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Ukraine SITREP update – May 3nd, 16:20 UTC/Zulu: “the mysterious Russian soul?”

What happened in Odessa yesterday is much worse than what the initial reports had indicated: it was truly a deliberate and blood-curling massacre.  To summarize:In Odessa the pro-Russian demonstrators had never seized a building, all they did was erecting a small tent city and hanging out there.  Hardly any violence had taken place.  Yesterday, the neo-Nazis finally made their move:1)  They bussed in large numbers of Right Sector thugs.2)  They

Ukraine SITREP update – May 2nd, 20:14 UTC/Zulu: massacre in Odessa

It appears that a massacre did take place today, but not in Slaviansk, but in Odessa were 38 people died when a building in which they had sought refuge was set ablaze.  Here is what RT reports: At least 38 anti-government activists died in fire at Odessa’s Trade Unions House after suffocating with smoke or jumping out of windows of the burning building, Ukrainian Interior Ministry reported. The building was

Ukraine SITREP May 2nd, 17:37 UTC/Zulu: “The Mouse that Roared”

Today’s events in the Ukraine have seen both a dramatic escalation and yet another complete flop.  Let’s restate here the fact which are not in dispute by any part The Ukrainian junta has launched what it calls a major counter-terrorist operation against the city of Slaviansk. Combat helicopters were used. Armored personnel carriers were used. A number of checkpoints have been taken over by the attacking force. Two (possibly three)

Ukraine SITREP-update April 30, 16:12 UTC/Zulu: “US/EU Hedgehog scaring techniques”

China has officially strongly criticized any sanctions saying that they would be useless. Another six cities of the eastern Ukraine have rebelled. Dmitryi Olegovich Rogozin Russian Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russia and Deputy Prime Minister of Russia in charge of defense industry has declared that Russia will respond to words with words and to actions with actions.  For example, he said, if the US would try to hurt the

Ukraine SITREP-update April 28, 1447 UTC/Zulu

The city hall and the city council buildings of the eastern city of Konstantinovka have been taken under control of Russian-speaking insurgents who say that they are here to protect the local authorities (who are opposed to the revolutionary regime in Kiev) from any attack by the junta. Probably lured by the oligarch-galore in the Ukraine, the Jewish oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky has showed up in the Dontesk region to show

Ukraine SITREP-update April 24, 1506 UTC/Zulu (UPDATED)

Wow!  Now things look very serious indeed.  RT reports that Russia is starting military maneuvers involving not one, but TWO military districts plus the Air Force: Russia has begun extensive military exercises in Ukrainian border area following the escalation of violence in eastern Ukraine. “The order to use force against civilians has already been given, and if this military machine is not stopped, the amount of casualties will only grow,”

Ukraine SITREP April 24, 1405 UTC/Zulu

Pretty much all my sources confirm that the junta in Kiev has launched an attack on the city of Slaviansk.  Most sources say that only SBU and Right Sector forces are involved, though other source report that the “special forces” (no details) seen on the airport near Slaviansk are also participating.  My personal take is that at most the military is providing some support, but that the real fighting is

Ukraine SITREP April 21, 1932 UTC/Zulu

The situation in the Ukraine continues to be characterized by complete chaos and a gradual and steady strengthening of the resistance in the East.Following the attack by pro-regime forces on a resistance checkpoint in Slaviansk over the week-end Foreign Minister Lavrov has accused the revolutionary regime in Kiev of breaking the terms of the accord.One could argue that this attack was decided by the Right Sector (that is the conclusion

Ukraine SITREP April 16, 10:50 EST (Ukrainian civil war day 2)

It is still a little early to call this day over, especially considering the time it takes for the information to seep out of the eastern Ukraine and make it to the Internet.  Furthermore, we have to be extremely cautious with the news not only because truth is the first casualty of war or because all the information sources have a vested interest in getting out the “right” information “correctly”

Ukraine SITREP April 15, 18:30 EST update 1 (Ukrainian civil war day 1)

The first day of what will become the Ukrainian Civil war has finished and since by tomorrow morning a lot can happen, I have decided to provide this intermediate SITREP update tonight rather than to wait for tomorrow.The short summary of the day is: absolute chaos and local violence.A couple of things stand out: The same source who reported that the CIA Director John Brennan visited Kiev on Sunday or

Ukraine SITREP April 15, 10:54 EST (a sharp turn for the worse)

The situation in the Ukraine has taken a very sharp turn for the worse. Two Presidential candidates from the eastern part of the country were assaulted yesterday by Ukie brownshirts.  Mikhail Dobkin got away with only paint and flour thrown at him, but reports say that his bodyguard were hurt.  Oleg Tsarev got severely beaten, however, and barely escaped the Right Sector lynch mob.  No doubt, this will not prevent

Ukraine SITREP April 14, 13:00 EST

It appears that the next 24 hours will be absolutely crucial for the future of the Ukraine.  So far, these are the most important developments:The following cities have seen uprisings taking place over the week-end: Kharkov, Slaviansk, Krasnyi Liman, Kramatorsk, Lugansk, Enakievo, Gorlovka, Donetsk, Khartsyzk, Ilovaisk, Mariupol.  To get a feel for the spread, check out this map: Rebel cities in the eastern Ukraine The second big development is the

Ukraine mini-SITREP April 13, 12:40 EST

The situation on the ground is very confused, there are a lot of rumors and few verifiable facts.  Still, a few things are becoming obvious:1) So far the offensive of the neo-Fascists is lame, at best.  So far, no determined and sustained attack has occurred.  There was an exchange of gunfire with casualties and at least one fatality reported in Slaviansk, but that occurred on the outskirts of the city

Ukraine SITREP April 12, 18:06 EST (and some *very* cautious optimism)

No assault in eastern Ukraine after ultimatum deadline passed Iatseniuk mentioned the possibility of a referendum MVD and SBU offices in Donetsk seized by armed men Alpha anti-terrorist team refused to attack Cops (militia) also refused to attack Slaviansk:  city revolts, locals takeover building and built barricades Kramatorsk: gunfire reported around government buildings Police building seized Police SWAT teams have refused to “fire a single shot” against the people and

Ukraine SITREP March 22, 13:05 EST

The OSCE has agreed to send observers to the Ukraine.  Their task shall be to monitor the situation and to investigate reports of human right violations.  The OSCE has had to accept the fact that Crimea is now part of Russia, thus the observers shall not be deployed to the Russian Peninsula. The situation in the Ukrainian military is one of total chaos.  Not only have three tanks and one

Crimea SITREP March 18, 11:29 EST

Amazing events this morning in Moscow: Putin has made what is arguably the most important and best speech of his career in front of the Russian Federal Assembly in which he made the case for a re-integration of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol into Russia as subjects of the Russian Federation.  For the first time ever, his speech was met withs long standing ovations and shouts of “Russia! Russia!”

Ukraine SITREP March 14, 10:55 EST (and a look at the Ukrainian military)

Serious clashes have taken place in the city of Donetsk.  According to most accounts, the newly appointed billionaire governor Taruta attempted to organize a demonstration in support of “a united Ukraine”.  For his purpose he bused in from Kiev and western Ukraine.  The local population organized a counter-demonstration.  The cops tried to keep the two groups apart, but failed, and soon violent clashes happened.  The Banderites were fewer in numbers,

Ukraine SITREP March 12, 12:09 EST (and some debunking)

The new authorities in Banderastan have taken the decision to block all Russian TV channels previously received in the Ukraine. The latest polls in Crimea indicate a 85% for a ‘yes’ in the upcoming referendum. Crimean Tatars have indicated that they will accept the will of the majority of the people as expressed in the referendum. OSCE observers, which had been invited to monitor the referendum, have refused to come

Ukraine SITREP March 11, 13:50 EST (and some debunking)

There are 160 billion dollars invested by Russia in the West. There are 248 billion dollars invested by the West in Russia. Sanctions anybody? Russia still has the option of shutting down the NATO route to withdraw US forces from Afghanistan. This is an option with Russia did not exercise over the war in Syria, but which it will almost certainly exercise in case of a NATO intervention in the

Ukraine SITREP March 10, 10:19 EST (and some replies to comments)

In the city of Lugansk a crowd of demonstrators stormed to local administration building and forced the Kiev-appointed governor to resign. Donetsk: 10’000 people have prevented a pro-nationalist rally featuring Vitalii Klitchko from taking place and have demanded the release of the popularly elected governor (still held in Kiev). The chief of the neo-Fascist organization Right Sector, Dmitri Iarosh, has announced that he will run for President in the upcoming