Srbin Info Media Media and personal freedom in Serbia have hit a new low over the last several days. On February 15, a large citizens’ protest rally took place in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, around the statue of Czar Nicholas II. The assembled citizens were protesting against the ultimatum recently presented to the Serbian government by France and Germany to officially recognize and legally accept the secession of the

The Ukrainian crisis and Europe – the opinion of experts

by Batko Milacic for the Saker blog Since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis, we have been bombarded with mass information and opinions about the war and Europe’s attitude towards it. As someone who deals with geopolitics, I carefully followed the conferences and debates of European experts and politicians and their arguments. That is exactly why I would recommend the online conference and debate that was held on January 5th.

What can be healed in this war?

by William Spencer for the Saker blog What can be healed in this war? It seems miraculous that I was drawn to the Russian sphere in the past several years, because I feel such a deep connection there, Anglo-European mutt that I am, and in spite of the fact that I’ve never been to Russia or Ukraine. I became obsessed with the history of Russia and Ukraine, and Ukrainian Nationalists

Black Holes And Digestive Systems, Or Why Hegemon Is Doomed

By F(unny)MAN for The Saker blog Following the incredibly positive comments I read after my last article, I feel again invigorated, and not anymore like an alone (and rational) castaway floating in a raft in the middle of an ocean of brainwashed Zombies. I feel how the spark of sarcasm rekindles the fires in my sick brain, and… bang! Here we go off again. I have been reading and hearing

IMHOclub launches an international campaign to save monuments in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland.

by Mira Terada for the Saker blog IMHOclub launches an international campaign to save monuments in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland. Today, before our eyes, illiterate, embittered people are destroying the legacy of the past. Many have given up, because the most important monuments have already been destroyed, but we ourselves did not defend our shrines, we were indifferent. If this continues, we will soon be “demolished” from the face

Banderastan SITREP by Faina Savenkova

by Faina Savenkova for the Saker blog For three years now I have been telling you about what is happening in Lugansk. About the war in which I live, about sorrows and joys. A year ago, the Peacemaker website published my personal data. I have written many letters to world leaders and artists in Western countries. I had only two requests: to delete the personal data of all the children

Italian journalist Mattio Sorbi almost became a new victim of Ukrainian nationalists from “Mirotvorets”

by Meera Terada for the Saker blog Italian journalist Mattio Sorbi, who was reporting from Ukraine, almost died due to the fault of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and he is still in danger. Sorbi managed to escape, and now he is in intensive care. However, the story does not end there. After the announcement in the media about his rescue, the Ukrainian nationalist website “Mirotvorets” added him to its “execution

SITREP: Ukronazi forces attempt a 2nd “counter-offensive”

This time the Ukronazis have attacked north of the city of Balakleia.  Here is a summary of events on that front: (machine translation) Today, the Armed Forces of the Ukraine, after prolonged artillery preparation on Balakleya, Izium, logistics routes and warehouses, launched an offensive on Balakleya from the west from Andreevka. Due to its geographical location, it is difficult to secure the north-western flank of the group based in Izyum

The IAEA releases its “non-report” about the ZNPP

So the IAEA has released its so-called “report” which is a 52 pages “nothing burger” and not something worthy of being called a “report”.  You can read the entire thing here: but, frankly, it is a waste of time.  Just one example: Notice how this report presents Ukronazi information about Ukronazi shelling as it the Ukronazis were not Ukronazis.  They even included that touching photo: Bottom line: it was

Russian MoD updates the losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces after the failure of their counter-offensive

source (machine translation, emphasis added) The Russian Defense Ministry said that the APU lost more than 1,200 people in an attempt to attack The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), while trying to conduct an offensive in Mykolaiv-Krivoy Rog and other directions, suffered heavy losses, more than 1,200 soldiers were destroyed. This was reported to journalists by the Ministry of Defense of Russia. According to the ministry, Russian troops destroyed 48

Ukraine SITREP: the promised “major Ukrainian counter-attack” ends in disaster

source (machine translation) The Defense Ministry called the losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces during the failed offensive of Ukraine near Kherson Ukrainian troops attempted an offensive in the Mykolaiv and Kherson regions, as a result, the AFU units suffered heavy losses, the Russian Defense Ministry told reporters. “Today, during the day, on the direct instructions of Zelensky, Ukrainian troops attempted an offensive in the Mykolaiv and Kherson regions in

And now a word from a true Saker hater (Troll “SITREP” of sorts)

The mods have to intercept a lot of plain ugly and sophomoric (or even semi-literate) comments.  The trolls go especially crazy when I post any appeals for support (I guess the thought of somebody actually helping me *really* pisses them off).  So today I decided to share with you one such comment, which is so typical in its mediocrity, that it could be in a dictionary next to “troll”.  Here