Capitalism is not the problem.
Capitalism is an Abstraction.

The Criminal and War Economy is the problem.
YOU are the Solution.

by Cameron Pike for The Saker blog

Capitalism is a very loosely defined term. When you look up the definition in the dictionary and compare it to Marx’ description in the context of leftist discourse today, it has become a catch-all and vague phrase which implies that all private business for profit leads to corruption and greed. The actual definition of Capitalism is an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state. But the former is the actual thinking of most when they blame all of our problems today on Capitalism.


Neither are appropriate. They are wholesale, absolute, vague and abstract when compared with the reality that private business owners make up small, medium, and large businesses. It is how average folks still make a living, albeit shrinking fast as most successful businesses wait for the big buyout from a mega corporation, a climate which NAFTA created. Frankly, in an age where overt corruption at the very top of the chain is the overriding control mechanism by which most squirrels get a nut these days, describing our socio-economic problems with these definitions just don’t cut it. And everyone on the left and the right are affected in the same way if they own a business or not.

Most online discussions today about poverty and austerity, especially in social media by even those with the best of intentions, are vacuous; filled with lots of words that don’t have any tangible meaning – no physically equivalent value. Disconnected from this hollow definition is the very essence for which value is given to anything which sustains and increases the quality of human life. We give up our intellectual reason to authoritative voices on topics we don’t know enough about very easily when such abstractions are deployed. I’m not blaming anyone. We are all prone to this, myself included. And this is tricky stuff.

It is best and more efficient at this point to define the word ABSTRACTION:

  1. the act of considering something as a general quality or characteristic, apart from concrete realities, specific objects, or actual instances.
  2. an impractical idea; something visionary and unrealistic.
  3. the act of taking away or separating; withdrawal: The sensation of cold is due to the abstraction of heat from our bodies.
  4. secret removal, especially theft.
  5. absent-mindedness; inattention; mental absorption
  6. the quality of dealing with ideas rather than events

During the first dog-days of Occupy, there was renewed hope among many participants and well wishers, myself included, that a generation of young people could finally explore solutions to our broken economic system in a way that was educational, empowering and fruitful. That optimism lasted almost 5 minutes. As it turns out, these young people were only angry enough to make a sign or dangle donuts on fishing hooks in front of cops. They defended their alt-left hero Obama, who bailed out Wall Street’s ‘too big to fail’ monstrosities with our money.

Today, those same bankers who were bailed out, we are told, are way too big to jail. This is actually not at all true, regardless of how the ‘law’ has been rewritten. They can be jailed, and they can also be thrown head first off skyrise rooftops… but I digress. This digression will be handy later when I ‘splain the concept of the General Welfare, embedded in the United States Constitution. This same concept is also the foundation of the Belt and Road Initiative China embarked on in 2013, enshrined in the CPC constitution in 2017. So, earmark that thought.


The 99.9%, which includes small, medium and large-sized business owners, still allow themselves to be at the mercy of liars, cheaters, and mass murderers. The best words to describe their characters are: narcissist and psychopath. The faux-leftist post-modern Social Justice Warriors that emerged from Occupy under Obama and Soros’ all-seeing eyes have prolonged today’s fiscal quagmire, leading the way for abstractions galore; gender pronoun policing, Russia-gate, Assad is a dictator, etc, etc, etc. Since those fateful days of Occupy’s tumultuous and painful beginnings, the bankers have gone ahead unabated, in a very convenient and successful marriage with the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) – the war machine that identity politics activists and social justice warriors NEVER talk about. Most of them with few exceptions don’t know anything about how the Big Banks (Finance Capital) are tied to the MIC.

Alas, the concept of the General Welfare is still not understood AT ALL. Bernie Sanders did a good job of corralling the thinking intellectuals on the left into Hillary ‘War Hawk’ Clinton’s slaughterhouse that countries like Haiti and Libya truly understand. Using abstractions like ‘Capitalism’, the left has been corralled into much, much worse by either well-meaning activists, or actual Imperial agents at the behest of the same bankers who got away with literally stealing entire countries’ money, lives and future, one after another after another over the last 120 years using the MIC to facilitate. For all the speculation about what is happening in Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Ukraine, what happened to Libya, for all those blaming today’s conflicts on religious differences or cultural conflicts, or the never-ending left and right ideological throw-down, friendship-ending, family-feud-starting arguments, I say all these are just distractions, because the bankers and MIC continue pillaging and killing without any resistance from you.

The Bankers and their marriage with the Military Industrial Complex (F+MIC), by whom you or your friends and family are likely employed to some degree, continue raping, stealing, and murdering using these legitimate issues as their cover. The ‘Minster’ who married them are the various government heads of the Atlantic countries in concert with agents embedded in the mainstream media. The code word used by Imperialist think tank and media agents, like Alistair Heath of the Sunday Daily Telegraph is ‘Liberal economics’ or ‘Liberal Democracy’. This is a marriage made in the depths of Dante’s Inferno. Legitimate, real issues have been, and are today, made more potent and dangerous because of billionaires like George Soros, the Rothschild’s, Rupert Murdoch, Dick Cheney, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and their political puppets like Obama, Loretta Lynch, Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland, Theresa May, Emanuel Macron…the list goes on. Any political official not discussing and organizing tangible ways of bringing back the principle of the General Welfare into law, is either an instrument of distraction or are themselves the cause of that distraction. Trump, today’s lead political aberration, has yet to make the right moves, despite his stated intention of passing the Glass Steagall bank separation act.

Glass Steagall effectively BANKRUPTS Wall Street, the City of London, and the MONETARY system we’ve been living under since before WWI, otherwise known as Finance Capital. This is the same monetary and usurious system which is continuously confused with the word ‘Capitalism’. This is also the same system that allows endless wars abroad, cold-blooded murder, FUKUS airstrikes on innocent civilian’s time and time again under blatantly false pretenses, and the arms industry that supplies them. Most Americans with a middle to upper class salary depend on this very large spider web-like industry to feed their families.

I intend to inject through the words in this article, a proper explanation into your mind as to why blaming Capitalism for the problems of the world is pointless, futile and perpetuates vacuous discussions producing zero action to stop the war and looting by the F+MIC. It is this THINKING which is the problem, and why the Oligarchy’s wars of Imperialism will not end unless said bankers see their own feet dangling over the edge from 30+ floors up.

Oligarchs and CEO’s of private banks and their henchmen are real people: they have names and addresses. Their livelihood depends on keeping the Oligarchy in control of the FMIC. They are also narcissists and psychopaths.

Loretta Lynch cinched the private banking industry’s corset in the aftermath of the 2007 financial crash. She made all the heavily compensated banking CEO’s look like maybe they had just gained a couple pounds, which she tucked nicely under layers of taffeta and boning. But Never Fear, Obama said! The bankers were back on the catwalk after reassurances that the banks would be FINE – oh, you thought he meant you and I would be fine, right? His solution, like Bush before him, was that we just needed to keep spending the economy back into shape – kind of like eating nothing but Twinkies and calling it a diet.

Meanwhile, what was really going on was the following: through rose-colored glasses we’ve been fawning from the benches over what look like perfect 10’s. But take off those glasses and you’ll find you’ve been getting a B.J. from a chubby hooker wearing Prada in a back alley. That same hooker continuously steals from your wallet, distracting you with you-know-what, then beats herself and tells her pimp that the bruises she got were from you. I think we all know how that scenario ends. The Loretta Lynch-type administrators are the pimp, we are the johns, and the bankers are, you guessed it. And worse, the hooker and the pimp continue to get your business because sex is as fundamental to human beings’ existence as is chocolate and coffee, I mean, food.

Feel dirty yet? You shouldn’t. I’m not sex-shaming here. But I am trying to point out that the only reason people pay hookers for sex in a back alley, except where narcissism and sociopathy is present, is because they are damaged and desperate for human connection. They usually don’t have anywhere else to turn. Where the economy is concerned, desperation is the prime motivating factor which keeps people like you as repeat customers. What can I say? Life can be messy.

Ok, hookers and degrading sexual acts aside, you should feel disgusted even without the metaphor. But nothing has worked so far despite A LOT OF EFFORT on the part of well informed political and economic organizers. I will continue using a healthier metaphor, but I think I’ve set the appropriate stage here. Americans, Canadians, Europeans, Africans, Middle-Easterners, most of Asia and South Americans have been held hostage to the international money-laundering frauds controlled centrally by the City of London, Wall Street, the IMF and the World Bank with the MIC as their front line of offence. They’ve deprived us of our basic human physical and emotional needs for so long now that we have all settled for getting a little at the risk of war, death, maiming, disease, extreme poverty, and starvation – the equivalent of a venereal disease or even AIDS. The worst is that the most cruel and debilitating devastation, with your support and lack of resistance, has fallen on people whom you will never meet or know around the world.

Please, don’t just read those words and think it doesn’t apply to you. We’ve all been desperate at some point or another.

A Healthier Metaphor:

Everyone needs love, right? I mean, what’s a man or woman to do when they’re stuck in a bad relationship? See, a healthy, loving relationship should be like a healthy economy. The long-term health of any relationship depends on much more than just sex. But sex is as vital and as important as the other aspects. It is indeed the beautiful and natural act that causes our existence. If we’re lucky some of us find balanced loving relationships with good sex, and some of us go through painful learning lessons; Right person, wrong time; Wrong person, right time; or the all too ugly scenario, wrong person, wrong time. Sex has too many variations and qualities to compare its value to a long-term emotionally healthy relationship. But, as a whole, the best word to describe a truly healthy relationship is RECIPROCITY. And this goes for friendships, employer/employee relationships, and the like. It also goes for governments and the proper relationship they should have with their respective constituents and other countries on behalf of their constituents.

RECIPROCITY: the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit, especially privileges granted by one country or organization to another.

Doing business in an actual healthy economy is exactly like being in a reciprocal relationship where love, acceptance, and sex, if both partners are healthy, is both given and received. Sometimes when one partner isn’t healthy and needs help, the other partner does a bit more of the work (cooking that partner dinner as a thank you is nice 😉). This is the same principle at play in a healthy economy where the economy is set up to help the less fortunate when they’re down. Two people who share a soul bond, one where you know what that person is thinking before they speak, or they call you when you think about them, when you finish each other’s sentences and feel completely comfortable in each other’s presence, don’t always need a lot of sex or any at all. Sex with a stranger is usually a substitute for the lack of closeness in an existing relationship or a lack of human connection in general. We’ve all been there. This is nothing new. But it serves as a good metaphor to get us to finding a proper solution to today’s problems.

Back to the Future Economy:

To say that doing business for profit always leads to corruption and greed on the scale we have today is like saying that sex always leads to a relationship or that a good sexual partner will also be a good life partner. I mean, Come On. In an unhealthy relationship, there’s likely some deep-seeded problems in each person to begin with that spreads like a contagion to each other, and the problems are usually there because there is little to no reciprocity, unbalanced. A man or woman in a healthy reciprocal relationship, like a healthy economy, doesn’t need to look elsewhere for, um, excess ‘profit’ unless narcissism or sociopathy is a factor. They give each other what each other needs to better the quality of each other’s lives. That is, in fact, why they are in a relationship. In a healthy economy, business/customer relationships, business to business relationships, government/business relationships and government/citizen relationships compensate each other for their goods and services – and time. This is a reciprocal relationship or at least it is supposed to be.

If you’ve read this far, you may be thinking – what is this woman going on about?! Why is she comparing sex and relationships to the fricking economy for GOD’S sake?!?! It may seem like I am getting a bit personal here. This IS, in fact, my intention.

Private Banking versus Capitalism: Narcissistic Supply and Abuse

The reason I make this personal is the following: The Oligarch’s and their henchmen currently residing and working in the City of London and Wall Street have physically and emotionally violated 99.9% of the planet’s populations. It is the same as psychological RAPE; taking a family home using their ‘power’ over the financial system, and then blaming the victim using Senate and Congress and so-called ‘financial experts’ as their thugs, is no different than being in a relationship where one partner is the narcissistic abuser, their friends (Congress, Senate) are the narcissist supply, and the other partner, you and I, are the abused. Then your partners’ friends (Senate and Congress) call you ungrateful because you don’t thank them for reluctantly giving you food stamps and drug-ridden homeless shelters after the abuser took your home.

To top it off, they use big data companies run by unfeeling, unscrupulous CEO’s who wouldn’t dream of giving up their own personal information to the public, but quite willingly sell your personal information on the open market. Your awareness of this keeps you subservient; you censor yourself and are immobilized from effectively organizing resistance to the F+MIC. Rest assured, resistance is NOT futile.

Most of us have been in a relationship with a person who has narcissistic tendencies, which is an increasing phenomenon today with the rise of Post-Modernism. What usually happens is we get angry for being abused, lied to and blamed for things we didn’t intend to do or that we didn’t do at all. This justified anger turns into helplessness. Then we feel or are made to feel guilty for acting on or verbalizing our anger. When we lash out, and, as the inevitable punishment ensues, things get much, much worse. MOST of us, however, don’t lash out. We suck up our anger and pain, while the confusion festers inside us like cancer. It grows internally, until one day it reaches a vital organ and eats itself. Most people going through this phase who have no proper support system or understanding of narcissists turn to addiction; alcohol, legal and illegal drugs, gambling (the number 1 and under-reported addiction today), video games, Facebook, and sex. Then we go through varying stages of self-blame, more guilt, depression, and illness. The addiction continues to dig in its heels as we rely on self-medicating to get through the day. To rationalize the blame the narcissist heaves on us to our friends and family, we create ‘reasons’ why we are wrong, and the narcissist is right. After all, we’re the one with the addiction, right? There must be something wrong with me!

Well, there is something wrong with you. And it’s NOT that you DID anything. It’s that you weren’t given the tools or proper understanding to effectively deal with narcissists and psychopaths. Those who don’t get the proper help succumb to the abuse and then become a narcissist abuser themselves.

SO, let’s get to the solutions to this inter-personal national and international mess, shall we?


  1. a firm decision to do or not to do something
  2. the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter.
  3. The conversion of something abstract into another form.

We are not a consumer society.

Oligarchs are.

We are a Species That Needs to Consume for our existence. We eat to live.

Oligarchs live to eat.

We are as natural as the stars in the sky.

Oligarchs are a small but powerful irregularity.

We are the many.

Capitalism abstractionism blames all privately-owned businesses, when it is in fact the Private Banking Industry (Finance Capital) which is the controlling mechanism that drives our destructive imperial and criminal war economy. The City of London is the worlds headquarters for the Private Banking Industry and Wall Street is their subsidiary. The City of London is 1 square mile inside London. They have their own laws, their own Mayor, and the rule of law that applies to the rest of us outside that square mile does not apply to them inside. Finance Capital also actively and intentionally facilitates the funding of international terrorism, including ISIS.

Capitalism abstractionism doesn’t name names of CEO’s who have become frothing-at-the-mouth obscenely RICH using both well paid and underpaid employees to carry out their agenda. It also implicates small, medium and large private business owners who do not speculate. These private bankers have taken something very personal from the vast swaths of American, Canadian, European, African, South American, Middle-Eastern, Asian, and the former Soviet Union’s citizens; almost every nation on the planet has been affected by these very specific assholes for the last 100 years (it goes back much farther but this article is not meant to be a historical undertaking of that subject. There are much more important things to understand at this point in time). The only country where these same people have not fully sunk their hooks into the meaty flesh of existence today through military or financial means, in some form or another, is China. Not that they haven’t tried and not that they won’t try in the future. I attended an event recently where one of the oligarch’s mouthpieces explicitly stated that the West will be heading into a new cold war with China.

Bankers use the Military Industrial Complex to Facilitate the

Killing and Looting of Countries the Media Demonizes

The British Imperialists and European Oligarchs who effectively control the City of London, with their lapdog poodle France and others, are very weak after the Skripal debacle, the ongoing Russia-gate nonsense, and their latest catastrophe in Syria convincing Trump to go along. Wall Street’s control over the U.S. economy is hanging on by a very thin thread, propped up only because the giant transnationals are buying their own stock (this would be illegal under Glass Steagall legislation). After Trump went along with Macaroni’s plan to bomb their own assets in Syria, attempting to erase evidence of FUKUS’ direct involvement with ISIS, Al Sham, Al Nusra, etc, Raytheon’s stock shot up. Are Raytheon’s stock holders on the front lines? Are their children? No, they are not. However, are Raytheon manufacturing employees’ children in the military? Likely, yes, because the employees in the MIC also form part of the narcissists supply.

Resolution: Step #1

Before bank separation was repealed by Bill Clinton in 1999, the market was controlled in such a way that businesses could not make crooked and obscene profits so directly. After Glass Steagall was repealed the market has been continuously manipulated by the ‘Ministers’ (politicians) who married Wall Street with the part of the economy that is supposed to increase the value of our quality of life. This part of the economy is called the Physical Economy, which, if healthy, facilitates the positive net benefit, the General Welfare, of the 99.9%. Glass Steagall reinstituted today would build a firewall around the physical part of the economy. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of HAPPINESS (NOT property) was the dream of some founders of the United States Republic. ‘Property’ was the dream of other Republic founders, plantation owners for example. To them, ‘property’ included human beings. The same principle applies today to those running the F+MIC. When FDR first instituted Glass Steagall in 1932, it was his intention, in principle and action, to protect and empower the 99.9% from these blood sucking narcissists and psychopaths. It was the General Welfare principle he was bringing back, which is embodied in the phrase ‘Life, Liberty, and Happiness’.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), the building of massive scale infrastructure using State Owned Enterprises (SOE’s), where the debt is owned by the government (the returns go back to the government as well, instead of to private banks), is the best example of a healthy, reciprocal physical economy, and of the General Welfare in action. If the U.S. were to institute bank separation now, the money, effort, and slavery to a criminal and war economy would effectively stop because the speculation of the City of London and Wall Street could no longer use YOUR hard work and savings to continue feeding their speculation and obscene profits. This is where step #2 comes in, National Banking.

Resolution: Step #2

Once Glass Steagall were to be put into effect, say, through an EO by Trump (just a suggestion), a National Bank would need to be re-instituted. This would perform the exact same function and operate exactly the same way as China’s SOE’s which are funding the BRI. The debt and the returns on that debt would go back to the National Bank instead of the system which Raytheon, et al, is a part – the Pimps. Money and effort formerly pumped into the slave, war, and looting economy, killing innocent people so that you can feed your family (remember, you’re the John) would instead go into building infrastructure at home, schools, education, healthcare, roads, investment in science and technological advancements that would eventually weed us off oil, like Gen IV Nuclear Reactors and likely Fusion power. The latter would eradicate pollution.

In essence, if Trump were to institute Glass Steagall today, the war economy, the narcissism, the pimps, your slavery to a system you fundamentally disagree with but are desperate enough to risk life, limb, and early death for, and the narcissists’ supply would dry up. Trump’s base of support or anyone who might have Trump’s attention and is serious about organizing against illegal foreign wars and picking losing battles with another nuclear power, should consider organizing around this policy – NOW – while the psychopath is weak. Anyone can organize for this whether as an individual or an individual organizing a group to get these policies instituted. Start the conversation at the very least and see where it leads, without abstractions. See where it goes.

Get specific. Turn the abstractions into a proper form, Glass Steagall and National Banking, which begins the process of creating a new paradigm where narcissists get their just and proper treatment, where reciprocal relationships become the norm, not the exception. You’re allowed to be angry. Its an appropriate and natural emotional reaction to this mess. But, if you are only shouting abstractions, well…

Focus that anger, not only by making a sign or holding a media-ignored protest (a classic narcissist tactic). You should be angry enough to call your senator and congressman, you should be angry enough to break the City of London’s grip on the west and 3rd world countries, keeping you enslaved by filling shareholders offshored coffers that decrease the value of you and your family’s quality of life and killing millions of people abroad.

So many people ask me, ‘What am I supposed to do?’ After doing this for a few years, I can tell you one thing: sitting at the table with these people, looking them in the eye at close proximity, is HIGHLY effective. Courage is required. Speak your truth quietly and clearly. They will understand that you’re serious, and you will see them get very uncomfortable. Empower yourself.

In the end, what the City of London really wants is to control the United States for it’s vast economic resources, where the profits go directly to their private Island gorges, furthering your enslavement to the criminal war machine while maiming and killing innocents around the world. On top of it, you don’t benefit, AT ALL (unless you’re in it for the score or the ‘hit’ – in which case your problems can only be fixed by a professional). You and I get their scraps laden with false guilt. This is debilitating and prevents any defensive action by the abused person. With any luck, after Glass Steagall and a National Bank are reinstated, the United States government and other narcissist victims/suppliers might just go back to the One-Party Republic-style representation it was supposed to be. This is what the Oligarchy and the City of London really loathe.

We all have a lot more in common with each other than we do with the blood sucking Oligarch narcissists and their narcissist suppliers in that one square mile called London. Tell your elected officials that they need to put an end to this abuse or you will fight back using your 1st amendment right to organize for your 2nd amendment rights. Because as the Saker himself said, and I think we all know he’s right: the fighting and killing is not going to stop, and it WILL lead to a nuclear explosion. Unless we put an end to the F+MIC’s criminal war economy and stop it cold, it will continue unabated no matter how many abstractions we hurl from the streets or online. One thing about narcissistic psychopaths is proven: they don’t have a conscience like you and me. They don’t feel fear. However, they do know the consequences of their actions if they lose. This is a battle for our very existence. Show them the whites of your eyes.

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