Dear friends,

WOW!  I truly did not expect such a tsunami of emails and offers of support.  I can’t even begin to tell you how touched I am.  I am especially touched by those who never contacted me in the past and who decided to reach out.  All I can say is that I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Right now I don’t have the time or energy to send anything but very short replies, so I want to use this page to reply to all of you know and clarify a few things:

Staying in touch with you

First, in most of my short replies I asked you to stay in touch with me.  I totally mean that.  Right now I need to focus my tiny energy reserves on a clean shutdown of the blog, but I would very, very much like to stay in contact with as many of you as possible.

Also, I want to spend much more time playing improvised music (of various styles) on guitar (I mostly play Jazz, but also many other styles).  Any Florida based musicians out there in need of a guitarist to play just for the joy of playing?  If yes, please email me!  :-)

Blog archiving

I am getting A LOT of offers/suggestions about archiving the blog.  So here I want to give you a few general replies bullet-style:

  • Everything I posted on the blog was licensed under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 4.0 International license (  Which means that ANYBODY can copy and past and even modify ANYTHING I have ever posted.  There is no need to ask for permission or get my approval or anything like that.
  • In practical terms this means this: if you can grab it all (or parts) and repost it elsewhere, anywhere, you will have my eternal gratitude.
  • Furthermore, I personally would prefer that the archive be available on as many sites as possible (for obvious redundancy reasons).  I would therefore not agree to grant anybody “exclusive rights” or anything like that.
  • Please notice that while I never monetized the blog, you are not under any obligation to follow my example, but only as long as you don’t claim any exclusive copywrong “rights” or object on anybody else doing the same thing (or not).

Some of you have made me very specific offers and I wanted you all to know all of the above before I replied to your proposals individually (please give me some time, say 48 hours, for that).

Money issues and unemployment

As you all know, I never monetized the blog.  In 2007 I was still homeschooling my three kids while my wife was working.  Then, with the homeschooling done, and all my kids in college, I worked with my wife and also did some over the phone interpretations (the worst job in my life!) to bring some money in.  Then you, the readers, suggested that I accept donations, which I reluctantly did, but you were right, your donations made it possible for me to dedicate much more time to the blog and to plug the holes in my family’s budget.

Since I am closing the blog, I am now asking all of you to stop your donations, including direct donations by wire, sending me checks, Patreon and Subscribe star.  There is no need for anybody to donate to a closed blog.

That being said, it is true that my family and I will take a major financial hit and that we will struggle to make ends meet living again on one person’s income only.  I therefore want to put it out there that from March 1st I will be unemployed and interested in any remote work offers as long as they 1) have no relationship of any kind to the blog or current events and 2) take into account my very diminished energy supply (which I hope to get back to normal levels by this summer or even before) 3) do not break any US laws.

One thing I would love to do is get a teaching position somewhere, even in a highschool, as long as this can be done remotely (I cannot travel at all right now).  Yes, the Q&A I did with Cynthia McKinney’s students at North South University gave me A LOT of joy and satisfaction: it was just so refreshing to speak with students from Zone B!!!

I know, in the current economy this is almost ridiculous but, hey, I had to mention that here and, who knows, maybe there is a slot for me somewhere?  I know for a fact that God *does* work in mysterious and amazing ways.

Guest authors

Here I ask for your patience, I am getting some very interesting offers and suggestions which I need to think through.  Please just know that I am not forgetting this issue!

Video Q&A

I already got a few questions, so I will repeat it here: please EMAIL me any question you want about ANY topic, music, religion, past experiences, questions about past articles and even including any (reasonable) personal questions.  Just please write “Q&A with Andrei” in the subject line.

That’s it for me right now.  I will keep posting such “shutdown updates” until March 1st.

My immense gratitude and love to you all,


PS: FYI – I also plan a few more posts on topics I never touched before, but which I will address before my final bow up and goodbyes.  Please stay tuned!

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