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HAGUE –  During his testimony in defense of Radovan Karadzic,  former Bosnian Muslim policeman stated before the Hague Tribunal that the grenade that murdered 66 and left 140  persons injured at Markale market in Sarajevo, was actually fired by (Muslim) Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina , by order of then – leader Alija Izetbegovic.

Albright Clinton Izet

Under the coded pseudonym KW -586 , the witness, hidden behind the adjusted voice , stated that he was member of the Bosnian Muslim special unit “Pearls “, (1992-1994) , when he was in charge of  securing the Presidency in period when the Body held sessions at the National Bank building in Sarajevo .

The Witness KW -568 claimed that due to his duty he have had the opportunity to hear what the then – Bosnian Muslim President Alija Izetbegovic, together with his son Bakir  and the head of the Islamic Community of Bosnia and Herzegovina Reis- ul- ulema Mustafa Ceric and other officials spoke at meetings . The witness accused Izetbegovic  for planning terrorist attacks on Bosnian Muslim, in order to cause civilian casualties in Sarajevo,  Markale as well as in Srebrenica in order to accuse Serbs and extort NATO intervention in favor of the Muslims.

Izetbegovic was under extremely strong influence of local Muslim cleric with strong Turkish ties,  Reis- ul- Ulema Ceric . Izetbegovic’s main goal was to gain the Western intervention in behalf of the Muslims by causing  “mass suffering in Sarajevo and Srebrenica, provoking the Serbs to fire back and shell civilian targets , including hospitals:”

KW -586 testified that he heard Izetbegovic and religious leader Ceric to consider ” what would happen if a shell would hit the Markale market” .
Only few days later , on  February 5. 1994 , it really happened “, said the witness , arguing that the ABiH (Muslim army) fired a grenade at Markale from area of the village Mrkovići;
“It  was done by orders of General ABiH (Bosnian Muslim army, NATO protege) Sefer Halilovic, and the Unit who accomplished the task was under the command of  General Mustafa Hajrulahović called the Italian.”

According to the indictment against Karadzic , the first explosion of a mortar shell at Markale took place on  5 February 1994 , when 66 people were killed and more than 140  injured .

Alija Izetbegovic agreed with Bosnian Muslim gen. ( ABiH ) Sefer Halilovic  that it should be done , and Sefer turned to ”the Italian” and said, ‘ The Italian will take care of that .” The first attempt wasn’t successful  –  a grenade fell close to the market; then, in order to try again , they waited for the  familiar UNPROFOR  crew  (with whom we had a deal NOT TO COUNT OUR SHELLS)  to come to nearby check point ” the witness explained.

In the spring 1994 , according to the statement of the same witness, Alija Izetbegovic and Reis- ul- Ulema Ceric met the commander of the 28th Division of the ABiH in Srebrenica, Naser Oric and ordered him to organize attacks on surrounding Serbian villages in order to   ” provoke the Serbs ” to fight back, adding that  “the victims are not important in the way of the Allah, the Almighty .”

The witness , in his own words , soon heard that Srebrenica was shelled , probably by Muslim forces . During the cross examination, the  prosecutor Carolyn Edgerton called the witness’  statement  ‘a multiple conspiracy theory’ , claiming that he made ​​it all up in order to ingratiate himself with ” those who protect him now .”
” Nope , no, you can read whatever you want . It is as I said , I told the truth,” replied the witness .

Before the KW -568, there were various witnesses who came out with similar claims:

Markale I , 5. February 1994.  –  Ballistic experts and UNPOFOR  officers still discussed the shelling issue,  meanwhile CNN Christiana Amanpor and Hague Prosecutor accused Serbs for it.  The above mentioned officers in the larger part of their testimonies  denied as well as  presented rational doubts  concerning the Prosecutor’s  (and Christiana Amanpur’s) claims  that the shell came from Serbs; they were explaining that it was not possible to establish  exact location the shell was fired from, thus whether it was done by Serbs or by the Muslims; the rest of their testimonies is, indeed, a gross accusation against  Hague Prosecutor, CNN, Christiana Amanpour, as well as their inspirers.

Sami snimili svoj zlocin

‘ ( The Muslims) recorded their own crime’  – those willing to know  knew it

British ballistic expert Dereck Olsen from  UK Academy of Defense claimed , under the oath, that is was impossible to establish exact distance the deadly shell came from, and therefore, it’s impossible to accuse Serbs for firing it, and that’s it was obvious from the start, of course, under the condition that  the goal  was to discover the truthJohn Russel,  Canadian major, ( that time Second of the UN special envoy Sergio deMello), in-charge of military issues, had personally researched the crater; he clearly  stated that it was impossible to determine who fired the shell.  And according to that he handed the report over to the UNPROFOR HQ in Zagreb the day after the Markale tragedy . The report included his conclusion that both, the Serbian and the Muslim side could fire the deadly shell. 

alep sarajevo

Sarajevo, Markale, August 1995; August 2013. that’s the scrypt the West applies to Syria.  

Steven Jodry was a Canadian artillery expert who was in charge of studding the field reports in the HQ in Zagreb; Jodrey made a conclusion that it was not possible to provide the answer to the key question: Whose mortar fired the shell?  General Michael Gutllier, commander of all the Canadian military forces stationed abroad,  was a team leader of the UN investigation unit in February 1994; he said that even though the  direction of the firing could have been established, that wasn’t the case with the distance, hence he made a conclusion that ’’both sides could fire the shell“.

Christiana’s manipulation and propaganda:  Soon after those  statements were announced, Christiana Amanpour and CNN managed to determine and ‘prove’  that the Serbs fired the shell. The above mentioned major Russel, as it comes to this, evocated that one day before  an initial report, containing the concusion as above, (that it still remains uncertain who fired the shell)  was made, CNN accused Serbs for firing, on February 5th.  Major Russel  labelled it as propaganda.


NATO and Wahhabi faithful servant, CNN Christiana Amanpour’s lies and her contribution to bombardment of both Serbia and Republika Srpska is immeasurable

Why was it  so difficult to resolve the case and find out the responsible? Fortiori  the colonel Jodrey mentioned before the court that the crater analysis wasn’t up to date but it was relatively simple method for locating the origin of a mortar firing.

Quite interesting was the explanation provided by  gen. Michael Gutiller; the general unveiled that the ‘ crater was destroyed, dig out and excavated by French soldiers , who  applied  some ’’non -conventional“  ’’suspicious’  (’suspect’ as cited), methods of investigation;  so that certain officer named captain Verdi who took the case over , additionally  erred in figures and  calculation, thus the results were useless.  Therefore when gen. Gotllier and his men took the case over, it was already too late for any investigation.

Which doesn’t mean that there was no  certain excessive conclusions,. There were certain conclusions  in a way that they confirmed with a great certainty, that the deadly shell on Markale was NOT fired by the Serbs, but rather by Muslims alone.  Ukrainian Colonel Sergei Moroz testified before the Hague tribunal that he was told by the Russian member of the UN investigation unit (Rumyancev)  that the shell didn’t  come from  Serbian side, and that it’s more likely that the blasting device was brought and installed at the market than shelled.  
Ok, so there are Russian, Ukrainian, this smells like some Serbian conspiracy. But let’s hear what  Russel , a Canadian, has to say?  He established that the penetrating angle of the shell , if it really had been fired from the mortar, had to be extremely  steep (more precisely 90 degrees almost) in order to overshoot the surrounding high buildings;  thus his conclusion is that the the shell must have been fired from the nearby surrounding buildings.  And  there were only  Muslim foces  positioned around.  He noted in his personal diary written during his mission  in Bosnia ( February 5th 1994 entry)  that he beilevs it has been the Muslims alone  who shoot their own people on  the tragic day.   He added that during the later weapon search among the Bosnian Muslim forces plenty of 120 mm handmade shells were found,  even their welds were identical to the tail of the one that hit Markale.
Steven Joudrey as well stated in his conclusion that even if the shell  was launched from the distance, must have been fired from the area of which 95% is controlled by the Musilm forces., and that ,,nothing disputes“ the possibility of firing from the nearby roofs, Joudrey further says  , If we take into consideration relatevely small size of the marketplace  as well as UN reports stating that this area hadn’t been under  the intense  fire the days and even hours  before the blast,  the posbility of having a single missile fired at the market and hiting it …..   ’almost doesn’t  exist’.   And that’s why there is a possibility of the manual firing from the surrounding building roofs.

That situation repeats in Markale on 28. August 1995. – The UN investigator  Andrei Demurenko stated again that the posibility a single striking shell came from  the Serbian positions is 1:10. 000. 000, but that there’s no evidence confirming  even the smallest posibilty the Serbs fired it:  neither on the scene nor in the radar recordings, so that the Investigators believe  what actually happened was  ’terrorist  attack from the inside the city’ but , Demurenko explains, they were banned from any further investigation; An American Intelligence officer signed the report  which ’opposes  the laws of psysics’ claiming that the missile was fired by the Serbs, and the radars failed to detect it due to its low launcing position (?!) But the million dollar question (key question) remained unanswered : how the low launched shell manged to pass over the surrounding high buildings? 
Demurenko as well said that even the UNPROFOR often had and immense impression that the Muslims in Sarajevo  target their own citizens with snipers, but that was extremely difficult to prove due to the order of the Command, that those situations are BANNED from any further investigation
Are these statements only an exaggeration of the zealous Russian, who is likely to release the Serbs from guilt?  But even the London’s  The Independent  on 22. August 1992. reported that  ’the UN officials as well as Western high military officers believe that some of the worst recent murders , including the massacre of at least 16 person from the queue in front of the bakery, were carried out by Muslim defendants of the city – and not by the Serbs who besiege it – as  propaganda (manipulation) trickerly suggests in order to gain World’s sympathy and, consequently,  military intervention in their behalf’ .
As for the Vasa Miskin massacre, The Independent stated: ’Confidential reports to the UN commander, gen. Satish Nambiar, claim that it was the Bosnian  forces loyal to Alija Izetbegovic who detonated the bomb in Vasa Miskin, and that has been a remotely controlled blast, probably  placed in a can’, said the UN official.

Gray’s testimony:   All would probably remain just a part of the journalist’s guessing and Russian zealousy, until the testimony of colonel Paul Gray,  New Zealand  army, filled the air:  Muslims were shooting Serbs from their position behind the Kosevo hospital, in order to provoke their reply on the civilian targets hoping to be given worse than received, in order to provoke military intervention in their behalf: 

– On July 13, 1992,  the children placed in the post office building  who were given candies by the Canadian soldiers, have been killed by the mortar fire.  Grey believes that the shell came from the Muslim controlled teritory (this blast as we notice, WAS NOT listed neither in Karadzic nor Mladic’  indictment);
– targeting  Bosnian Presidental residency  everytime foreign representatives  were visiting  became  a routine; On July  17, 1992. during visit of the British diplomacy chief Douglas Herd :   as soon as Herd entered the building the shell that killed 10 passers by toppled down.  He was personally present, so he heard the  sound of  firing. ’  – The distance was less than 200 m’, he later testified.  ”The Bosnian Muslims were attacking their own civilians” he states , and made  conclusion that ’the Bosnian side was purposely killing their own civilians in order to gain world’s sympathy and provoke the USA military intervention’.

This makes things clear-

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