Sitrep: Venezuela Elections – Landslide for United Socialist Party (PSUV)

Disciplined and well-organized elections held in Venezuela yesterday, lead to a clear win for the ruling party. President Nicolás Maduro called it a ‘Historic Victory of the Revolution’. #Venezuela | Election day in Venezuela has unfolded peacefully under international supervision and with remarkable discipline, as the voting population complies with COVID-19 preventive measures. — teleSUR English (@telesurenglish) November 21, 2021 Venezuela’s ruling United Socialist Party (PSUV) won in a

Debunking US & OAS Claims on Nicaragua Election

by Chris Faure for the Saker Blog Daniel Ortega and the Sandinista alliance won the election with over 70% of the votes.  This is the 4th time that the Nicaraguans declare themselves satisfied with their government and with Ortega. Prior to the election, Facebook cancelled most of the younger Sandinista voices, claiming they were bots.  They went onto Twitter and posted photos of themselves and made short speeches to show

Red Line and Taiwan

by Chris Faure for the Saker Blog Every English media in China today ledes with the news that in an interview with CNN, the leader of the Taiwan region, Tsai Ing-wen, admitted to the presence of US military trainers on the island for the first time.  The first reports stated ‘soldiers’, but were soon edited to ‘trainers’. Global Times bellowed back:  Redline: US troops must not station in Taiwan In

Here Comes China: Xi Jinping’s speech, Major geo-political events, Joint naval patrol, Shangri-La was a novel

by Amarynth for the Saker Blog There has been a slight pause in these sitreps. This writing became overshadowed with current events, fully covered in the Saker Blog by other writers.  Because of length, we will upgrade this one today from sitrep to guest analysis. A shortlisting of four major events since the Sitrep paused: 1.Meng Wanzhou’s triumphant return to China and a win against the Long Arm of the

Sitrep : Faina Savenkova #Lugansk

12-yr old writer from #Lugansk @FainaSavenkova who consistently appeals for peace is from now on in infamous database #Mirotvorets which publishes personal data of those who are labeled “enemies of #Ukraine”.That clearly shows whom Kiev is fighting in #Donbass -women and children — Dmitry Polyanskiy (@Dpol_un) October 12, 2021 Previous postings on Faina on the Saker Blog Faina Savenkova appeal for the 2021 UN Children’s Day The festival during

Escalation? Continuation of “Sitrep : China. Is. Dead. Serious.”

by Chris Faure for the Saker Blog Continuation of “Sitrep : China. Is. Dead. Serious.” Let’s take a look at what China overcame in our near history. The NED and similar organizations’ sponsored “Color Revolutions” in Hong Kong, Tibet, and Xinjiang all collapsed. We can also be sure that this escalation that we see now is not really about Taiwan. Taiwan is playing its role, like the dissidents in Hong

Sitrep: China. Is. Dead. Serious.

By Chris Faure for the Saker Blog China will not be conquered again, even if every last Chinese has to join the fight. In the past four days, China has sent first 28, then 29 fighters and bombers near Taiwan. (Taiwan itself reports different numbers). Then, the US announced on Sunday that this is provocative. So, China called the statement irresponsible and sent a massive number of 59 fighters and

CELAC, the Community of Latin American and the Caribbean States

By Chris Faure for the Saker Blog CELAC is an older bloc that has been dormant for a number of years as this community one way or the other was subject to sanctions, or attempts at regime change or such types of adventurism by the western bloc under the influence of the old Monroe Doctrine. Now CELAC has been revived.  The article quoted here was written by Ben Norton, a

SITREP: letter from Russia about the elections

by Geneva Observer for the Saker blog Today, with a sunny blue sky and cold breeze, I had the pleasure to accompany three generations of family members to the voting polls here in Yaroslavl. The polling station was in the local school. The school is surrounded by an iron enclosure with a gate to allow a single person to enter at a time. Two steps up and we entered through

SITREP: political prisoners in the UK

Dear friends, today I am posting an email (with permission) describing the situation of another political prisoner in the UK, not Assange and not the, apparently held incommunicado, Skripal father and daughter.  I thought that it was important to post it here Andrei ——- Dear Saker, You probably don’t know that Julian Assange is not the only political prisoner in the UK. Craig Murray was from 1984 to 2004 was

Here comes China: BRICS, The Dollar Bite, Power, Common Prosperity and The Real Mao Zedong story

BRICS As both President Putin and H.E. Xi Jinping attended the 13th BRICS Summit together, one could surmise that BRICS is either being propped up, or there are some new plans for this initiative that seem troubled in the last number of years. Here is Xi Jingping’s speech: Advance BRICS Cooperation to Meet Common Challenges Together Remarks by H.E. Xi Jinping President of the People’s Republic of China At the

Here comes China: Afghanistan, 7 Deadly Sins, Space, Common Prosperity

Afghanistan is where the eyes of the world are. In my view, and according to the Chinese media and commentary, China is the inheritor of Afghanistan in terms of possible rebuilding of the country (finance, economy, industry, and trade) and also to ensure that a terrorist problem does not threaten across the border with China. The jury is out in terms of the trajectory here. China though has its embassy

Sitrep : Here comes China : Military Drills, Extortion, the ‘Religious Freedom Balkanization’ Plan for China

The main news of the day is the Biden administration’s effort to sell 40 155mm M109A6 Medium Self-Propelled Howitzer artillery systems, 1,698 precision guidance kits for munitions, spares, training, ground stations and upgrades for previous generation of howitzers, to the island of Taiwan in a deal worth up to $750 million. China is, to say the least, livid. Military Drills: US ‘large-scale’ military exercises cannot scare China, Russia The

South Africa: Sitrep 3 – a week of lootings and riots, where very little adds up.

Staff Writer What was this? An insurrection? (Or ‘a failed insurrection’ according to the President using western talk of “a deliberate, coordinated and well-planned attack on our young democracy, on our economy and our people’s livelihoods.”) Up until now, he has done nothing much to assist ‘our people’s livelihoods.’. But the Defense minister Mapisa-Nqakula said it was her view that the military was not seeing signs of a coup or

Sitrep: Cuba

Staff Reporter The US is manufacturing consent to coup Cuba.  The language used is a clear give-away.  After all these years, now suddenly the ‘Cubans want their Freedom! and of course, the US can give it to them, is the sub-text. On 23 June 2021, the UN General Assembly voted for the 29th year in a row, in favor of a resolution to demand the end of the US economic

Sitrep: Here Comes China: Giant Pandas, Elephants and Decoupling

Selections from Godfree Roberts’ extensive weekly newsletter: Here Comes China. You can get it here: Further selections and editorial and geopolitical commentary by Amarynth. Geopolitical moves: Most of the geopolitical space was taken up by the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.  Soon Lavrov and his Chinese counterpart Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, moved in, boots ‘n all, with SCO. A geopolitical story of note is the confirmed friendship between

Sitrep 2 – South Africa – Situation now, unintended consequences and bleak future

By Chris Faure for The Saker Blog Part 1 The riotous looting has reduced but is still continuing into Wednesday. We don’t really know what is left to loot and burn but whatever is standing is still being looted and burnt. This clearly was a planned initiative as the looter vehicles, cars and trucks have their number plates removed or covered with black plastic bags, the movement of the mobs

South Africa Sitrep: Civilians forced to take the Law into their own hands

By Chris Faure for The Saker Blog Waves of extreme violent anarchistic protest broke out and is ongoing in the two provinces Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal. Shopping malls and property are being set alight and burned down, looters rule the streets, roads are blockaded, cars and trucks are turned over and burned and in some scenes, one can clearly hear the bullets fly. At the last count around 200 major

Syria Sitrep: Joint Statement by the Representatives of Iran, Russia and Turkey

8 July 202113:17 Joint Statement by the Representatives of Iran, Russia and Turkey on the 16th International Meeting on Syria in the Astana Format, Nur-Sultan, 7-8 July 2021 The representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey as guarantors of the Astana format: Reaffirmed their strong commitment to the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic as well

Sitrep: Here Comes China: Great Chinese Firewall, Governance, Space and Spinach.

Selections from Godfree Roberts’ extensive weekly newsletter: Here Comes China. You can get it here: Further selections and editorial and geopolitical commentary by Amarynth. America outperforms the Great Chinese Firewall. We know now why China has the Great Chinese Firewall.  It is like a gated community to keep western plunderers out.  Its that simple.  Daniel Dumbrill comments on the seizing of Iranian domains vis a vis the Great Chinese