestation) the parasites being the usual suspects.
  6. We all know how the digestive system works, and what comes out from it at the end… if you haven’t guessed it yet… you only have to just look at the kind of help (be it supplies, wunderwaffen or support) that the VSU is receiving. Or much better, hear or read what comes out from the loudmouth of anyone in the “Clown-Zirkus” to understand what it is (Late example: the Statements about the bombing of Poland with the damm cursed ruskie-rockets, or about not-really-killing Russian POW) Pure and utter Bullshit.
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