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Sitrep Operation Z0V: Back to Hot Steel Rain

By Saker Staff for the Saker Blog The Ukraine conflict is in fact already a world war, given that the West is fighting Russia via its proxies in Kiev, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic told local media on Wednesday. Serbian President Vucic: “I know what awaits us. As soon as Vladimir Putin has done his work in Seversk, Bakhmut and Soledar, after reaching the second line Slaviansk-Kramatorsk-Avdeevka, he will come up

Sitrep Operation Z: How Goes The War

From Saker Staff for the Saker Blog A few notes: Zakharova:  Russia has completed preparations for retaliatory measures against Lithuania and the EU in response to the blockade of Kaliningrad and will apply them in the coming days. It’s good to report that the EU now recognizes that they’ve lost the battle of the narrative. NordStream 1 is now offline for annual maintenance until July 21st. Will Russia turn

Sitrep G7 (G20): Note from Maria Zakharova

💬 #Opinion by Maria Zakharova Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock: “The fact that the Russian Foreign Minister spent most of his time during the talks not in the room, but outside it, highlights the fact that the Russian government is not a single millimetre closer to having talks.” Can you even make any sense out of what she said? Outside what room? Utter nonsense. The German public should be aware

Sitrep Britain: The Titanic Hits the Iceberg

By Batiushka for The Saker Blog Power is like cancer – it eats you slowly without you realising it. St Nectarius of Egina (+ 1920) Possibly the greatest clown UK politics has ever seen is on his way out of the door. Ministers and aides, forty-one within twenty-four hours, have left his sinking ship. As for Johnson himself, he is spending his last days or hours rearranging the deckchairs with

Sitrep Operation Z: A small pause

By Amarynth for the Saker Blog By popular demand, a SMO Sitrep open thread a few days before I planned for it. After Lisichansk, it looks like a small pause and consolidation of positions.  The Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation held a conference call with the leadership of the Armed Forces (, where the current results of the special military operation were summarised.  No doubt the future and

Sitrep Operation Z: SloMo Collapse

By Saker Staff for the Saker Blog Let us deal with Snake Island first as the level of noise is unbelievable. Snake Island in the Black sea will remain under Russian naval and air control. Russian Politician Alexei Chernyak. End of story Russia can take that piece of serpentine rock and missile it to non-existence but they’ve just used a rock to remove the Ukraine’s biggest impediment (lie) about the

Sitrep Operation Z: Open Thread

by the Saker Staff for the Saker Blog Wow, too much information out there in addition to the world happenings.  Today and tomorrow we have the G7 in Germany and NATO on June 29-30 in Madrid.  Various threats will surface from these two meetings as well as childish foot-stomping and brave statements on steriods.  Mr Lavrov’s short statement has relevance: ‘We have few illusions that EU’s Russophobic policies will change’

Sitrep: International reserve currency based on a basket of BRICS currencies.

This news just out – MAJOR! Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that banks from BRICS nations can freely connect to the System for Transfer of Financial Messages (SPFS), Russia’s alternative to SWIFT. While addressing a BRICS business forum, Putin said that together with its BRICS partners – Brazil, India, China and South Africa – Russia is developing reliable alternatives for international payments. “The Russian system for transmitting financial

Sitrep Operation Z: Cauldrons and Fatigue

.For the Saker Blog by Saker Staff Best again today, is Military Summary and worth listening to and watching.  He is ‘predicting’ a ‘riot’ in among the Ukie troops in the cauldron.  There is an update on Snake Island (Serpent Island). What does become clear is that the map is going to turn very red in large areas very soon. Yes there is a cauldron with estimated 1,500 to 2,000

Sitrep Operation Z: 💥 Theme Kalibr Kaboom!

By Saker Staff for the Saker Blog This is about the most significant of the last two quiet days. But the silence is over. Some may remember that Military Summary said about two days ago, that there is little to report as there is very little movement on the front. Wait for it, I think we now know why. Let’s take some extracts, somewhat cleaned up, from the Russian MoD

Notes From Spief: St Petersburg International Economic Forum

Pepe Escobar is following various discussions at Spief: and here are some of his updates from his telegram channel: THE ST. PETERSBURG FORUM IS ON A ROLL I spent the morning back and forth following some fab discussions at the forum – especially on Russia-China, SCO business, BRICS, the Russian financial sector, the Northern Sea Route and this one linked below, with Glazyev, on the Eurasia Economic Union and

Sitrep Operation Z: Messy Grind again and more Great Walkback

By Amarynth for the Saker Blog We start with the broader environment: It is Zelensky’s decision, says the Chorus of the Great Walkback. “The people and the government of Ukraine, led by President Zelensky, must decide on their own the issue of the possibility of territorial concessions.” – US Secretary of State Blinken. According to the head of the State Department, the United States does not intend to impose its

Sitrep Operation Z: The Great WalkBack

By Amarynth for the Saker Blog Recall:  We have no idea what the Russian end-point is, except for this part of the SMO, demilitarization and denazification of the two Donbass Republics. The blogger gpovanman summarizes the last week as follows: The last few days have seen no real breakthroughs in the Ukrainian conflict, yet with Russia not planning that there would be, this comes as no surprise. There are however

Sitrep Operation Z: Beginning of this End (but there are other beginnings and other ends)

by Amarynth for the Saker Blog The SMO is beginning to end.  We can classify it now as a perfect real world training ground for Russian military and is in its final stages.   The ‘punitive war’ by their own actions, is heating up in Europe, and the world war between a single polar hegemon and a multi-polar world.  At the Saker Blog we will continue with presenting good sources

Sitrep Operation Z: Denazification and Demilitarization by the hundreds

By Amarynth for the Saker Blog This will function as an open thread on the SMO in the Ukraine. To start it off, we look at the early morning Russian Mod Report, in parsed form: Briefing by Russian Defence Ministry The Ukrainian grouping in Donbass is suffering significant losses in manpower, weapons and military equipment. During the liberation of Svyatogorsk in Donetsk People’s Republic in three days of fighting alone,

Sitrep Operation Z: Back into The Grind while the penny drops in Europe

For the Saker Blog by Saker Staff Weapons incoming Russia have struck a major artery for the shipment of NATO weapons from Europe via the Beskidy railway tunnel. The Beskidy Tunnel is a railway tunnel under the Volovets Pass in the Carpathian Mountains. Confirmed by Ukraine itself. High-precision long-range air-based missiles of the Russian Aerospace Forces have destroyed industrial buildings of the smithy-mechanical plant on the outskirts of Lozovaya (Kharkov

Sitrep Operation Z: Seppuku

For the Saker Blog by Saker Staff An interesting weekend is shaping up for those that watch the minutae.  Military Summary Channel is now at this time standing head and shoulders above the rest in reporting. As of the end of the day, June 2nd, where Russia is preparing the field to take Lysychansk on the high ground, difficult terrain and a river runs through it.  (Severodonetsk and Lysychansk)

Sitrep Operation Z: Not your normal sitrep

By Amarynth for the Saker Blog We abandon our usual format for a different take. How long can we stare into this carnage of killing without losing part of one’s own soul. Missile troops and artillery have hit 128 command posts, 169 firing positions of artillery and mortar batteries, as well as 623 areas of AFU manpower and military equipment concentration.  The attacks have resulted in the elimination of