By Thorsten J. Pattberg for the Saker Blog

You have to know this before you come to study in Japan or East Asia. Short lecture from Tokyo University on the stagnation and decline of Japan under US total rule. Blatant parallels to the US vassal state Germany. 2022/04/02


Hello! Dr. Pattberg here, from the ‘Todai‘ – also known internationally as the University of Tokyo.

Today I want to talk about Japan as a US satellite state and what US hegemony means for the situation in Japan, the Japanese economy, culture and language.

I had been studying here at Tokyo University for my doctoral studies – namely here, at the Historiographic Institute… I had worked on and researched the translation history of Buddhist terms.

The Historiographic Institute, The University of Tokyo

The Institute is not far from the Akamon Gate, the “Red Gate”, the famous sight often seen on postcards.

The Historiographic Institute protects historical writings; it’s some kind of super-secret library. It’s all underground, of course, and you can only get in there with an ID.

I don’t think many people know this, but most elite universities have underground passages and catacombs for miles. Ancient writings are stored there, often dating back to the 16th century.

Tokyo University Huge Secret Underground Library System

A few years later I was again working as a researcher at Tokyo University; this time at the Institute for Advanced East Asian Studies.

Here, too, the focus was on the history of translation.

Now many will probably think: “Translation history, that’s boring!” No! A study of history in general always gives us insights into the present.

When the European powers successively discovered East Asia in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries and fell in here like barbarians, they copied everything. They had learned new ideas, concepts, and terms, and instead of meeting the Asians on an equal footing, they had simply scooped up all the Asian names, terms, and concepts and translated them into European terminologies. Mostly into Latin of course, initially… [then] Biblical concepts and Hellenic-Greek concepts.

It’s something like this: let’s imagine the Japanese come to Europe and take a look at what we have in Germany. Well, we have Volkswagen and BAYER there, and the city of Cologne and Goethe – and what do we do with them then? Well, all terms, names and brands are now immediately “Asianized.” We call them Toyota and Suzuki, and Yokohama and Ikeda! Everything is renamed.

And then we turn our backs on the Germans and say: “You see, they had no originality at all! They had no creativity or inventiveness at all! They didn’t discover anything!”

Then, in practice, the Japanese could have claimed that the Germans had no “bunko” [small paperbacks] at all. “They didn’t know about it, but we gave it to them!” Well, then that will be the official history.

Bunkos are Japanese small paperbacks

Now you might protest: That wouldn’t be possible at all. Something like that could never happen to us in Europe. It would be unimaginable robbery, misinformation and historical distortion! But that’s exactly what happened here in East Asia. The Europeans, and later the Americans, turned everything inside out here.

We can also say that the West completely took the Asian concepts and names and rebranded them.

Confucius was at one time a Christian “saint” who supposedly knew about the Flood. The Taoists were all [Hellenic] “philosophers”. The Buddhas, or Fojia, also became “saints,” and their wisdom was declared a “religion.”

Confucius is a Western installed religious leader

The methodology is almost entirely western. As is well known, Christianity was named after Jesus Christ. So in China, the old Katai, they desperately sought out a miracle figure from the Ruxue.

Ruxue is a Chinese wisdom school; a school of thought much like Plato’s school of thought. Actually, the real name is ‘Ru’ – but of course the missionaries really wanted to find a Christ figure somewhere. And then they came up with the well-known Kong Fu-Tze, he became the namesake. ‘Ru’ flew out; ‘Kong’ came in – and became Kong-Fu-cianism.

With such a brutal translation strategy, the Europeans flattened and westernized all the stories of Asia. That is why George Hegel postulated the ‘end of history’ even then. He believed that nothing and nobody could stop the Europeans.

George Hegel wrote The End of History

For example, Gottfried Leibniz, long before Hegel, had seen through English language imperialism very well. That’s why Leibniz called for the Germans not to adopt foreign words under any circumstances, but to rename everything in German abroad. This is the only way the German Reich – the German Empire – could expand. Which then happened. After all, the Germans got a colony in north-eastern China.

Gottfried Leibniz called for pasting over Asia

So now back to the present. I am here in 2022 at Tokyo University speaking about Japan as a US satellite state.

The US burned Tokyo to the ground during World War II and dropped atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Since then, Japan has been a vassal of the world power USA, and had lived so relatively well because: important colony in Asia.

There was a veritable economic miracle here in Japan; just as we were allowed to experience in defeated Germany. A bombed-out country needs be rebuilt? A lot has to be invested, a lot of work and sweat, and of course the economy is booming as a result. Unfortunately, the main beneficiary was not Japan, or Germany, but the victorious and occupying power USA.

Japan got pretty strong in the 80’s and got a little cocky. The USA sanctioned all areas of life, cultural exports, goods and Japan’s energy supply. Everything collapsed here and Japan lost 40 years of development, they say. They have been more or less standing still for 40 years.

But since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the United States had suddenly become the undisputed sole world power. And since then Japan has been really tortured, harassed, and the country kept small on all levels. Today, in 2022, we have reached a new low.

The US has become an empire of sanctions and punishments. The Japanese are not allowed to work with China; they are not allowed to work with Russia; they’re not really allowed to work with Europe, or India, or South America. And if they do, on a small scale, then only under American supervision.

So what has been going on here in Japan for the past 3 years with this Corona hoax is starting to look ridiculous. And although Japan is not actually experiencing a deadly pandemic, Tokyo has been forced for three years to walk around with ridiculous paper masks on its face and hassled the population into being vaccinated three times with Jewish geneinjections from US Pfizer – a scandal!

The Japanese could have developed their own vaccine if they were allowed to. Unfortunately, Tokyo has no choice. It has to go along with any madness. Now the US is planning total war against Russia and China, and preferably Iran at the same time. But let’s remember that Russia and China are two important neighbors of Japan.

You could return the favour. We could work together here. Japan could have gotten rich from China long ago, but no – the US held it back. Japan must not be sovereign and must not meet and trade with other sovereign Asian partners.

Now Japan – by order of the US, which commands the UN, the WHO and NATO – had to lock down its population for 3 years; So stay in your apartment, work from home – “remote office” – including all companies and schools and of course the universities: Everything closed!

So what do people do when they have to sit at home in isolation for 3 years, 127 million Japanese? That’s right, the Japanese sit at home and log on to the Internet. They use US Google, US Amazon, US Youtube, US Twitter, US UberEats (to order food). They use US Zoom to hold conferences. All email traffic here in Japan is handled through US corporations: US Hotmail, US Google, US Yahoo… all American.

We may be facing the greatest US imperialist prank in world history. In contrast, the opening of Japan by American gunboats in the past was just a puppet show or trivial offense.

Of course, the world rulers do not call this “imperialism” or “foreign rule” – no; they call this great rape of the earth’s population ‘The Great Reset’ or ‘The Globalism’.

But that’s all nonsense, it only goes in one direction: from the USA to the whole world, and nothing goes back. Japan, but also Germany, don’t even have 1% of the funds that America has at its disposal to snap [break] the other countries.

There are countless military bases around Tokyo – all American. The consulate is a district in itself. There are also 86,000 US troops stationed here, complete with nuclear submarines and aircraft. “Only” 53,000 soldiers are stationed in Germany, but still.

US Army Area in Aoyama Central Tokyo

Neither Germany nor Japan should dare to send and station their soldiers in the USA. And neither should Germany and Japan dare to utter any threats, demands or even sanctions against the USA. Can you imagine what would happen to us then!

So it’s a total one-way street. The US can do whatever it wants; and we are only receivers, never the senders.

Conclusion: The Japanese are currently being paralyzed. They’re being completely Americanized right now. And these [face] masks are a sign of submission. The countless MacDonald’s, Starbucks, UberEats, iPhones and [Apple] MacComputers… And the universities have also been infiltrated. If you want to become a professor here, at Todai, you have to have studied in the USA.

One of two Starbucks in Tokyo University

Basically, Japanese words – or Asian words in general – are undesirable in world science and are suppressed. They are either translated straight away (into European languages) or they are marked with special formats, special characters and warning labels – something foreign!

Japan is more dependent than ever, and under American total domination – especially under the global financiers, the dollar system, the sanctions, the extreme propaganda -; it is very difficult to establish bilateral relations with other states, and this also applies to Germany.

Oh yes, I almost forgot: As in Germany, all top Japanese politicians and companies are screened.

There is no more reciprocity. Americans are actually naked. They don’t even bother to hide their secret work anymore. It’s about total control. The Japanese cannot even feed themselves. That is forbidden. They have to import massively from America, or from American partners, and live under fear, as they did before World War II, that if Tokyo steps out of line even once, food supplies, energy supplies, bank transfers and trade will be immediately halted. Just look at what the Americans are doing to Russia right now.

I’ll tell you the truth: All Japanese professors who wanted to become somebody had to go to the USA for screening and baptism of attitude. All German professors who wanted to become somebody had to go to the USA to show their loyalty. That’s how it is.

That means any American here can just walk into Tokyo University and is treated like a God. We Germans or Europeans stack way below in the hierarchy. And also Japanese who went to the US and were trained there can come back and are then treated better than the native Japanese. Yes, the overseas Japanese (who bothered to return) get the big jobs. This is very reminiscent of a military hierarchy.

So is it worthwhile for Europeans to study or do research in Japan? The spontaneous answer has to be ‘no’, because they have to learn Japanese first, which is actually almost impossible if they haven’t started from childhood. But the Americans don’t need to learn a word of Japanese. Even the US diplomats here in Tokyo give a sh*** about Japanese. It really is like that. The Japanese must all learn American – in their own country! – [American] to be able to communicate with the American occupiers.

Fewer and fewer Japanese are learning German. Don’t believe the figures from the DAAD or the Federal Republic of Germany government. They lie so that the funds requested are approved every year. In truth, the number of German courses in Japan, but also in other countries such as China, has halved in the last 10 years.

We Germans share a fate with the Japanese: we withdrew and became autistic. We became more specialized and hoped that our goods and ideas would be taken up by the world rulers overseas, discovered and then, ultimately, approved. So, the Americans determine our success. Our own countries can no longer do anything about it.

Can we fight back? Can we pick ourselves up again? Well, first off, it doesn’t look like it. Not with those [face] masks in your face. And these are just the visible punishments for us: the chains in people’s minds and the pincers on their testicles are very real. Sometimes I think Japanese universities are just zombie institutes. Almost like the German universities, they are no longer good either. It really only counts – America.

At that time I made the voluntary decision to study far away from Germany in Asia, China and Japan. It became clear very quickly that this is a world conspiracy here. I’ve been told over and over again that I have to show myself in America in order to even exist (to be on the safe side, you know). So I went to Harvard for a year, even though I didn’t have any money. I read and scanned thousands of books and documents at Harvard University in a “Kamikaze action” for 4 weeks for my work on the translation history of the Shengren – my doctoral thesis.

Without an affiliation with America, there are hardly any careers in the world. So if you study in Asia, be prepared that you will have to score in American journals or universities anyway.

If there is a future, then only a future of geopolitical unrest on this planet, where the Asians and Europeans can finally push back and crush the US empire and really build a multipolar world order here, in which every state and culture and language has its own chances.

I’m deadly serious. We live in enslavement and most people don’t understand it. They might not see it. They have been at home under lockdown and severe punishment for 3 years and only deal with their iPhones.

Think carefully about whether you really want to live without Japan and without Germany, without sovereignty and self-respect.

Colonialism and foreign rule will not end by themselves. And human history can be reduced to a single formula:

If you don’t fight back, you’re worthless.

Thanks for listening. See you later!

The author is a German writer and cultural critic.

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