Guest Analyses

The Menticide Manual – In Medias Res

By Thorsten J. Pattberg for the Saker Blog In medias res is the literary device to start your story “in the midst”. This trick will create in the minds of the audiences the illusion of distance to a beginning and an end. As in: They are throwing you in the middle of it. All epics – from Homer’s Odyssey to Aśvaghosa’s Buddhacharita to the anonymous Beowulf – are necessarily written

European Requiem for the Russian Opposition

By Serbian Knight for the Saker Blog The growing pressure on Russia from Europe every day does not lead to support for street protests and a wave of discontent among Russians, as well as to mass opposition demonstrations, no matter how much we would like to. Sanctions, support for the street opposition, and public threats against Moscow are having the opposite effect: the Washington-fueled protest`s have completely failed, Russian society

The Not-Ultimatum

by Observer R for the Saker Blog Background The documents issued by Russia in December 2021 (the so-called “Not-Ultimatum), concerning modifications to the security architecture in Europe, have created a considerable sensation in the diplomatic and military worlds. Russia politely requested that NATO confine its activities to its location as of 1997, and keep out of the former Warsaw Pact territory. This was to abide by the promises that the

This Is How the U.S. Does ‘Dialogue’

Washington will not consider Russian proposals on no expansion of NATO, and has no intention of even discussing the idea. So much for “dialogue”. by Pepe Escobar, posted with the author’s permission and widely cross-posted It was the first high-level Russia-NATO meeting since 2019 – coming immediately after the non sequitur of the U.S.-Russia “security guarantee” non-dialogue dialogue earlier in the week in Geneva. So what happened in Brussels? Essentially

After Kazakhstan, the color revolution era is over

What happened in Kazakhstan increasingly looks like a US-Turkish-British-Israeli-led coup d’etat attempt foiled dramatically by their Eurasian adversaries By Pepe Escobar, posted with the author’s permission and cross-posted with The Cradle The year 2022 started with Kazakhstan on fire, a serious attack against one of the key hubs of Eurasian integration. We are only beginning to understand what and how it happened. On Monday morning, leaders of the Collective Security

The South Needs a Sane Foreign Policy

By Walt Garlington for the Saker Blog ‘The Constitution is not a suicide pact’ – but it is nearing that deadly threshold in a number of ways: federal debt, unchecked immigration, but most existentially in a lunatic foreign policy. In its relations with Russia and China especially, but also with regard to Iran, North Korea, and others, the diplomatic/military/intelligence apparatus in Washington City seems driven to ignite dangerous international conflagrations.

A Faintly Curmudgeonly Analysis of the Sino-Dimbulbian Clash

by Fred Reed for the Saker blog A staple response of nationalistic commenters on the web, when told that China is advancing rapidly in technology, is a truculent, “If the Chinese are so damn smart, why do they send their students to American universities? Huh?” The answer may surprise. Appended below is an email from an internet friend with a career in math and engineering: “Fred, “….My oldest daughter, being

The Menticide Manual – Promiscuity

By Thorsten J. Pattberg for the Saker Blog There must never be a truthful word about female promiscuity in our nation. We either keep lying and prevail, or we spill the truth… and must collapse. Reports the American Sex Survey 2004, ABC News: “Overall, women in the US report an average of 6 sex partners in their lifetimes; men, 20.“ And this, from Durex UK: “Men worldwide have had more

Kazakhstan (new open thread)

By Amarynth for the Saker Blog Here are a few updates in point form, but so far it is clear that the effort to destabilize Kazakhstan is on its way to failure.  Now we wait for the (not an ultimatum) meeting between the US and Russia on providing Russia with legally binding security guarantees.  Next week’s meetings are as follows: US and Russia: Geneva on January 9–10. Russia-NATO Council: Brussels

Steppe on Fire: Kazakhstan’s Color Revolution

By Pepe Escobar posted with permission and cross-posted Maidan in Almaty? Oh yeah. But it’s complicated. So is that much fear and loathing all about gas? Not really. Kazakhstan was rocked into chaos virtually overnight, in principle, because of the doubling of prices for liquefied gas, which reached the (Russian) equivalent of 20 rubles per liter (compare it to an average of 30 rubles in Russia itself). That was the

Two years later: nothing has changed in West Asia

By Aram Mirzaei for the Saker blog It has been two years since the murders of Martyrs Soleimani and Al-Muhandis at Baghdad airport. A lot has happened since then, but nothing has changed in the region. Still the same US occupation of Syria, and regular Israeli airstrikes on Syria. Still the same threats of “pre-emptive” attacks on Iran, still talks of US sanctioning this and that person in Iran. Still

Two years on, the Soleimani Spirit gathers clout

The Americans may have assassinated Soleimani, but the illegal aggression has not thwarted the Quds Force general’s plans for West Asia one bit, and may have even accelerated them. By Pepe Escobar, posted with permission and cross-posted with The Cradle   Two years ago, the 2020s started with a murder. Baghdad airport, January 3, 00:52 AM. The assassination of Major General Qassem Soleimani, commander of the Quds Force of the

Probing the Fever Swamps of Orthodoxy: Things One Mustn’t Ask

by Fred Reed for the Saker blog Writing about evolution is likely an expression of literary masochism, but has its rewards. The difficulties are several. For one thing, for many people belief in evolution indicates to them that they are not of the unwashed, but rather one with advanced thinkers. For another, most people accept nature-show evolution in which in a sort of biological Coeueism: we are getting better and

The Menticide Manual – Blackpill

By Thorsten J. Pattberg for the Saker Blog The Blackpill is a destructive ideology in the manosphere [promoting masculinity] that claims that genetics are everything and that subpar men should accept defeat. Callum Callum was born in Aberdeen, Northern Scotland, in 1982, to a wealthy Scottish engineer for the offshore oil industry and an English school teacher mother. The Celtic boy grew surprisingly tall, overtaking his own father’s height at

Review of Russian Navy auxiliary ships for 2020 — 2021

By Nat South for the Saker Blog Part 1 This article focusses on the new build programming and commissioning of ships and boats in 2021 and 2020. It provides an insight into the significantly less visible part of the Russian Navy and its ongoing modernisation programme. Russian support vessels are the backbone of any of the Fleets and the Caspian Flotilla,  since they underpin the combat ships and submarine operations

The EU, Globalization and the Road to Serfdom

By Francis Lee for the Saker Blog PART 1 It might be a good idea to start with some theoretical clarifications. Firstly, nationalism should not be confused with national sovereignty. Nations which are effectively ruled by outside agents – from Greece to Honduras – are not sovereign; they are colonies or vassals of some larger agency. And since they are not sovereign, the cannot be democratic, since decision making, and

The Menticide Manual – Deceit

By Thorsten J. Pattberg for the Saker Blog Deceit is the giving of false advice. The false advice is concocted to put a rival at a disadvantage and send him down a perilous path of defeat and humiliation. The deceitful person knows for a fact that his advice is dishonest. Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger The Austrian-born bodybuilder, movie actor and former governor of California, Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger, once described the deceitful

Nato in Russia’s crosshairs?

By Noel Monteiro for the Saker Blog Many comments have been written about Russia’s proposals to Nato, for a new defense framework in the west of Russia, and the Saker website has done a very good job of portraying it all from the Russian viewpoint, including the whole series of comments on/about Russia’s unambiguous and bluntly hard-worded proposals. There is no doubt, that the meaning of the words used, can