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Dear friends, WOW!  I truly did not expect such a tsunami of emails and offers of support.  I can’t even begin to tell you how touched I am.  I am especially touched by those who never contacted me in the past and who decided to reach out.  All I can say is that I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Right now I don’t have the time

An update about the blog

Dear friends Today rather than commenting on the risks of a major war in Europe, or even the entire northern hemisphere, I want to share a few things about the blog. Minor issue: Twitter “cleaning house” There are currently two twitter accounts which claim a connection to me: The first one was run by a friend of mine. I have no idea who ran the second one. Please

Tactics without Strategy is the Noise Before Defeat

The title of this article is a quote by the famous Chinese general, strategist, philosopher, and writer Sun Tzu who lived 2500 years ago.  And while it is true that warfare has dramatically changed over the past millennia (for example, operational art was added as an intermediate level between tactics and strategy), the fundamental logic of Sun Tzu still applies.  To grossly oversimplify this issue, you could say that tactics

Is Andrei Martyanov right in his criticism of US ruling “elites”?

Those of you who, like myself, try not to miss any videos or articles by Andrei Martyanov know that one of his “favorite” topics is the utter incompetence of western elites in general and US ruling elites specifically.  I am sure that his criticisms appear to be over the top to many people and that is normal.  It is completely counter-intuitive to assume that the ruling class (because that is

Revisiting Russian objectives in the Ukraine

Check out this list of headlines, all from one source only, RT and all from the past week or so: Some are only “more of the same” (like the Ukronazis making the Aussies ban Russian flags at the Open), some are rather disgusting (like the Ukronazi blogger who wants to exterminate the Russian people), some are revolting (like the

Echoes from the first Neocon war in Europe and some music

First, I found out that BitChute also blocks videos showing combat operations in videos made my Russians.  Rumble did not, at least so far, so in the future I will stick with Rumble to post “politically incorrect” or otherwise “offensive” videos.  Still, the only viable solution here is to have a video hosting service in a sovereign country. Next, I cannot go into details here and now, but this is

The city of Soledar has been liberated by the Wagner PMC

This “news” was weeks in the making, but this time it is official: the city of Soledar has been liberated by the Wagner PMC (with Russian Airborne Forces blocking the city from the North and South).  Why did it take so much time? First, just as the regular armed forces, the Wagner PMC engages in economy of force tactics, meaning that they try to keep their own casualties to the

What would it take?

How NATO “celebrated” the Orthodox Nativity NATO did “celebrate” the Orthodox Nativity, but in its own way. First, a few headlines: Remember the truce offered by Russia?  It was rejected.  Instead we got this: Donetsk shelled in first minute of Christmas truce – authorities Two Serbs shot in Kosovo Christmas Eve attack And, just to clarify, NATO uses Serbia as a defenseless victim to show Russia what it can do

Celebrating the Nativity

Dear friends, I will be taking a few days off, from Thursday until Sunday evening, to attend church services at my parish.  God willing, I should be back at the keyboard by Monday.  On this occasion I will leave you with some beautiful Orthodox singing for the Nativity. I wish all those who celebrate the Nativity a peaceful and joy-filled celebration! Christ is born! Glorify Him! Andrei

Making sense of NATO strikes against Russia

There is no doubt that NATO is trying hard to escalate the war in the Ukraine.  Just before the end of the year there were two drones strikes against a major Aerospace Forces base in Engels.  The attacks were not very successful, but Russians did die when shrapnel hit a fuel truck which exploded.  The importance of that attack was that Engels is located deep inside Russia. Then there were

New Year’s Eve open thread

Dear friends, First, I want to wish a very happy New Year’s Eve to those who celebrate the new years on January 1st (I personally don’t).  I also want to wish you all the best for the coming year.  And yes, the future does look scary, but we should always strive to keep our peace of mind and a hopeful disposition, if only because it makes us stronger and more

The most important question

Looks like we will make it to Dec 31, 2022. Will we make it to December 31, 2023? This question is not hyperbole.  I would even argue that this is the single most important question for at least the entire northern hemisphere. I have been warning that Russia is preparing for a fullscale war since at least 2014.  Putin basically said just that in his recent speech before the Russian

Book review: “France’s Yellow Vests: Western Repression of the West’s Best Values”

I very rarely do book reviews, but in this case I felt that I simply *had* to share with you what I consider a true gem, one of those books which one simply has to read.  I am referring to the book “France’s Yellow Vests: Western Repression of the West’s Best Values” by Ramin Mazaheri, a PressTV correspondent and a regular contributor to the Saker blog.  Though we never met

Q&A with North South University students

I was recently contacted by my friend Cynthia McKinney who told me that my article about what a Russian defeat would mean for the West was used as part of the course she teaches at North South University of Dhaka in Bangladesh.  I have to admit that I was very touched by the idea that students in faraway Dhaka were reading my article, and I offered to answer any follow-up

Do the Europeans deserve what is coming to them next?

Dear friends I was born in Switzerland, arguably the heart of Europe, and as a European by birth, if not by culture, I feel that I should address the issue of the regular European’s responsibility for what is going on in both the Ukraine and Serbia. I don’t believe in collective guilt, so the short answer is “no”. But I do believe in consequences and I do believe in God’s

NATO is trying to find a pretext to attack Serbia (again)

As I have mentioned recently, the situation in NATO occupied Kosovo is quickly deteriorating (see here and here).  NATO’s humiliation in the Ukraine is pushing NATO leaders to try to prove their “martial valor” and “manhood” by, quote, “every now and again the United States has to pick up a crappy little country and throw it against a wall just to prove we are serious“ (Michael Ledeen).  And, again, the

Yet another major Ukronazi “victory” (and some week-end music)

So the Ukronazis, having defeated quite a few old statues, have now turned to defeating a DNR flag in Washington DC. No, I am not kidding, see for yourself: Powered by bitchute embed generator Ask yourself a basic question: is that the behavior of a side clearly winning a war?  And I don’t only mean the Ukrainians, I also very much mean the USA and NATO too. But then, one