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Does a series of precision strikes on the critical infrastructure marks a new stage in the tactics of conducting Russian “Limited Military Operation” in Ukraine?

The aftermath of one of the hits at critical infrastructure facilities in Kharkiv (CHP-5):


At first it was like this: Missile  launch from the Black Sea at critical infrastructure in Ukraine

Then the results of the strikes:   Video of the fire at CHP-5 in Kharkiv

And then, too, it suddenly sparkled:   Trolleybuses caught fire in Poltava

The subway stopped in Kharkiv  – for the first time in 40 years, according to the train drivers. The passengers had to be evacuated from the trains through the emergency evacuation maintenance tunnels.

The reaction of the leader of the Ukronazis was immediate. Field Marshal Ze tried to stay cheerful and pretend that nothing particularly horrible had happened:


“Even through the impenetrable darkness, Ukraine and the civilized world clearly see that these are terrorist attacks.  They are deliberate and cynical missile attacks on civilian critical infrastructure. No military facilities there. Power was cut off in Kharkiv and Donetsk regions. In Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk, Sumy – some problems with the electricity supply.”

“Do you still think that we and the Russians are one nation? Do you still think that you can frighten us, break us, persuade us to make concessions? Did you really not understand anything? Don’t you understand who we are? What we stand up for? What we represent?
Read my lips:

Without gas or without you? Without you .
Without light or without you? Without you .
Without water or without you. Without you .
Without food or without you? Without you .

Cold, hunger, darkness and thirst are not as terrible and deadly for us [Ukrainians] as your [Russian] friendship and brotherhood. But history will put everything in its place. And we will be with the gas, light, water and food … and WITHOUT you! “

Immediately, the ” Ideas “, an outlet run by the ordinary Ukronazis, which is supervised by the chief drug addict and generator of “Ukro-meanings” joined the lead. The “Ideas” , by the way, are still the same bastards as they were all six months that have passed since the beginning of the NWO:

“We propose  to pull the captured orcs out of their cozy and safe prison cells in the western part of Ukraine and place them  in the workshops of our thermal power plants.
And then, after their Russo-saliva strikes, we will film their corpses on the video and send them to Russia. Maybe then something will come to them?  How do you like this idea?”

PS This post [r #71782], by the way, was promptly removed from the telegram channel “Unian” for unclear reason, because previously there has never been a trace of the self-censorship on their side in their post about Russia.

A small commentary on the evening strikes on enemy infrastructure, from the TG ” Lobaev Z ” (edited):

“The point is, it’s [the strikes] great, of course! It’s indeed excellent, it’s excellent that we have finally started. But  there is still a long way to go before achieving a long-term effect .”

Let me remind you for those who are not quite in the subject – damages, plus or minus equal to the damage from the Russian cruise missiles, sometimes happen at the power supply infrastructure facilities without any strikes. Fires, accidents, breakdowns… It is not the end of the world – they fix everything in a day or two… Therefore , consistency is important here .

 Let there be not a single night without a strike – pour methodically, systematically, not sparing these Russian gifts for Ukrainian Nazis. Otherwise, the desired effect will not be achieved .

The same applies to railway junctions with bridges, as well as railway junction stations and fuel storage facilities. If Russians do not cover these targets, then even though it will be hard for the enemy, very hard, they’ll survive.

 And I repeat again – Russia did not lose. Just missed a beat. No more. Everything now depends on the people .. How we will accept this “splash”. Will we conquer and run away? Or will we finally start fighting in earnest ?

And if we start fighting, then I assure you – with the right approach, there will be enough titanium and steel for weapons. It is only necessary to begin the mobilization of industry . To do this, you need to understand reality. Not more than that .

Otherwise, Russia will be destroyed, split into several new, endlessly hostile countries, and starved out. The West will not take any more risks and will not give us another chance .”

Expert commentary  regarding the speed of recovery:

“It is not true that a damaged substation can be put into operation in 1-2 days. If transformers of 110-330 kV are damaged, then it will almost never be possible to put it into operation, taking into account the fact that such transformers are not lying on the road. This is a very, very piece goods. And if this happens at least at 5 substations at the same time, then everything is kaput . Stone Age forever .”

More on the effectiveness of strikes against CHP infrastructure

Comment from  Evgeny Poddubny:

“I am happy to hit the energy infrastructure of the Kyiv regime, because it is important for Russian victory. Attacks on power plants are a retaliatory measure .  The enemy has been hitting Donbas energy facilities for 8 years. In general, thanks to the actions of the Russian MOD, this struggle takes on new shapes.”

At the same time, a RIA Novosti correspondent from the DPR reports:

“There are no power outages in Donetsk, the streets are lit, and there are no communication outages either.”

Confirming video that  everything is calm in Donetsk .

Practical-​constructive response  to the evening events from Vladimir Rogov (VGA Zaporozhye region):

“There is information that air conditioner manufacturers are massively recalling their products from  the government quarter of the city of Kiev and other CPRs, due to possible problems with self-explosions.

A special malfunction of air conditioners is observed at the following addresses:

Kiev, st. Bankovaya, 11 (coordinates: 50.444464, 30.528975);
Kiev, st. Vladimirskaya, 33 (coordinates: 50.450768, 30.515680);
Kiev, st. Elektrikov, 33 (coordinates: 50.474129, 30.528275).”

(editor coment – this airconditioner joke is widely understood by almost every Russian. It appeared after 2015 claim by the Ukrainian Government Office that the devastation after the Ukrainian missile hit a local office in then still free from the Nazis area of Donbass, was, in fact, due to a suddenly exploded air-conditioned.)

RIA Novosti message  , 23.13

Pushilin denied fakes about the capture of the airport by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and his resignation

The head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin, denied a number of rumors and fakes that had appeared, and also commented on the operational situation:

  • denied rumors that they allegedly tried to fire him and send him to Russia, calling it  nonsense .
  • said that “we were able to stop the Ukrainian troops at the Krasny Liman, there are some successes.”
  • stated that in the Vuglodar direction, the allied units continue to advance,  they have already “bitten into” the outskirts of Artyomovsk , along the  Sands “everyone is quite confident, we are working, we are winning. ”

Informative page  from Boris Rozhin, a.k.a. Colonel Cassad:

“In Ukraine, in 2022, there were 15 thermal power plants. None of them were built after Ukraine became independent. That is, since 1991, the number of thermal power plants built in Ukraine = 0.

All operating thermal power plants were built by the “damned communists” from the 50s to the 80s of the last century .

That is, every destroyed thermal power plant is actually an  irretrievable loss  for Ukraine, just like every oil refinery. Ukrainian Nazis are only able to use someone’s labor (they cannot built – ed.) ”


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