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The whitewashing murder day (UPDATED)

Propaganda is easy to unpack once you get down a few basic rules.  One of them is this: “the louder the slogan, the bigger the lie“. That is also the case with Veteran’s Day in which US Americans thank their veterans for their “service”. Now even setting aside the true reasons why US Americans sign up, there is a much more important fact which the US propaganda machine is trying

Deconstructing Islamophobia (alas, a necessary repost)

Foreword: almost exactly two years ago I wrote a column entitled “Deconstructing Islamophobia“.  Yesterday, I posted an article about immigration which, alas, generated a few truly idiotic comments about “The Muslims they… bla bla bla” which I initially planned to reply to, but which I simply deleted in utter disgust.  Here I need to clarify, I was not disgusted by anybody’s dislike (or even hatred) for Islam or Muslims, not

Immigration, ethnicity and religion (in ain’t as simple as it seems!)

Foreword: Today I am starting what might well turn out into a series of articles about the interaction between immigration, ethnicity and religion.  I happen to believe that this is a topic I know pretty well for the following reasons: I myself was born in a family of immigrants who went from Russia, to Serbia, to Germany, to Argentina, to Holland and then to Switzerland were I was born.  I

Quick update on moderation issues

Dear friends, Here is a quick update on the topic of moderation.  Having spoken with our head of moderation cum webmaster we are thinking along the following lines: All in all, our moderation system works and it does not need radical changes.  We will therefore make no major changes. We are probably going to ban anonymous comments.  Those concerned about privacy can post under any assumed handle. We are thinking

Lot’s of things happening at the same time (UPDATED)

Let’s begin with a few headlines: Pentagon says world will have three ‘great powers’ – and US will be ‘challenged’ Biden ready to change US nuclear weapons policy – reports The US imposes sanctions on Nicaragua IRGC releases footage of blocking US oil seizure The first two seem to point to a US realization that war against China and Russia is unwinnable and that the USA simply does not have

Moderation issues – part II (UPDATED)

Dear friends, I woke up this morning to see 107 comments!!  So, first and foremost, THANK YOU ALL!! Second, I will have to sit down and read each comment carefully, making notes.  But I want you to know that I did already read a lot of them and that this is already very helpful, at least for me.  So, again, thank you! Third, and I should have mentioned that yesterday,

Question to the all our readers about moderation (Saker rant)

Dear friends, Yesterday I posted a subtitled video which I knew would be controversial, but I also considered that this was an important topic, so I went ahead with it.  This resulted in a few average comments, and some very good ones.  But then, today, I saw these two: The vilification of Peter the Great is a manifestation of (not so) subtle Russophobia, fear and ‘revolutionary’ hatred of Russia. The

Politico’s hallucinations

By now, you must have heard it: Satellite images show new Russian military buildup near Ukraine, at least so says Politico. In reality, those images come from a location over 200km away from the Ukrainian border. Not only that, but Russia has no need for her 1st Guards Tank Army to deal with any Ukronazi threat – she has enough standoff weapons to defend the LDNR without crossing the border

Why I see a war in the Donbass as (almost) inevitable

First, I want to present the parties to the conflict and describe their intermediate objectives and final goals Entity Intermediate objective Goal The USA+UK+3B+P Force Russia to openly intervene Recover total control of Europe The EU (mostly northern) Force Russia to openly intervene Deflect blame from its own leaders and failures The Nazi regime in Kiev Force Russia to openly intervene Cut-off the disloyal eastern Ukraine and retain political control

Bayraktar saga continued & more preparations for war

First, a few news items: Forbes just posted an article with the title “U.S. Air Force Bombers Are Rehearsing Their New Main Mission—Sinking Russian Ships“, here is an excerpt (emphasis added): “Four B-1s from the 7th Bomb Wing at Dyess Air Force Base in Texas in early October deployed to the Royal Air Force base at Fairford. In the pre-dawn darkness on Oct. 19, two of the bombers took off

Bayraktar or fake? Lot of questions

I had the chance to see a fuller video of the presumed Bayraktar strike.  A lot of things look weird: It appears that the entire crew ran away after some kind of explosion.  Considering the warhead of the Bayraktar, that should not be possible The footage seems to have been filmed from pretty much right above the position (but maybe there was a second, reconnaissance drone filming!). The flagwaving inside

Ukronazis used 2 Bayraktar drones against the LDNR: war next?

Yesterday I reader emailed me telling me that the Ukronazis had used a Bayraktar attack drone against the LDNR.  I replied that I doubted it very much because as far as I knew, the Turks had not yet finished to built the Bayraktars locally.  Apparently, I was wrong and the Ukronazis also purchased 12 Bayraktars off the shelf, ready to use. Now the Ukrainian propaganda is filled with triumphant statements

Few items, more to come soon

First, please read this analysis from Andrei Martyanov: Second, Putin’s speech: probably the most important in his career!  We will post the full text when the translators in the Kremlin deem that the time has come to finish their translation. Third, I will then post a commented version of the transcript, with my remarks on a few key passages Last, expect a Christian Vignette #6 in the near future.

On suitcases, handles and fire-starters

“This is like a suitcase without a handle: it’s too heavy to carry, but it would a shame to throw it away” Russian saying   So the US Minister of Imperial Wars (aka “Secretary of Defense”) visited Georgia, the Ukraine and Romania.  Then he will go to the NATO HQ.  Is there a logic here?  After all, what is the value of these countries to the AngloZionist Empire? Nominally, these

Assessing the Russian counter propaganda efforts (UPDATED 2x)

In 2016 I wrote an analysis I called “Counter-propaganda, Russian style” and, about a year later, another one I called “Re-Visiting Russian Counter-Propaganda Methods“.  I ask you to please read them first, especially if you plan to post a comment! What I tried to show in these articles that, in total contrast from acting like the bad old Soviet propaganda, the modern Russian counter-propaganda does the exact opposite of what

The Ukronazis place a twelve (12!) year old girl on their “black list”

You must have heard about the “Mirotvorets” (Peacemaker) Ukronazi website: This is a semi-official website which lists all the “enemies of the Ukraine”, with photo and address.  We could call it an online “lynch list”.  The list of people included in their database ranges from anybody who does not approve of the Banderite Ukronazi ideology to some really ridiculous cases. But now, they reach a new low: they listed

Russians are in total awe at the suicidal stupidity of the West

The Russians are openly expressing their absolute amazement at the utter stupidity of the West.  Three examples: A recent article by Medvedev: Dmitry Medvedev: Why contacts with the current Ukrainian leadership are meaningless Putin’s speech at the recent energy forum in Russia: Russian President Vladimir Putin: Speech at Russian Energy Week (REW) international forum and then there is this photo of Putin tapping his forehead in the sign “have you

Repost: why the Empire always supports minorities

In the distant 2017, I wrote a piece I entitled “Manipulated minorities represent a major danger for democratic states“.  After reading the comments to my recent “Has the first domino already fallen” post, I have decided to repost that old one as I (hope) that it has a new relevance today, when the USA is been torn apart by the Woke ideology and Europe by multiculturalism.  I also see a

Has the first domino already fallen and if so, when? (UPDATED!)

A few years back, I wrote a column I entitled “Kosovo will be liberated” in which I wrote the following: “Kosovo will be the very first place in Europe where the pendulum of history will reverse its current course. ”  It now looks like I might have been wrong. But by how much?  Check out this headline today: “Bosnian Serbs to ‘withdraw consent’ for joint military, taxes and courts, citing