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NATO escalates (again) and achieves nothing (again)

I think that we ought to begin this overview of what is currently taking place which is that the united West, aka the AngloZionist Hegemony is desperate and in direct to this despair is doing all sorts of very foolish and plainly dangerous things.  We all know about the The Big Three: The attack on NS1/NS2 The attack on the Crimea Bridge (CB) The attack on the Black Sea Fleet

Small note and small request

Dear friends This week end my family and I have to move from the house we initially rented after the hurricane to a cheaper location.  Frankly, I don’t know what the new place will look like or, worse, what kind of Internet it will have (it has some kind of connection, but I don’t have any details).  Which means that what we could save from the flood and which we

A few headlines about civilizational values and some week-end music

As I now often do, I like to open the discussion with a few headlines: German man fined over letter ‘Z’ Romanian defense minister resigns after Ukraine comments RT suspends host after ‘disgusting’ remarks about Ukrainian children Let’s take a closer look. In the first case, we have the “Western value” what is usually known as “freedom of speech” which is something which only exists in the AngloZionist Hegemony (at

A few thoughts about the “dirty bomb” thesis and the role of hatred

First, is it even possible? The answer is yes, absolutely.  There is enough (non-weapons grade) spent civilian nuclear reactor fuel to get enough radioactive materials.  Much more importantly, there is plenty of “know how” amongst Ukrainian scientists and engineers.  Besides, bringing in radioactive materials or specialists is something the AngloZionist Hegemony could do.  Did I mention plenty of starry-eyed Ukronazi politicians daydreaming on camera about how to nuke Russia and

OPEN THREAD about the war between NATO and Russia

I am somewhat under the weather today, so I leave you with this open thread to discuss the current developments in the war between NATO and Russia.  I would be particularly interested in your opinions and reaction to this statement by Russia at the UN Security Council: Kind regards, Andrei

This and that on a calm (before the storm?) Sunday

First, something’s definitely up. Check out those to headlines: Zelensky calls for ‘world’ to ‘strike’ Kremlin Residents urged to leave Russian city ‘immediately’ I won’t go into a discussion of these articles today (but please do read them).  I will just say that I am confident that the evacuation of civilians is not, repeat NOT, the sign of a planned withdrawal (which, since Kherson is now Russian under the Russian

A few updates and a cartoon instead of week-end music

Today we begin by a few headlines which illustrate the current Russian strategy of unilateralism: Putin announces new security measures in Russia Putin introduces martial law in former Ukrainian regions Lavrov acknowledges «no sense» in maintaining the same diplomatic presence in the West The first two are really no brainers and show that the Kremlin perfectly understands what the AngloZionist Hegemony intends to do next.  The last one is simply

A few updates about the NATO Crusade against Russia

Intro: setting the current context Before we take a look at some of the most interesting recent developments, I think that it is important to clearly state something which needs to be repeated almost constantly: what we are witnessing today is not a war between Russia and the Ukraine, but between Russia and the united, consolidated, West.  In practical terms, this means that Russia is at war with the United

The EU courageously denounces terrorism :-)

First, two headlines: Apartment building hit during Ukrainian shelling of Russian city – mayor Council of Europe Assembly brands Russia ‘terrorist regime’ Logical, right? That is also probably why EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell is now threatening the Russian military with annihilation (apparently, Borrell does not realize that the EU has no armed forces or that Russia can wipe out the entire EU in a few hours). In the

Tulsi Gabbard’s ditches the Dem party in an open video address

A few comments first.  For starters, I lost any trust I might have had for Tulsi Gabbard when she endorsed that ultra-fake liberal Bernie Sanders.  Second, I have taken the decision not to comment on US internal politics on this blog, but in this case I think that rather than seeing Gabbard’s video as an internal US politics phenomenon, I see it as a sign of the amazing state of

Will they ever learn? (answer: probably not)

Following the attack on the Crimea bridge, the entire Ukronazi Internet plus assorted supporters exploded in a supernova of joy and Schadenfreude: the much hated “Putin bridge” was finally down!  Hurray!!! It was also funny to see that once the Ukronazis realized how stupid (and dangerous!) their proud claims that they were the ones who blew up the truck on the bridge, they decided to blame Putin.  So, as per

West has now set a course on total terrorist warfare

First, I want to post a video I found on Twitter (original here) which shows what kind of explosion took place on the Crimean bridge. From what I have read, a truck filled with explosives blew up, killing three people in a car nearby, and then the flames took over a train also crossing the bridge.  That train was full of fuel.  It is only thanks to the amazing speed

Putin’s September 30, 2022, speech – a commented reading

The first thing which I will do today is post the full video of Putin’s speech with English subtitles made by Michael Rossi on YouTube: Next, I will now post the full transcript.  I will add emphasis by blue bolding out some key passages and a few key words will be emphasized in bold red.  I will then add my own comments in italics red. President of Russia Vladimir Putin:

Quick message from Andrei, especially for contributing authors (PLEASE READ!)

Dear friends, I will post my analysis of Putin’s historical speech in about 20 mins or so.  I just wanted to share a few quick notes with you: AUTHORS: starting Monday I will resume accepting guest contributions.  If you have sent me a submission over the past 7 days, please SEND IT AGAIN. EMAILS: I will begin replying to emails on Monday ANALYSES: God willing, starting next week, I will

Short update and open thread

First, I want to express how touched I am by the initiative taken by the Saker community to help my family in these difficult times.  Words cannot express how touched I am by this initiative and while I cannot thank each person involved individually (especially since I don’t know who they are!) I will thank you all here. Second, we are still busy gutting the house which will take many

Update from Andrei (hopefully the last related to Hurricane Ian)

Dear friends This will be my last hurricane-related post (God willing!).  Tomorrow my family and I will finish moving the objects we can salvage from the house.  But on Wednesday I hope to write at least a short commentary about the huge events taking place in Russia and the Ukraine.  I also want to write a commentary on Putin’s speech which I see as the most important speech in his

Update from Andrei

Dear friends We found a home to stay. We have workable Internet. Best of all, a neighbor told us that in his opinion our house might be fixable, but it will take time (especially to get the materials). Compared to much of Florida, we are very lucky. I am totally spent and will have to use the little energy I have to salvage the salvageable from our house. I hope

Update from Andrei

My family and I are all safe. Our house flooded and is uninhabitable so we will have to relocate for a few months. I hope to return to at least some blogging by next week, God willing. I cannot reply to emails right now. I apologize to you all. Thank you all for your prayers and support! Andrei

Quick news update + OPEN THREAD

First, all four liberated regions voted to join Russia. Donetsk: 99% Lugansk: 98% Zaporozhie: 93% Kherson: 87% This is a huge victory for Russia and a massive slap in the face of the collective West. By Friday I expect Putin to announce that these four regions will become part of Russia.  Then, early next week the Duma and the Federation Council will deal with this, then it will go back