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What should we make of the latest Muppet show in DC?

There’s a mad dog pulling at his chain A hint of danger in his eye Alarm bells raging ’round his brain Roger Waters So “Ze” aka “Zelia” came to DC and was given a massive welcome by the US Congress.  The last time a foreign leader was treated as if he was the US President was Bibi Netanyahu spoke to Congress.  The fact that war criminals and crooks Zelia and

Book review: “France’s Yellow Vests: Western Repression of the West’s Best Values”

I very rarely do book reviews, but in this case I felt that I simply *had* to share with you what I consider a true gem, one of those books which one simply has to read.  I am referring to the book “France’s Yellow Vests: Western Repression of the West’s Best Values” by Ramin Mazaheri, a PressTV correspondent and a regular contributor to the Saker blog.  Though we never met

Q&A with North South University students

I was recently contacted by my friend Cynthia McKinney who told me that my article about what a Russian defeat would mean for the West was used as part of the course she teaches at North South University of Dhaka in Bangladesh.  I have to admit that I was very touched by the idea that students in faraway Dhaka were reading my article, and I offered to answer any follow-up

Do the Europeans deserve what is coming to them next?

Dear friends I was born in Switzerland, arguably the heart of Europe, and as a European by birth, if not by culture, I feel that I should address the issue of the regular European’s responsibility for what is going on in both the Ukraine and Serbia. I don’t believe in collective guilt, so the short answer is “no”. But I do believe in consequences and I do believe in God’s

NATO is trying to find a pretext to attack Serbia (again)

As I have mentioned recently, the situation in NATO occupied Kosovo is quickly deteriorating (see here and here).  NATO’s humiliation in the Ukraine is pushing NATO leaders to try to prove their “martial valor” and “manhood” by, quote, “every now and again the United States has to pick up a crappy little country and throw it against a wall just to prove we are serious“ (Michael Ledeen).  And, again, the

Yet another major Ukronazi “victory” (and some week-end music)

So the Ukronazis, having defeated quite a few old statues, have now turned to defeating a DNR flag in Washington DC. No, I am not kidding, see for yourself: Powered by bitchute embed generator Ask yourself a basic question: is that the behavior of a side clearly winning a war?  And I don’t only mean the Ukrainians, I also very much mean the USA and NATO too. But then, one

Are Ukrainians Russians?

Are Ukrainians Russians? Seems like a simple question, but in reality it is immensely complex.  I will try to outline a few of the issues, assumptions and implications this question involves. Well, for starters, we might want to ask “what is a Ukrainian?”  After all, no such nation or country can be found in history books.  But we should not stop here, and we also need to ask “what is

Sic transit gloria mundi

Today, I want to post a few rather amazing news items about some rather weird things happening in the post-Christian West. First, there is this pearl of wisdom: “Pope Francis directs racially charged comment towards Russians” Chechens, Buryats and others who are “of Russia but are not of the Russian tradition” are acting with “cruelty” in Ukraine, the head of the Roman Catholic Church told the Jesuit magazine America in

Will the US try to pull off a “Grenada” in Serbia?

Remember the 1983 US invasion of Grenada aka “Operation Urgent Fury”? It all began on October 23, 1983 when two truck bombs blew up the buildings housing the US and French  “Multinational Force in Lebanon”.  This attack resulted in  307 people killed including 241 U.S. and 58 French military personnel.  Following the bombings, US diplomats engaged in their usual frantic flag-waving and promises to never ever give in to terrorism. 

The Ukraine is committing “suicide by cop”

Yesterday I received an email from a Ukrainian friend of mine.  By “Ukrainian” I mean that his culture and self-identity is Ukrainian, he loves his heritage, speaks the language and loves his country.  In fact, he is what I would call a “real Ukrainian” as opposed to the Ukronazis in power in Kiev.  We correspond regularly and exchange opinions on what is taking place.  Here is an excerpt of what

Is NATO falling apart?

Something quite amazing has just happened.  Following the terrorist attack in Ankara which killed 34 people and injured another 125, Turkish authorities first declared that they will not accept US condolences.  Then the Turks launched a military operation against “Kurdish terrorists in northern Syria“.  Turkey then claimed to have neutralized 184 terrorists. What is not mentioned in those articles is that the target of the Turkish strike was the US-run

Open Thread (topic: the NATO war against Russia)

Dear friends I am traveling with my wife for a couple of days.  I am also celebrating my birthday, so between the travels and my desire to disconnect for 48 hours, I leave you with an open thread asking you to please stick to the topic of the NATO war against Russia.  To launch the conversation, I would offer these two headlines: First, just as I thought I said all

There is a dangerous pack of hyenas on the loose in Europe

did they expect us to treat them with any respect? they can polish their medals and sharpen their smiles, and amuse themselves playing games for a while boom boom, bang bang, lie down you’re dead Roger Waters By now most of you must have heard about the “mysterious” missile strike which hit Poland.  If you missed it, here are some articles which show how this non-event was developed by the

What would a Russian defeat mean for the people of the West?

Regular readers of the blog know that I separate our poor and long-suffering planet into two basic parts: Zone A, aka the AngloZionist Empire, aka the World Hegemony aka the “Axis of Kindness” and what I call Zone B, or the Free World.  Very approximately, we need to separate the ruling elites and the people they rule over separately.  Here is, very roughly, what we get: Zone A Zone B

A few musings on the role of “useful idiots” in modern PSYOPs

I have to begin with an admission here: while hurricane Ian was a total disaster for most of Florida, hurricane Nicole came right on time to spare me from having to react to the mass idiocy surrounding the announced withdrawal of the Russian army from Kherson.  In purely military terms, this was a no brainer and if you have not yet listened to Andrei Martyanov and Brian Berletic discussing this

Short post Hurricane Nicole message

Dear friends This time around we were very lucky and the house we were staying at did not suffer any damage from Hurricane Nicole.  Many others in our area were not so lucky.  We are also exhausted and so I ask you for a little more patience – I will resume full time blogging this week end.  And no week-end music this time, I will resume that next week. Kind

Last update before hurricane Nicole

Dear friends, The good news is that compared to Hurricane Ian, Hurricane Nicole will be less apocalyptic: it is, after all, already November, the waters are still very warm, and they feed hurricanes with energy, but the system is not as well organized as a typical, mid-summer, tropical cyclone.  The bad news is that waves offshore will reach 40 and possibly even 50 feet.  Those waves will not come directly

I might be unable to work on the blog for a few days :-(

Dear friends I am very sorry to report that I might be unable to work on the blog for a few days due to an approaching weather system which could be anything from a depression to a hurricane.  The meteorologist in this video explains why at this point the exact label we give Nicole (yes, it already has name) does not matter.  What matters is this: yet again, most of

More signs of the coming storm (and some week-end music)

Today, as I often do, I will mention a few headlines and add some comments to each one.  Then, as is usual for Fridays, I will share some more “music I don’t like” with you :-) So here we go: Biden ‘outraged’ by Russian move: whether we are talking about the actual, real, Biden, or the collective “Biden” makes no difference: the Anglos used the grain deal to attack Russia