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Sergey Lavrov Interview for Film on Extremism in Europe – November 2022 – English Subtitles

Note from Michael Rossi Poli Sci who subtitled that video: Dear Patreon Supporters, First off, thank you once again for your pledged support and votes of confidence on my work. Unfortunately, YouTube decided to remove the latest video I uploaded today (Sunday November 27) of Sergey Lavrov giving an interview on political extremism in Europe AS “hate speech”. How they came to that conclusion is beyond me, but I suppose

Meeting with mothers of servicemen participating in the SVO (transcript)

Note: this is a machine translated (Yandex) translation of the full Russian text posted here: http://kremlin.ru/events/president/news/69935 It was sent to me from a reader. Vladimir Putin met with mothers of servicemen participating in a special military operation in Novo-Ogaryovo. November 25, 2022 17:30 Moscow region, Novo-Ogarevo Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon again. You know that the day after tomorrow we celebrate Mother’s Day in Russia. This is not some kind of

The Real Progressive interview of Michael Hudson (with transcript!)

Real Progressive webinar Sept 2022 RP Live with Michael Hudson: The Destiny of Civilization Intro [00:00:06] Luke Parcher: All right. For those who might not know me, I’m Luke Parcher, I’m a student and activist. I volunteer with Real Progressives. I’m on our leadership team and I also do a show on Sundays covering politics and current events, and I do some interviews throughout the week and things which you

Platypus interviews Michael Hudson on The Destiny of Civilization

posted with Michael Hudson’s permission The link below “Michael_Hudson_Interview_2.m4a” is the audio of our interview. Michael_Hudson_Interview 2.m4a The destiny of civilization: An interview with Michael Hudson D. L. Jacobs On July 15, 2022, Platypus Affiliated Society member D. L. Jacobs interviewed Michael Hudson to discuss his new book, The Destiny of Civilization: Finance Capitalism, Industrial Capitalism or Socialism (2022). An edited transcript follows. D. L. Jacobs: Can tell us about your background regarding