Check out this video of an ABC producer interviewing the two authors of the Loose Change film series.

Commentary: to see these two young Americans standing up to the corporate whore interviewing them deeply touches me. Frankly, it fills me with hope that such people are still out there. They are the living proof that the USraelian Empire has not succeeded in stupidifying all young Americans and that, as the Russian singer Vladimir Vyssotski wrote, ‘boots cannot crush the human soul’.

I have been observing, literally for years, how the “truthers” are called “conspiracy theorists” while self-righteous morons who don’t have the brains or guts to question the “Party line” condescendingly smile at the “truthers” and lump them with of tin foil hats, flat earth societies and UFOs. So for those of you who have only disdain for these people let me say this to you:

I have come to conclude that the “truthers” are among the best, brightest and most courageous people in the USA and I am deeply grateful to all of them for opening my eyes to what really happened on 9/11.

The Saker

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