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Update from Andrei (hopefully the last related to Hurricane Ian)

Dear friends This will be my last hurricane-related post (God willing!).  Tomorrow my family and I will finish moving the objects we can salvage from the house.  But on Wednesday I hope to write at least a short commentary about the huge events taking place in Russia and the Ukraine.  I also want to write a commentary on Putin’s speech which I see as the most important speech in his

Update from Andrei

Dear friends We found a home to stay. We have workable Internet. Best of all, a neighbor told us that in his opinion our house might be fixable, but it will take time (especially to get the materials). Compared to much of Florida, we are very lucky. I am totally spent and will have to use the little energy I have to salvage the salvageable from our house. I hope

Update from Andrei

My family and I are all safe. Our house flooded and is uninhabitable so we will have to relocate for a few months. I hope to return to at least some blogging by next week, God willing. I cannot reply to emails right now. I apologize to you all. Thank you all for your prayers and support! Andrei

Quick news update + OPEN THREAD

First, all four liberated regions voted to join Russia. Donetsk: 99% Lugansk: 98% Zaporozhie: 93% Kherson: 87% This is a huge victory for Russia and a massive slap in the face of the collective West. By Friday I expect Putin to announce that these four regions will become part of Russia.  Then, early next week the Duma and the Federation Council will deal with this, then it will go back

Quick notes from Andrei + open thread

Dear friends Looks like Hurricane Ian will be even dangerous for the Florida East coast.  So I don’t know how soon we will lose power.  I also am too preoccupied with preparations to write much today. But the few headlines below are, I think, quite amazing. The Americans Declared War On Europe The War On Germany Just Entered Its Hot Phase Swedish experts report explosions at Nord Stream pipeline sites

A chaotic post to start the week: international news, blog news and personal info

Dear friends, This will be a somewhat chaotic post since I am going to mix international news, blog news and personal use.  But first, I want to address something which deeply bothers me: the reaction of some to the recent prisoner exchange.  Specifically, I want to address those who so vociferously opposed it and criticized the Kremlin for agreeing to it.  So in my next paragraph I want to direct

Two short news and some US week-end music

So the two big news of the day are: The liberated areas of the Ukraine have begun to vote on whether to join Russia A major prisoner exchange has taken place between the Kiev and Moscow I don’t see the point of commenting right now about the vote.  But I do have a few things to say about the prisoner exchange and the first one is this: to those who

Russia will mobilize about 1.2% of her mobilizational potential (UPDATED!)

So, after lots of speculation, we now know that the Kremlin has decided to mobilize about 300’000 soldiers from a total mobilizational potential of 25’000’000 soldiers.  That’s just a little over 1% of Russia’s mobilizational potential.  We are talking only about those soldiers who have an official status of “reserves” and all of them will have to undergo a special training before being sent to the Ukraine. A few comments

Short news summary and some week-end music

I begin with the most patriotic people in Russia, the Chechens.  Here is a photo of the latest batch of volunteers which Ramzan Kadyrov is sending to the Ukraine:   Next, one of the favorite techniques used by Ukrotrolls is the mantra “Where is the footage!? Where are the bodies?! Show me the supposed destroyed equipment?!” This is a very effective technique, consider the following: The Russian military has a

Who will run out of resources first?

Today I will keep it very short using my favorite bullet-style points: By most credible accounts, the recent Ukronazi+NATO attack in the Kharkov area was even more costly in KIA/MIA, wounded and lost hardware than the attack towards Kherson.  The combined losses from these attacks are staggering. Yet there are all the signs that the Ukronazi+NATO forces are preparing for even more such attacks. The Ukronazi+NATO seem happy to trade

On the role and importance of PSYOPs for the SMO (warning – long discussion!)

Introduction: the proverbial “fog of war” vs the Internet Listening to all the innumerable opinion and news (the latter mostly fake) about what happened in the past days in the Ukraine I am getting the feeling that I am observing to quasi non-connected worlds.  The first world is the purely military world and in that world a rather minor incident happened. In this world, it is even possible that the

Open thread, one development and a request

Dear friends, God willing, I will post an analysis tomorrow of what apparently has happened (I will look at at least two main versions) and what is going on today. At this point all I can do is to confirm that overnight the Russians have hit Ukrainian electricity nodes and that much of the Ukraine, especially in the East, is in the dark.  Even “Ze” confirmed this.  BTW – the

Open Thread, one article, a very promising new blog and trolls/bots

Dear friends, I am creating an open thread about the SMO in the Ukraine. As a “primer” I recommend this machine translation of a Russian article: Version one: Version two: And, just to clarify, Sivkov (PhD in Military Sciences) is very critical of Putin and the Russian Military and while we can criticize much of what he writes, he is hardly a “flagwaver”. Finally, please pay special attention

Update on the Ukrainian attack towards Kupiansk (and some week-end music)

I am probably going to regret doing this, but I will do it anyway (sigh):  I will post maps.  In fact, I am going to do this three times! First, a video of the Ukrainian advances since their counter-attack: (no sound) Second, here is a map to give you a closer look: And finally a Google map of the area with the actual distance between Balakleia and Kupiansk indicated: So

Some *very* basic stuff about Russian defenses in the SMO

Yesterday I posted a short SITREP about the Ukrainian offensive on Balakleia.  And, sure enough, there are 72 comments on this already!  Many of them show a total misunderstanding of the nature of the SMO (it was a mistake for me to post a map which, obviously, most people cannot make sense of!). So all I propose to do today is to explain something really basic about the concept of

The persecution of Graham Phillips by the UK government

Dear friends About a month ago I wrote about the truly Orwellian persecution of the journalist Graham Phillips by the UK government and I did a short Q&A with Graham himself.  Graham has sent me a number official document regarding his case, I concatenated them into one PDF which I will now share with you: This is a scary, but very interesting read.  One thing is very very clear: Graham’s

Tons of thanks, a SMO update and some beautiful week-end music!

First, my deepest gratitude to you all! I want to begin today’s report by thanking all those of you who have reached out to help me and the blog.  In spite of the hard economic times, many of you have sent donations, offered to volunteer and, last but not least, said prayers for me.  Of course, your donations will help financially, but it is your moral support which most deeply