By Ken Leslie for the Saker Blog


I have been reluctant to write ever since the beginning of the Russian operation in the Ukraine despite a strong wish to write something – anything. What is there to write about when a titanic struggle for a new world is being played out day after day in all its glory and terror? How can the written word even attempt to grasp and explain the historic upheaval currently underway? Thanks to Andrei(s) and Pepe Escobar, we are privy to some excellent military and geopolitical analyses and I am perfectly happy to mull the complexity of the war and its underlying currents in the company of my faithful desktop. And yet… there is something I feel needs to be said about the uncanny similarity between the current geopolitical context and that underpinning WWII, to the extent that the conflict in the Ukraine can be viewed as nothing more than a straightforward continuation of the former. This is confirmed by the fact that the differences between the two are much smaller relative to the similarities.

Before I set off on my brief journey through history, there is a general point I want to address: There is a lot of anxiety floating around. Well-meaning people (including yours truly) are riding the waves of war, experiencing exaltation and dejection with every Russian triumph and setback. This is completely understandable and I would be less than honest if I did not admit to being utterly exhausted by worry and seesawing emotions. At the same time, I’ve come to understand one thing. My willing Russia to win will not make one bit of difference – well, perhaps it might. Russia is what it is – a great, fascinating, freedom-loving land of endless steppes and kind people whose mission is to rid the world of evil, full stop. As such, Russia must prevail, and it will. However, such a great accomplishment – that no other country or civilization is close to being able to emulate – must come at a cost. This means that Russia’s struggle will (as always) involve setbacks, errors, losses, treachery and perhaps even tragedies. This is not something the Russians or their supporters want to countenance but please, hear me out. I am trying to desensitise you to the maelstrom of emotionally-charged information that can be very harmful if digested uncritically. Be strong but be prepared – like Russia – to sustain emotional losses that this long and immensely dangerous undertaking must produce. In the end, all we have is the belief that good must prevail and we should let that belief carry us all the way to victory.

It is shocking for many living in the West to be equated with evil but I insist on this Manichean definition. Most Germans living under Hitler had it very good up until 1942 or even later. Apart from word-of-mouth news about young men dying in the barbaric East, Germany was a country of (Nazi) law and order, (Nazi) culture and so on. If you asked an average German what they thought about their country – assuming they could answer truthfully – they would have not been able to comprehend (or would not care) that they were living in the hell pit of evil responsible for up to 60 million deaths across the world. Like today, a small minority was aware of the truth but this didn’t make any difference – the absolute majority marched in lock step with its genocidal regime to the very end. Feel free to apply this definition to whoever you fancy.

And now on to more mundane things. I belong to a generation conditioned by the stories and images of WWII, its horrors and unceasing bloodshed of tens of millions of people. This certainly gives away my age but it also allows me to see patterns and details that others might miss in their intense focus on here and now. My heart aches for the uncountable victims of the German Drang (as it does for many millions of innocents destroyed by the criminal US) and I can’t listen to Podmoskovnie Vechera without shedding a few tears. I also “remember” the sunny spring of 1945 – that witching hour of European history – when everything seemed possible, including an end to all war and the ascent of the suffering world to the sunny uplands of peace, friendship and progress. With the Soviet Union momentarily being admitted as an equal to the West’s gentlemen’s club, a golden age beckoned.

Alas, the blossoming of happiness of that magical summer was nothing but a cruel chimera. The once in a century opportunity for an equitable and friendly relationship between Russia and the West was feverishly sabotaged by the American and European power structures ever since the death of Franklin Roosevelt. No, I can do better than this. It is 1917 that I should take as the annus nullius of the modern anti-Russian crusade. After setbacks on the Eastern front and coming close to liberating Constantinople, Russia was suddenly enveloped in a liberal bourgeois revolution which deposed the Tsar, and started toying with Western democracy (similar to what happened in 1991). Kerensky’s mini-revolution was soon replaced by a more radical dictatorship of the proletariat led by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin which overnight ended all commitments by the Russian army to support its Western allies. This was the first cause of the enmity that would eventually develop between a nascent USSR and the West. For my purposes, the more important moment here was the peace of Brest-Litovsk which surrendered vast parts of the moribund Russian empire – among them, the Ukraine – to Russia’s German enemy. It was then that the German General Staff started planting seeds of a “Ukrainian” nation that would come back to haunt Russia many times since.

The principal architects of the Ukraine as anti-Russia were the Vatican, Poland and Austria-Hungary and arguably it was their evil scheming that eventually gave rise to Bandera, Sheptytsky, Shukevich, Stetsko and a myriad of Uniate cutthroats, an utterly fake Ukrainian language as well as history (see Croatia as well).2 While the USSR succeeded in wresting the Western Ukraine and Byelorussia from Poland in 1939, it never resolved the “Ukrainian national question” and merely managed the already inflamed Ukrainian nationalism which would prove to be one of the most genocidal ideologies in world history. Given the treachery of (mainly Russian) communists vis-à-vis the Ukraine, it is not surprising that President Putin talked about “decommunisation”. He was alluding to the anti-Russian policy of the Soviet Communist Party in granting the Ukraine concession after concession at the expense of Russians and others – only to be rewarded by the utter destruction of the Soviet legacy at the hands of the never-eliminated agents of Ukrainian/European Nazism.

One could go on forever about the sheer ugliness and degeneracy of Ukrainian nationalism and (some would say fortunately), this is now in full view despite desperate attempts by the Western media to bury the inconvenient truth. As many have already noted, this war is about much more than the Ukraine or even Europe. Most experts and commentators agree that what is happening now is a tectonic break-up (not shift) of an old world order and the birth of a new one. The next question however, namely what form this process might take, is less clear. While understandable in the light of the complexity of the situation this should not stop us from noting the obvious: The world is preparing for a global conflict along the lines drawn in the 1930s and 1940s. While there are differences between the two eras, the similarities are so striking that they must be commented on.

At the moment, the West is united against Russia and this appears different from the 1930s when the Anglo-Americans apparently opposed Hitler. This of course is complete poppycock. Until very late into the decade, and ever since the revolution of 1917, the West was united against the USSR. Any attempts at reconciliation were thwarted by the political and military agents of the Vatican and big capital, with Mussolini and Hitler being the best known ones.1 If anybody still thinks that this had to do with anti-communism, please explain why today’s Europe is reviving Nazism and preparing itself for another war against (a nominally capitalist) Russia. The Western consensus vis-à-vis the USSR was eventually broken by Franklin Roosevelt, but not even this exceptional statesman could convince the British and the French to try to find a common ground with the Soviets against the ever-growing threat from a German Nazi hydra – which eventually turned America into a deformed copy of itself.3 As has become exceedingly clear, Hitler’s aim was not to “conquer Europe” but to mould it into an unbreakable anti-Russian fortress by installing friendly politicians, businessmen, and clerics and fanning the flames of Russophobia across Europe. Hitler’s Europe was much more than Germany – it was a vast politico-economic structure which relied greatly on the full co-operation of France which throughout the war supplied Germany with badly-needed industrial and agricultural products and kept the Festung Europa safe for Nazism.

With Germany and a Vichy France comprising its core, the radial structure of Hitler’s Europe closely resembles that of the EU. The first ring was made up of the Benelux and Scandinavian countries – these nations were considered “Arian” by default and had the task of providing technological and command support to the German military-industrial complex (e.g. see Sweden’s industrial support for Hitler and various elite Waffen SS divisions from the Benelux and Scandinavia in WWII). The second ring comprised the less-developed “Latin” countries, including Italy, and the Catholicised Western Slavs (plus the Hungarians) whose main task was to furnish the Reich with cannon fodder, raw materials and food. Finally, at the very edge of Hitler’s fortress lay the Balkan countries which were supposed to provide cheap slave labour, low-level products (timber etc.) and oil (Romania). This fourth and final ring included the Ukraine and Byelorussia whose contribution to the “civilised Western values” included slave labour (millions were sent to Germany) food and death. To ensure compliance, the Germans relied on a powerful network of Ukrainian nationalists in the employ of the Abwehr, who were readying the hordes of genocidal murderers long before Barbarossa saw the light of day. And although Soviet intelligence managed to eliminate many of its leaders before the war (read Pavel Sudoplatov), enough rats survived to be able to create a regime of terror as horrifying as that of the monstrous Independent State of Croatia.

It was only the heroic offensive by the Red army that broke the back of the Euro beast – at a very high cost. However, not even they could break the back of the fanatical Ukrainian Nazis who continued with open terror until about 1956 and then went underground to await a fresh opportunity. Ukrainian terror against Russians which started in the 1910s has never stopped. Funded and supported by the Vatican, Austria-Hungary, Imperial Germany, Hitler’s Germany and Poland, the UK, US and West and the current German state, the Ukrainian Nazi virus was released again as soon as the Soviet Union collapsed (note the similarities with Yugoslavia and Croatia). Many Russians refused to see the truth and continued to support the increasingly anti-Russian ukro regimes in the name of “brotherhood” inculcated during Soviet times. This is a simple replay of 1918, 1939, 1945 and 2014 when the Soviets/Russians forgave their hangmen only to have to fight the same battle again and again. This fully explains President Putin’s demand for a full denazification of the Ukraine. I can only hope that he completes this historic task fully.

Can you see it yet? Do you see the geopolitical pattern that is currently forming? A deeply Russophobic Euro Reich centred on Germany, France and the Vatican (with a wholehearted Anglo-American support) is rapidly being turned into an anti-Russian fortress. Do you see the core and the rings? Do you see the suppression of everything Russian (Hitler never banned Russian music) and the weaponisation of the despicable ukro Nazi ideology? History might not repeat but it has just provided the rhyme of the century. For decades, various experts and commentators (including many in Russia) have viewed the EU as a bumbling, impotent victim of American diktat. My previous articles offer plentiful evidence that I treat this idea with the contempt it deserves. Now that the pro-German Russians are finally waking up from their deep slumber, it is a good time to “Chechenise” the myth that the EU is a hotchpotch of militarily incompetent, bumbling Washington vassals.

This couldn’t be further from the truth and the people laughing at the current EU economic predicament would be wise to stop their cheering – for now. Whatever I may think of German psycho-politics, I would never underestimate their ability to recover and rearm. If history is anything to go by, the current problems will only act to galvanise the German society into resuming its role of the European hegemon. In other words, what we are seeing are the first inchoate moves towards the rebirth of Hitler’s Europe. I assure you that I am not exaggerating or offering easy similes. Even the “Green” LGBT mask has dropped – many of the original Nazi leadership were “socialist” and LGBT – only to be replaced by more reliable elements once the system was in power. Well, this time they don’t even need replacing.

The Euro Reich has had 30 years to expand, consolidate and take up positions all the way to the borders of Russia. The naivety of those who claimed that this was a perfectly peaceful exercise is now exposed to the world. If you are wondering what the transformation of the EU into a fighting force will look like, wait for the results of Russian countersanctions – once German industry starts to falter and we start seeing food and fuel queues. They are already banning everything related to Russia and have started quashing internal dissent (cue early Nazi concentration camps for Socialists, Communists and many others) and are pledging vast sums of money for weapons. Needless to say they are fully supported in their satanic intent by France and the satellite countries (fascist Spain and Italy are particularly prominent). Any form of German- or French-led Europe is the historical enemy of Russia that will need to be broken up and neutralised if Russia is to survive. It is as simple as that. Of particular interest to me are the for-now unconfirmed reports that most pro-Russian demos are occurring on the territory of the former German Democratic Republic. While not surprising this might be an important harbinger of things to come.

You will have noticed that I hardly mention the role of the UK and the US in the current conflict. I am not going to talk about the disgust I feel at the pro-Nazi policies of the UK government and establishment and the lunatic anti-Russian posturing by the US. There is very little doubt that like so many times before, the demonic duo are fanning the flames of war and hatred and are no doubt originators of the newest plan to set the EU against Russia (and vice versa). The satanic snake eye of the eternal profiteer is observing the crashing of an exploitative global system whose main beneficiary it has been for centuries. It is not surprising that Anglo-Americans will fight to the last German (or Bulgarian) in order to preserve it. However, is this a precedent? Have they not done it countless times before? And herein lies the rub. Germany had at least two chances to understand that Russia was not their enemy – and they happily threw these away, only to inflict 60+ million deaths on the world over 30 years – Slavs comprising up to 40 million of those.

Unlike the Germans who hate the Slav intrinsically, the Anglo-Americans love money more than they hate Russia.4,5 This was proven by two world wars and it appears that a similar pattern is developing now. While too early to make any predictions, history tells us that they will support the EU until it becomes powerful enough to cause Russia real harm and consequently too powerful for their taste. If a hot war between Russia and the EU were to happen, it is possible that they would sit it out – but only because of excessive risks to themselves. Of course, most of this is moot given Russia’s ability to annihilate any enemy very quickly without having to resort to nuclear weapons. Alternatively, as predicted by George Galloway, the working people of Europe will prove me completely wrong by overthrowing their vampiric leaders. Let us say that I am a bit less optimistic here but will happily eat humble pie should Mr Galloway be proved correct.

My brief sketch tackles only a small part of the global turmoil that is currently unfolding. The embryonic coming together of the East is more important than anything I have discussed here. It is ultimately the movement of the global East towards new modalities of living and prospering that will determine not only the behaviour of the West but also the future of the world. In the meantime, long live Russia and all the freedom-loving peoples of the world!

1. Here is a list of fascist/pro-fascist/Nazi “European leaders” from the times of the Third Reich – all of whom were Roman Catholic.

Germany: Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels

France: Petain, Laval

Belgium: Ruled directly but a hotbed of collaboration (400000 prosecuted after the war; Degrelle and Christus Rex)

Italy: Mussolini

Spain: Franco

Ireland: De Valera

Portugal: Oliveira Salazar

Slovakia: Tiszo

Slovenia: Rupnik

Croatia: Pavelic, Stepinac

Poland: Pilsudski

Hungary: Horthy, Mindszenty

Austria: Seipel, Schuschnigg, Seyss-Inquart

Lithuania: Ruled directly but a hotbed of collaboration and genocide

The Ukraine: Ruled directly but the epicentre of Uniate-organised genocide and holocaust; Bandera, Stetsko, Shukhevich

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