Some of you have emailed me to ask about “Carpenter” and how he (yes, he is a “he”) can be helped (he has not found any worth in many months, is is risking losing his home and he has no savings at all).

I emailed him and here is what I can share with you:

“Carpenter” is actually both a framing carpenter and a mason. He has done stonework and carpentry both for many years now. He is 56 now. He comes from a large family of tradesmen and he is a loyal and hard worker, raised on a dairy farm. He and his bother built his home by themselves. He live in central Virginia, near Unionville, about 35 miles from Fredericksburg and 45 miles north of Charlottsville.

As for what Carpenter has in his mind and soul, you can read it for yourself in his letter.

If somebody could help him find a job and, thereby, save his house, I would be forever grateful and absolutely filled with joy.

Friends, please, if you can – help. This community has tremendously helped me many times already, let’s see if we can help one of our own “other westerners”!

Email me with any offer and I will forward it to Carpenter. Deal?


Many thanks and kind regards,

The Saker


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